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How to fix a clogged toilet using drain cleaning agents

This article elaborates the types of toilet drainers, homemade drain cleaners prepared by mixing warm water, baking soda and vinegar and other drain cleaning agents. All these help to get rid of clogged materials from the toilet and fix it.


An overflowing toilet can be as bad as a nightmare. It is not hygienic and bad smell which it creates can spoil the whole day. Toilet clogs are messy and troublesome. When toilet gets clogged, it not only causes inconvenience but also results in a messy situation which if not dealt in a proper way will seem almost impossible to deal with. Fixing clogged toilet is not very difficult. There are various tips and tricks to fix it. Learn How to fix a clogged toilet using a plunger. Apart from plungers, toilet snakes, wire hangers, bleaches, warm water, vacuum cleaner etc can also be made use of to fix it. All these materials and equipment in some way or the other help to break down the clogged material and thereby water get drained and toilet starts flushing once again normally. Drain cleaning agents both chemical and homemade are as effective in fixing a clogged toilet as any other method can be.

Chemical drain cleaning agents

Chemical drain cleaning agents are easily available commercially in markets. This method should be used only when all other methods have failed. This is because this kind of chemical drain cleaners contain a mixture of chemicals which are very toxic to the environment and also can be quite toxic to us if we come in contact with them. They are either acidic or alkaline in nature. Their pH level is kept far from neutral range and this is why they are easily able to dissolve clogged materials. They can cause corrosion to the pipes and damage to the porcelain. While purchasing them, make sure to purchase only those which are exclusively meant to get rid of clogs from toilets. Do not purchase general ones as they may be more damaging.

Follow the instructions which are written on the product carefully. Wear rubber gloves and mouth masks as preventive measures. Pour only specified amount and let it stand in the toilet bowl as per recommended time. Close the lid to prevent inhalation of toxic fumes. Open bathroom windows and turn on the ventilation fan. Never use plungers and plumbing snake after pouring chemical drainers because the use of this equipment can lead to spillage and if it comes in contact with skin can cause very harsh damages. A bowlful of hazardous material can easily burn down the skin and thus be careful after using chemical drain cleaners. Maintain the safe distance and use each and every precautionary measure which can ultimately result in the safety. Flush the toilet after some time. Though lots of precautions need to be taken when using chemical drain cleaners, still they are very effective in getting rid of clogs.

Home drain cleaning agents

A combination of hot water, baking soda, and vinegar can work wonders and prove to be as effective as commercially available chemical drain cleaners. Apart from being effective, this mixture is quite safe to use. Baking soda and vinegar react and dissolve clogs. They create fizz and can release clogs. Any vinegar can be used. but it is better to use distilled white vinegar as it is more effective. Boil a gallon of water. It should not be that hot enough to crack the porcelain. Pour 1 cup of baking soda and 2 cups of vinegar into the toilet bowl. Pour warm water over the mixture. Do not pour it on the rim. Instead, create the force by pouring it from the waist level. Let the solution stay there overnight. By morning the toilet will get drained. Flush it two to three times.

Right measurement should be used to avoid spillage of fizz created by baking soda and vinegar on the bathroom floor. Excess fizz created due to the chemical reaction can cause lots of mess. If the clog is minor then the whole of baking soda and vinegar can be added. If the clog is suspected to be severe then add the mixture in increments. Fizzing is instantly produced due to a chemical reaction which takes place between these two ingredients but will also subside within few minutes. Toilet makes a suction sound when it gets rid of clogs. However, if drains are not cleared then repeat the procedure until toilet gets fixed.

Other drain cleaners

Apart from the above-mentioned chemical drain cleaning products and a homemade one, there are many products which can easily be found and made use of. In case of emergencies where it may not be convenient to run to a store and purchase chemical drainers or else if baking soda or vinegar is not available in the home then one can make use of simple products like liquid dishwashing soaps, shampoos, bleaches, detergent soaps cut into pieces etc. Even enzyme drain cleaners are available which can very easily break down clogged wastes by liquefying them and are also safe to use.

Preventive measures to get rid of toilet clogging

  • Always keep the toilet covered by its lid. After every use, if care is taken to cover it then it minimizes the risk of getting clogged with hard objects. If there are any kids in the home then it is very likely that they will throw hard objects into it like toys, toothbrushes, hair brushes etc. These objects may clog the toilet preventing normal flushing. To avoid this, it is better to keep toilets covered.

  • Never keep any loose objects near or above the toilet. Accidentally they may fall and block the toilet drainage hole. Keep an eye on kids to prevent them from flushing incorrect objects.

  • Never introduce hardening compounds inside the toilet sink. Compounds like wax, grease etc can badly cause clogging.

  • Water pressure should be normal. Decreased water pressure itself is the cause of clogging. By any chance, if pressure is decreased then look into the matter before clogging takes place.

  • Make sure to flush the toilet after every use. If necessary, flush it twice. More amount of waste and less amount of water will definitely create clogging deep inside the pipes.

  • Using chemicals for maintenance may sound promising, but they are not that good for toilet care. Harsh chemicals will not only corrode pipes but will also cause damage and cracks to the porcelain. Use them as and when necessary.

  • Regularly pour some warm water in toilet sink. If needed then add some liquid detergent soap/shampoo to it.

  • Toilet papers can be dumped in the toilet bowl and flushed. They are meant to dissolve. However, do not dump too many at the same time. Too much waste and too little flushing can result in clogging caused by toilet paper.


It is always better to prevent toilets from getting clogged. If certain precautionary measures are adopted like preventing falling of hard objects inside the toilet bowl, flushing it after every use and maintaining water pressure level then clogging may never take place. If toilets are already clogged then make use of drain cleaners. Chemical drain cleaners are easily available in the market, but make sure to use only those which are meant solely for toilet usage. Use extra safety and precautionary measures while handling them as they are composed of harsh chemicals. Also, use them when every other measure to fix clogged toilet has failed. We can even prepare toilet drain cleaning solution in the home. It will not only be safe but will also effectively help in opening up of clogs. A combination of hot water, baking soda and vinegar will create a chemical reaction and will generate fizz which will dissolve clogs and promote the free flow of water. To know more such methods and tips to make the toilet flush down normally, go through How to fix a clogged toilet.

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Author: Umesh11 Dec 2017 Member Level: Diamond   Points : 4

Clogging of toilets is a general problem faced by the households. In this article, the author has exhaustively narrated the various methods to clear a clogged toilet.

I will like to add that there are some precautions and measures which are useful in avoiding such situations if family members observe them religiously.

For example, many times the maids or family members throw the used water for mopping in the toilets and the dirt and sand accumulate there. Another common thing is the placement of racks or stands near the toilet seat and things like bottle caps etc falling in. So the racks for keeping shampoo bottles etc are to be fixed on the other side of the washrooms.

Covering the toilet seat after usage is a must for avoiding accidental fall of objects in it. Closing and bolting the washroom door is a good practice to avoid children and kids reaching there until assisted by elders.

Many times small clothes are clogged in toilets and it becomes difficult to remove them. Sometimes they can be pulled out slowly with hand after wearing gloves.

So taking small preventions will help to keep the toilet clog free.

Author: Natarajan15 Dec 2017 Member Level: Gold   Points : 2

Nice detailed article about cleaning blocked toilets. The warm water, baking soda and vinegar sound like a safer option than chemical cleaners.

While using chemical cleaners, we should wear thick rubber gloves that are easily available and it would be preferable to wear some eyeglasses too. I've seen people bending over or stooping over the toilet bowl while pouring commercial drain blaster, this exposes them more to any accidental splashes on the eyes or face. Also, with children at home, such tasks are better done with them away safely and please don't forget to store all chemical at a safe place out of kids reach.

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