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How to get rid of fruit flies: Part-2

This article explains the various traps which help to get rid of fruit flies. They also prevent flies from coming back. Apple cider vinegar, rotten fruit, alcohol, yeasty water are some of the most effective traps.


Though adult flies are good decomposers but we would not like them to wander on our freshly bought fruits and vegetables. A single piece of fruit or vegetable which is rotting is sufficient to bring fruit fly infestation. Even after that piece is thrown away and the kitchen is cleaned properly, still, fruit flies can be seen causing trouble. They are the most persistent pests in the kitchen. They are not only uninvited guests in our kitchen, but also always overstay their welcome. They survive in moist and damp places. Getting rid of these buggers require patience and smartness. There are many methods which will help to get rid of these fruit flies and also prevent them from returning back.

Apple cider vinegar trap for fruit flies

Fruit flies cannot resist themselves from the odour of fermentation. Apple cider vinegar is a product of fermentation. Slightly heating it will further release its aroma and will help to catch a number of fruit flies. Take a jar or a small bowl and fill it with overripe fruits. Pour a cup of apple cider vinegar and a few drops of dish soap to it. Keep this jar or bowl in an area where fruit flies are prominently seen. This is a very good trap to get rid of fruit flies. As we know that they are attracted to organic, sweet smell, they will come flying and try to land on the surface of vinegar. However, since few drops of dish soap are added, it tends to break the surface tension of vinegar. Thus, fruit flies instead of landing on the surface will fall down and drown in a vinegar solution. This is a very good trap as it is neither toxic to us nor toxic to the environment. It does not produce any toxic fumes or undergoes chemical reactions. Also, it is budget friendly.

Select a pretty container and turn it into a fruit fly trap. We can place it in our kitchen or wherever fruit flies are predominant. This container will prevent future fruit fly infestations. Over a period of time, vinegar tends to evaporate. Just keep replacing it. We need not add overripe fruit every time. Apple cider vinegar is sufficient to trap them. If vinegar is not available then put a piece of overripe fruit in a plastic bag. This too will act as a trap.

Take a small canning jar. Add almost 2 cm deep apple cider vinegar to it. Cap the jar with a plastic wrap or else with a makeshift paper one. The funnel should tightly adhere to the mouth of the jar. For this, tape it. Flies should not be able to escape through any space. Therefore a proper seal is essential between funnel and mouth of the jar. Fruit flies get attracted to the smell of vinegar and thus fly in but cannot make their way out. Keep replacing vinegar every couple of days. Instead of a funnel, a plastic wrap can also be placed over the mouth of the jar or any bottle used for the same purpose with the help of rubber band. Create a hole through it which will enable fruit fly to enter inside.

Take a container. To it add 2 tbsp of vinegar, 1 tbsp of sugar, 2-3 drops of liquid dishwashing soap and almost a litre of water. Stir it properly and keep it in an area where fruit flies are commonly seen. If doubtful about their feeding and breeding spots then make several such small containers and place each of them in every corner of the house. This will not only solve the problem of fruit flies but also will give a rough idea about their breeding place.

Traps to get rid of fruit flies

  • Yeasty water-
    Take a container and fill it with 2 inches of warm water. Add a tablespoon of yeast to it and a teaspoon of sugar. Sugar will activate the yeast. Take a plastic bag. With the help of a sharp object, make a small hole in a corner of it. This hole should face the top of the jar. With the help of a rubber band or tape secure the bag around the rim of the container. Fruit flies fly to the container as they are attracted to yeasty water and enter the container through that hole, but they will not be able to make their way out. Repeat this procedure every week until and unless the whole problem gets solved. Never throw the old contents of the container in garbage bins as it can carry lots of eggs. Throw them in trash bags and dump them in trash immediately or else run the contents through the drain, but do not forget to run water over for a few minutes to make sure that drain gets flushed out properly.

  • Alcohol Trap-
    Just like the vinegar trap, wine trap can be made. Procedures are same, but instead of adding apple cider vinegar, add wine or beer to the container. Red wine is particularly very helpful to trap a large number of fruit flies. Also, add a small amount of dish soap to red wine. There is no need to use expensive wines. Any cheap wine too will be able to do the same trick.

  • Rotten fruit trap-
    Place some rotten or overripe fruits into a container and seal its mouth with plastic wrap or a funnel. If using a plastic wrap then create a small hole in it with the help of a sharp object. Make sure that funnel or plastic wrap is tightly seated into the mouth of the container. Keep it in the area where fruit flies are seen predominantly. Thereby just watch the fruit flies fly into the trap.

  • Traps meant for fruit flies-
    Fruit fly strips are available. In problem areas just hang these strips. These are odourless strips and can easily trap fruit flies. Even electronic pest control device is available which uses LED light to attract and kill fruit flies. This is a very simple yet effective method to get rid of fruit flies.

  • Milk, sugar and pepper trap-
    Take a glass of milk. Add 2 tbsp of sugar and 1 tbsp of pepper to it. Slightly simmer it as heat releases more aromas. Pour it into a glass and keep it open in the problematic area. Pouring it in shallow containers will be more effective. Fruit flies will be drawn to this mixture quickly and will then get drowned immediately.

  • Other products-
    As we know that fruit flies are attracted to sweet, organic aroma, there are many products which can be used to trap fruit flies. Apart from the above-mentioned products, we can also use cold drinks. Diet drinks may not work perfectly, but other than that any sweet soda will do the magic. Juices of fruit, chopped pieces of overripe or rotten banana, decomposing banana peels, very soft berries, squishy apple or peach etc will all work as long as the purpose is to trap fruit flies. Honey, maple syrup, corn syrup, soya sauce, sweet tomato sauce etc are also equally effective.

Kill the trapped fruit flies

Just trapping the fruit flies isn't enough. It is equally important to get rid of them permanently either by killing them and disposing of the eggs laid by them. This can be done by throwing the contents prepared to trap them in the trash or running them under water. A mixture of warm water and dish soap should be prepared. Fill the bottle or whatever container was used with this solution. This consequently makes flies drown in the water as soap reduces the surface tension of water. Wait for a few minutes to make sure that fruit flies have been drowned or have been killed in the container before emptying it. If the container is filled with a large number of fruit flies and there is no space to add any soapy water in it then just take it outside the home at a slightly far away distance and then open it. Bring back the container and wash it with warm water and soap and reuse it if necessary.


It is important to get rid of fruit flies not only because they are annoying, but also because they seem to overripe our fruits and vegetables and create a messy environment in our kitchen. There are various methods by which we can trap these little buggers. Containers which we can use to trap them can be a wine bottle, an old vase, any soda bottle, tall jars etc. We can also make use of small or large containers. However, it is always better to use sleek containers rather than large mouthed ones. Cover them with paper funnel or else with plastic wrap and tightly secure their edges with the help of rubber band or tape. When using plastic wraps make very small holes in them with the help of a sharp instrument. Now as far as an ingredient which is to be used as bait is concerned then use anything sweet and organic. These kinds of trap easily lure fruit flies and help us to get rid of them. To know more ways to get rid of fruit flies, go through How to get rid of fruit flies: Part-1 and Part-3.

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Author: Natarajan27 Dec 2017 Member Level: Gold   Points : 3

Lot of people try to fan off the flies with their hands or a piece of cloth but these little flies can come back to the same place almost a few seconds later. So, there is little point in this measure. The author has mentioned fly traps. If people don't want to do this or do not have time, they can use commercial fly sticky papers which you would have seen in commercial sweet/ fruit shops that don't have an electric light fly trapper. We can even do our own fly trap sticky paper strips of various sizes and hang it around the areas that are favorite spots for these flies.

Just warm a little water, honey and sugar in equal proportion. Once it is cooled, gently dip the paper (old brown paper or a thick paper, NOT newspaper) and then allow it to drip off. Then you can hang a few with simple strings that you use at home. You'll be surprised to see the flies getting stuck to this a few hours later.

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