How to get rid of water retention: Part-2

This article explains various tips which help to get rid of fluid retention from the body. Increasing intake of calcium, vitamin B6, applying a cold compress, massaging affected area, elevating feet, using compression stockings, diuretic drugs intake are some of them.


Water retention is a medical condition in which an excess amount of fluid is retained in the body in the spaces between the cells of the body or even in the circulatory system. Sometimes fluid gets accumulated only in the extremities or in certain body parts and in other cases, generalized edema is seen. Irrespective of the type of edema, whether it is localized or generalized, we need to get rid of it because it not only makes us look bloated but also interferes with our daily work regime. It poses difficulty in performing our daily functions to a certain extent. In certain cases like pregnancy and before menstruation, water retention takes place and this is considered to be normal. In certain other cases, water retention takes place because of the underlying liver, heart or kidney diseases. In such cases, underlying cause needs to be diagnosed; otherwise, it may prove to be fatal. In cases where water retention is normal and no underlying cause is present, we can easily get rid of the excess amount of water by following below mentioned simple tips and tricks. To know more such tips, go through, How to get rid of water retention: Part-1.

Compression stockings decrease water retention

If water retention is mainly taking place in feet and ankles then wear compression support stockings which are made up of elastic material which will exert enough pressure on feet. These stockings are particularly helpful in cases of individuals who need to stand for long period of hours. Pressure will keep away the water from building up and as a result, edema does not develop. Do not purchase those which exert too much pressure if there is a complaint of mild edema. They are available in different sizes and lengths. Purchase the right one and make sure that they exert gentle pressure which will allow proper blood circulation. For moderate to severe edema, high-pressure compression stockings need to be purchased. They mainly exert pressure at the ankles. Pressure thereby gets reduced up to the length.

Increase intake of vitamin B6

Vitamin B6 is a diuretic and is a group of several related vitamins. It increases urine outflow which will make sure that excess amount of retained water and salt get removed from the body. It can be taken as a supplement but just make sure not to take it in isolation. Instead, take a B complex. Vitamin B6 can also be obtained through diet if we introduce certain foods like bananas, spinach, fish, chickpeas, potatoes, walnuts etc in our daily diet plan.

Elevate feet to reduce water retention

Some people experience edema in lower extremities like feet, ankles and lower legs. Elevating the swollen parts will make fluid to drain away from feet and it gets distributed throughout the body. Placing 1 or 2 pillows under feet will provide great relief and gravity will thereby drain away the retained water. Gravity pulls some fluid from the interstitial spaces. Lying in a flat position will cause more edema. Therefore, it is recommended to slightly elevate the limbs using pillows. It also improves blood circulation which usually does not take place properly due to retained water. Edema affected part should be raised above the heart level. This will automatically create enough pressure which will result in returning back of retained fluid to the lymphatic system.


Massage is a great way to get rid of water retention. Effective massages can redistribute the retained fluid from the affected part to the lymphatic system. It also increases blood flow to the affected area. Massaging the affected area with essential oils is a great way to get rid of fluid retention. Essential oils like lavender, grapefruit, rosemary, geranium etc can be used alone or can be mixed with massage oils or massage creams. Massage becomes more effective if it is done after soaking feet in warm water in which essential oil is mixed.

Apply cold compress

It is a combination of two treatments i.e., cryotherapy and static compression. It is helpful to get rid of pain and inflammation. Retention of water in particular areas causes swelling which not only results in discomfort but also is painful. This pain, as well as skin stretching, can very well be relieved by using a cold compress. The one which is prepared with yarrow tea is particularly very effective.

Diuretic medications for fluid retention

Diuretics are the drugs which promote elimination of water and salt from the body. They work by removing chloride and sodium from the body and since both of them get removed through the urine, water retention decreases. Both sodium and chloride hold up water and thus the problem of fluid retention gets solved when their concentration in body decreases. These drugs also block sodium reabsorption. They raise the salt concentration in urine. This will prevent reabsorption of water back into the body. They do not remove essential minerals and vitamins from the body and thus are very commonly used in getting rid of that extra water which body holds up. Different classes of diuretics are available like thiazide diuretics, loop diuretics, and potassium-sparing diuretics.


It is an essential nutrient required by our body and at the same time, it is very effective in getting rid of fluid retention too. 1,200 mg of calcium taken daily will not only reduce water retention but also ease out all the other symptoms related to it. Either calcium supplement can be taken or else foods which are rich in calcium content can be included in the daily diet plan. Dairy products are rich in calcium and thus should be made as a part of daily diet.

Get rid of stress

Stress is the main culprit for causing hormonal imbalances in the body which in turn is an invitation for storing excess water in the body. It is important to keep mind completely stress and tension free. Calmer the mind is, the more relaxed body will be. Balances brought out in hormonal secretions in the body will automatically get rid of water retention. Follow breathing exercises and meditate daily to calm down mind. Massage and aromatherapy are also great techniques to get rid of stress.

Go for cleansing

Detoxification or cleansing body once in a while is essential to get rid of all accumulated toxins. This, in turn, will help the body to lose all the retained water and water weight that it was storing. Watch what we are eating. If we are sensitive to any food then we need to completely avoid it as it results in inflammation and this is what leads to fluid retention. Waterfall diet is considered to be the best in getting rid of water retention effectively.

Increase protein intake

Deficiency of protein in the body is also one of the major causes of water retention. Include all those foods which are rich sources of protein. Yogurt is the best food to include in the daily diet plan as it is not only a rich source of protein but also has other nutrient contents in it. Other sources of protein are milk, cheese, fish etc.

Decrease sugar intake

Sugar directly does not result in water retention. Overindulgence in sugary substances on a regular basis will cause a spike in the insulin level in the body. Overindulgence will demand overproduction of insulin which will hold up sodium in the body. Sodium will then hold up fluids. Thus, in order to get rid of retained fluids and sodium in the body, we need to end our sugar cravings and eat them only in required amounts.


Aromatherapy enables water drainage by stimulating the lymphatic system. Various oils can be used for this therapy. Just add a few drops of essential aromatic oil in a warm water bath and relax the body in it for 10-15 minutes. It not only effectively reduces water retention and allows the body to lose all those extra kilos but also relaxes and creates rejuvenating effects on the body as well as on the mind.


The common and most obvious symptom which we usually see due to water retention in the body is swelling of the tissues. To get rid of all that bloating and puffiness in tissues and to lose those extra kilos which our body is holding up in the form of water weight, we need to make certain changes in our daily diet plan. We need to increase the intake of Vitamin B6, calcium and protein and decrease the sugar intake. Elevating feet above the level of heart while lying down or in reclining position by keeping a couple of pillows below the legs is a very effective tip. Go for aromatherapy and also massage the affected areas with essential oils mixed with massage creams or oils particularly used for massage purposes. Apply a cold compress over the affected area. Once in a while go for detoxification of the body and if looking for a diet then waterfall diet is the best one to get rid of water retention. Diuretic medications increase urine outflow and help to get rid of fluid retention, but only take them if prescribed by a doctor. Keep mind stress free and relaxed. Compression stockings which are made up of elastic material effectively reduce water retention experienced in lower extremities like feet and ankles. Make use of all these simple tips and tricks and get rid of fluid retention easily and effectively.

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