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Best ways to get rid of weeds: Part-1

This article explains various methods which will facilitate removal of weeds from our gardens, farms, lawns etc. Pulling out weeds, burning them, using herbicides, using salt, vinegar, bleach are some of the methods.


Weeds are the unwanted plants. They invade the landscape and take up a lot of space. They compete with our valuable plants for light, water, and essential nutrients present in the soil. They also spoil esthetics of our gardens and lawns as they are unsightly. Some of them may also harbor diseases and within no time our healthy looking plants will turn into diseased ones. Some of them if unchecked can swamp a bed or border, just within a matter of few months. Weeds, therefore, can be a nuisance in our gardens as well as farms. Thus, we need to get rid of them before they make more damage and pose difficulty in removal. By following these simple methods and tricks, we can easily get rid of them from our gardens, lawns, farms, driveways etc.

Pull out weeds manually

This method may sound very simple, but it is quite effective and the trick here is to get into the business as early as possible i.e., we need to start weeding early. Once weeds flower, they spread their seeds to different areas and thus their number increases. This is the reason that we need to start pulling them out as soon as they grow. We should not wait till they grow or till they flower. Next important thing is that when we pull them out; we need to make sure that we remove them completely. Just getting rid of their stem part is not going to do any good as they tend to grow back again. We need to pull them out from their roots and make sure that not even small part of their root is left behind. Even a tiny piece of root left behind can grow back and reproduce. If by any chance, the root is missed then use a fork to remove the rest of the root portion from the ground.

When the soil is moist, weeds are easy to remove. Thus, pluck them immediately after watering the soil. Slowly pull the weeds up by holding them close to the root portion. This will make sure that root gets pulled out completely. Weeds which have a fibrous root system are very easy to remove. When the garden soil starts drying out a little, those weeds can be removed. Wear waterproof gloves. Just remember one thing that most of the weeds will come out easily when they are young and soil beneath is moist. We need to pay regular attention towards the garden or farm. We need to pull out weeds as soon as they grow and this is the best method to control their numbers. This method is not arduous and helps us to maintain beds and borders in an effective and easy manner. This method is very helpful in controlling weeds or getting rid of them where other methods fail. For example, this method can be very effective to get rid of weeds from containers where other plants are growing. It can also be used in plant beds. Pulling out weeds from the ground is easy when weeds have not dominated over there. When their number is less, pulling them one by one isn't very tough. Make use of diggers to reach to their root portions deep into the soil. Once the weed is removed from the soil, reseed the vacant area. This will avoid new weed seeds from growing in the vacant area.

Get rid of weeds by burning them

In order to kill the weeds naturally, we need to burn them. As their roots get burnt, their regrowth will be hindered. If we are trying to get rid of them from our gardens then we cannot burn them. We need to keep in mind that surrounding the unwanted plants, there lay our valuable and useful ones too. Therefore, this method is not very effective in gardens and lawns. However, if it is an open ground or farm where cultivation isn't done then we can put weeds on fire. Burning weeds in the garden mean to pour hot water over roots in order to kill them naturally. Over a few days, roots of weeds will die naturally and weeds may not return back. However, do not try this method over fertile land and also on plant beds. Pour hot water on walkways and driveways where we can commonly find unwanted plants growing. Hot water will run down impervious surfaces. However, before it reaches plants or trees which are commonly found in the adjacent areas, water will cool down and thus no damage will be caused to them.

Household chemicals or herbicides

We can kill young seedlings of weeds by burning them with household chemicals like salt, vinegar, and bleach. Weeds which are quite established i.e., those weeds which have too much growth in their top portions are difficult to kill by burning. To make this method more effective, first and foremost, we need to trim down their top portions by cutting their leaves and stem portions. In absence of leaves, they will not be able to produce, more energy. Any energy that is left in the root portion will get drained out by our consistent efforts of killing them by the burning procedure. Household chemicals or hot water does not work effectively if too many leaves are present. Take a spray bottle. Fill it up with 2 cups of white vinegar. To it, add half a cup of salt. 1-2 tbsp of liquid dishwashing soap should also be added to this solution. This solution should thoroughly be mixed to make sure that all the salt which is been added dissolves completely to prepare a powerful solution. Sometimes, salt clogs spray bottle and thus it is better to create a solution by mixing equal parts of vinegar and water and use it to kill weeds.

Use salt to get rid of weeds

If we never ever want to grow anything on that portion of the soil then we can make use of soil over there. We can use any salt except Epsom. However, rock salt is good for this purpose. We need to sprinkle it over an area where we do not want the weeds to grow and in areas where already weeds are present. We can also mix 1 portion of salt with 10 portions of water and pour this diluted solution over the required area. It will kill all the existing weeds and do not ever allow them to grow back. If the salt solution is used then make sure to add a small quantity of liquid detergent to make the solution sticky. If the solution is not sticky then it will not stick to the leaves portion of weeds, in case they are not trimmed down. Do not use salt on those weeds which are located very nearby useful plants. Only use them on weeds which are away from plants and plant beds. Boil 1 cup of salt in 2 cups of water and pour this solution into the cracks and crevices of walkways and driveways where weeds seem to grow. Within a few days, these weeds will die. Repeat the procedure if their seedlings grow again. Sprinkle some salt over edges of the garden or lawns, in garden pathways, in cracks of sidewalks etc. This will keep weeds away from these areas.


Undiluted bleach will enable weeds to loosen up from the soil portion. This will make their removal quite easy. Bleach which gets mixed in the soil will also prevent weeds from growing back. Again this method is not beneficial for gardens as bleach will kill our valuable plants and thus it is better to use this method to kill those weeds which grow on hard surfaces like those which can be seen growing on walkways or driveways. Mix 1 portion of bleach with 10 portions of water initially. If not effective then even a stronger solution can be prepared. Even undiluted bleach can be poured, but make sure that it does not come in contact with grass or valuable plants. When using bleach make sure to wear gloves and also protect eyes with goggles.


It is an ingredient which is easily available in each and every household and at the same time can be very effectively used to kill weeds. Initially, mix equal quantities of vinegar and water and pour it over root portions of weeds. White or apple cider vinegar can be used. Pour vinegar both over the mid-section of the plant as well as at the ground level so that it reaches the roots. Acetic acid is present in the vinegar and that is what does the whole magic. Vinegar sucks out lives from leaves of these unwanted plants. It is more effective in killing immature roots of young weeds. Valuable plants need to be covered as vinegar may cause damage to them too if it comes in contact.


Simple remedies mentioned above will keep away unwanted plants from annoying us and causing nuisance in our gardens and farms. These tips will keep our sideways and walkways free from weeds. We can either burn them up with salt, vinegar, bleach or use a mixture by combining all these ingredients which will form a perfect herbicide. We can even simply choose to pour hot water over their root portions. We can either manually pluck each of them one by one or dig them up with the help of digger. All these tips are quite easy and at the same time very effective in getting rid of weeds. Learn more such tips and tricks by going through, Best ways to get rid of weeds: Part-2.

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