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Ways to get rid of belly fat through diet: Part-1

This article explains various tips and methods to trim down stubborn fat from the belly region. Cutting down calories, drinking enough amount of water and herbal teas, eating healthy fats and fulfilling daily vitamin requirements are some of the tips.


Accumulation of fat around the belly is a big challenge in today's world as it not only affects the health of an individual but also welcomes a number of diseases. Especially when an individual hits middle age, belly fat becomes a big problem. One finds it almost impossible to get rid of belly fat due to the fallen metabolism in the body. Not only it is unsightly, but also an indication of deteriorating health. Presence of belly fat is a clear indication that there is a higher level of visceral fat present surrounding the internal organs. This is why it is considered to be the most dangerous type of body fat one can carry. It is almost difficult to get rid of fat from one particular spot. Any diet which is followed will lead to weight reduction from throughout the body. It is almost impossible to lose fat only from the stomach area. However, there are certain foods which can relatively lose more fat from the belly region.

Overall weight loss helps to trim down belly

Though our focus is on losing our belly fat which right now might be seeming to us as the most problematic area due to the excess of fat which has concentrated over there. However, if we aim at losing total body fat then at some point or the other, our stubborn belly fat too will start trimming down. We need to understand that it is stubborn fat and we call it so because it is the most difficult to get rid of. If our focus is on belly fat and we are unable to lose it, even after making hundreds of consistent efforts then we will most likely get demotivated. Instead of belly fat, if we shift our focus on overall fat loss from the body then not only will we trim down our belly successfully but also will be successful in decreasing fat from the entire region of our body.

Decrease calorie intake

Excess of belly fat is present because of an excess amount of calories which we consume on daily basis. Just decrease the number of calories and see the magic happening. Within no time the stubborn belly fat will start melting and overall weight too will decrease. It is not advisable to eliminate a large number of calories from the diet plan. This will put the body into starvation mode and will do more harm to the body than any good. Reduce calorie intake in a healthy way and this, in turn, will result in healthy weight loss. Try to reduce daily calorie intake by 500 calories. This will result in 0.5-1 kg of weight reduction from the body on weekly basis. Determine how many calories we are consuming on daily basis by tracking down our food intake for a week. Eliminate daily 500 calories from diet plan and experience moderate weight loss. Do not try to cheat or lie in anyways. We need to keep track of everything that we are eating, even if it is a small bite of any food substance or a sip of our favourite drinks. Regularly eating a healthy diet and cutting down calories in a healthy way will almost yield 80% success in weight loss reduction which will ultimately melt down stubborn belly fat.

Drink enough water to lose belly fat

We drink way too less amount of water than our actual daily requirement. This will result in dehydration and since our body determines that there is a shortage of water supply then it starts water retention around belly region which is what appears as bloating. We sometimes feel that bloated region is belly fat. A simple solution to this problem is drinking enough amount of water. This will not only get rid of bloating but will also burn more amount of fat. Our digestive system will work at its efficient level and our overall health will improve. Though it seems easiest of all the ways to get rid of belly fat, still, those of us who are not conditioned to drink more amount of water will find it very difficult. Irrespective of whether we feel it is easy or tough, just stick to it. Increase water intake slowly every day and try to drink at least 2-2.5 litres of water every day to get rid of dehydration, bloating and belly fat.

Take vitamins

There are certain vitamins which are very well associated with fat loss. In case of their deficiencies, no matter how many efforts we make, but still, we will not be able to accomplish it. Make sure that we are fulfilling our daily requirements either through our diet or else we are taking supplements for the same. Vitamin D in general terms is often referred as a happy vitamin. This is because it keeps us happy and active the entire day. In its absence, we may not feel activeness and that is why fat loss from belly region will seem almost an impossible task to us. Make sure to get enough exposure to sunlight so that our body can make its own supply. Increase intake of foods which are rich sources of vitamin C and E as they are closely associated with fat loss. Follow a healthy diet from which we can fulfil daily vitamin requirements of our body, rather than fulfilling it through supplements. However, if there is a need to take vitamin supplements then choose a whole foods multivitamin instead of a synthetic one.

Eat healthy fats and lose belly fat

Not all fats are unhealthy. There are certain healthy fats present and if they are consumed in right amount then it is going to accelerate our overall weight loss efforts as well as help our belly to trim down naturally. We are in no way going to get rid of our stubborn belly fat by completely eliminating fat from our diet. Our body requires some amount of fat on daily basis and we need to fulfil this requirement by supplying it with healthy fats. Do not eat saturated fats. Instead, go for monounsaturated and polyunsaturated fats. Some of the healthy sources of fats are olive oils, avocados, nuts, salmon etc.

Increase intake of herbal teas

Belly fat burns down at an accelerated level if we keep our metabolism high. In order to boost our metabolism, we need to provide our body with such foods which will prevent it from falling down. Herbal teas are natural products which will boost our metabolism and help our body to trim down naturally. These teas are rich in spices and herbs. They promote internal cleansing and at the same time keep our stress levels to the minimal. Drink green teas promote losing belly fat. Replace high-calorie soda, tea, coffee, sweet beverages with healthy herbal teas as they not only carry the negligible amount of calories in them but also will provide our body with enormous health benefits. Whenever we feel like eating or sipping anything which is unhealthy, we should have a hot cup of herbal tea and by making such consistent efforts, we can very well notice a major difference in the near future.

Drink wine in moderate amount

Wine intake in moderation is associated with lower waist circumference. It increases good cholesterol levels in the body. Individuals who drink in moderate amount accumulate very fewer ab fats whereas liquor drinkers and all those individuals who are not frequent but heavy drinkers accumulate too much fat around the abdominal area. We need to cut down alcohol in order to cut down our calories. If we are not drinking wine or hard alcohol then in no way it means that we need to drink it in a moderate amount to burn down calories. However, if we are drinking hard liquor then it is better to switch to wine which is a much healthier option, especially red wine. All sorts of alcohol are full of sugars which definitely increases fat and fat accumulation usually concentrates around belly region.


It is almost difficult to get rid of belly fat if we keep our focus only on trimming down belly region. Though our aim may be to lose belly fat, the focus should be on losing overall fat from the body. We can easily lose fat from stomach area by cutting down calories from our daily diet plan in a healthy way. If we are drinking hard liquor then we need to switch to red wine which is a healthier option. We need to always drink in moderate amount. Going overboard can only result in more accumulation of fat around belly region and in the entire body. Replace high-calorie beverages which we drink throughout the day with herbal teas which contain lots of herbs and spices. This keeps our metabolism at its highest level. Drink enough amount of water throughout the day. Do not let vitamin deficiency in the body retard the progress of overall weight loss or the one from the belly region. Incorporate lots of healthy fats in the diet. All these efforts will greatly help in getting rid of fat from the belly region. To know more such tips, go through Ways to get rid of belly fat through diet: Part-2.

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Author: Neeru Bhatt19 Dec 2017 Member Level: Diamond   Points : 0

Reducing belly fat is a matter of big discipline. It requires controlled food intake as well as regular exercise.
Long brisk walks are useful in some cases while exertive exercises are required in other cases. Lot of change in lifestyle is needed to achieve this difficult task.

Author: Natarajan22 Dec 2017 Member Level: Gold   Points : 1

Good article that many people would like to address their issues with excess belly fat. It is prudent to realise that the measures mentioned do not act in a week or two. It needs a few months of religiously following dietary advice and combining with a regimen of exercise with realistic targets. If nothing is available, just warm water is also good as it boosts up the metabolism rate and helps in weight loss.

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