Importance of Ecotourism in India

Ecotourism in India: What do You Need to Know about This Area? Check the main reasons why you need to experience ecotourism in India. Find out the definition of ecotourism and its main features.

Imortant Traits of Ecotourism in India

You wish to get incredible emotions during your summer holidays, or maybe you want to take a look at your country from the other perspective – all this you can do, experiencing the new approach to tourism. We mean ecotourism in India. In this review, we'll take a look at this area and identify what benefits students get traveling around India and what they can see.

What is Ecotourism?

This is an entirely new commitment to tourism, allowing students to travel around natural areas of the country with the aim to appreciate its natural and cultural history. At the same time, it is necessary to watch out for the integrity of the ecosystem.That's what we should promote Ecotourism in India

In other words, we can give the following definition to ecotourism: a nature-focused and ecologically sustainable tourism where education is the main factor. At the same time, the life of the local people is the main priority.

The Important Features of Ecotourism

For you to understand the meaning of this term better, read the below-listed defining characteristics of ecotourism:

  • Environmental awareness. The prime objective of ecotourism is to learn the new place. In other words, it has an educational concept where a tourist and local citizens are focused on positive environmental activities. Thanks to this feature, the environmental awareness of all members increases.

  • Minimizes influence. This is one of the key features because it is focused on low impact behavior. All types of ecotourism activities shouldn't influence the culture of the local citizens.

  • Local citizens render decisions. It means that the local citizens have a chance to take part in decision making concerning any development activities of their district.

  • The government invests in all types of activities that are focused on the environmental protection of nature.

  • Support of democratic movements and human rights.

These are the main characteristic features of the term ecotourism. For that reason, if you are going to jump into the fantastic world of ecotourism in India, you ought to be aware of them. You can go for a trip to the nearest cities for several days or gather the team of like-minded fellows and spend a week in the mountains. In all these situations, you should be ready for your trip. Don't miss classes at your higher educational establishment and do all assignments on time. You ought to be a self-organized person in order to cope with all assignments. In any case, you need to be ready for a trip!

Some Issues Related to Ecotourism

It is worth noting that the conservation ethics were regarded to be an integral part of Indian traditions. To understand this, it is necessary to go back to the history of this country, and you'll see that the ancient civilizations cared about nature. Besides, you can check the ancient Indian traditions, and you'll understand that their number one belief is that humankind is an inseparable part of nature. Thus, we ought to take care of nature, should love and respect it.

The modern world faces a deep crisis in current times. Nature is in danger.
The ecotourism has a major role in modern world. The majority of biological diversities were damaged. We can tell the same about the rich forest areas or the underwater world. The continuous destruction of Indian flora and fauna became the main reason for Greenhouse Effects and Global Warming. Ecotourism in India is a step to prevent all those disasters.Population control is the major benefits of ecotourism in India

The Peculiarities of Ecotourism in India

Now, when we have already discerned about the main aspects of ecotourism, it is high time to analyze what touristic destinations exist in India. Visiting them, you'll get acquainted with the history of the country and its nature closer.

Such districts as the Himalayan Region, northeast India, Kerala, the Lakshadweep islands or the Andaman and the Nicobar Islands are the main areas where students can see the wealth of the Mother Nature. Besides, it is worth noting that the area of Kerala is deemed to be the main destination of ecotourism in India.

India has very beautiful flora and fauna, a plethora of rare species and picturesque areas. The declaration of national parks became the main reason for the encouragement of the growth of the wildlife. The wildlife hunt was also reduced. The modern Indian government has a plethora of wildlife protection laws and wildlife sanctuaries. This country has very beautiful areas and can make a boast of more than 80 national parks and more than 400 sanctuaries. The overarching priority of these parks is to protect nature and wildlife resources of the country. There are so many reasons to establish Ecotourism in India.

Besides, India has many Zoological and Botanical Gardens as well. Their primary goal is to work for the needs of the entire ecosystem. Poaching is not allowed. Ayurveda is also a part of ecotourism in Kerala.
The country has several organizations that care the rights of animals and plants. The government cares about the environmental education of the local citizens

As you see, the opportunities of ecotourism in India are numerous. You just need to find the time (at least 2-3 days) in your busy academic schedule, take several friends with you and go to the nearest places. You will see the other side of the country, enjoy the beauty around and immerse yourself in the new culture. Ecotourism in India is one more method allowing people to care of nature. So, make use of this opportunity!

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Author: Raghav Chaudhary17 Dec 2017 Member Level: Bronze   Points : 0

The article has provided ample and nice details about ecotourism and a lot of quality knowledge about the topic.

Author: Natarajan23 Dec 2017 Member Level: Diamond   Points : 3

A title of relevance when in the name of tourism, people are stripping bare the green cover of the forests and wooded areas.

Perhaps this article needs more editing, though, as it sounds disjointed. How is population control achieved by Ecotourism? What is the plethora of wildlife protection laws of Modern India and the organisations that care for the rights of plants? Further, the author repeatedly implies that eco-tourism is for students only. Is there any restriction for adults to go on eco-tourism?

Author: T.M.Sankaran23 Dec 2017 Member Level: Gold   Points : 8

This is an introductory note on eco-tourism. However, when we give importance to ecology, mention must be made about the role of conservation of the ecosystem and the role of tourists in this. Very often the tourist centres in Kerala face the problem of the waste thrown out by the tourists. This is more in Forest areas and in water bodies. There are strict instructions given at every station regarding the need for keeping the place free from waste, especially non-biodegradable waste. Yet, the majority of our people do not give any importance to these notices.

When travelling in boats through a waterbody of a tourist place, the travellers throw out the packets after eating the contents of the packet. Similar is the case with water bottles. One can see thousands of water bottles floating in water bodies near the shore. Other plastic waste also can be seen dumped there. This affects the quality of water and indirectly affects the living conditions of fishes and other living organisms there.
There are several man-made issues that affect the ecosystem of this beautiful State. Construction of huge buildings on the shores of water bodies is disturbing the ecosystem. Industries on the shore are polluting the water bodies. Filling up water bodies with soil from hilly areas or mountains also do harm to nature in two ways. The water area gets reduced and the hill gets removed. Hills are actually preserving water beneath to be used by rivers during summer. Hence, man must look into his every action before doing it. Is it for or against nature?

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