6 simple tips to measure customer satisfaction

Every business unit has to satisfy the customer in order to retain them. Does your organization adopt any measures to track customer satisfaction? If not, it is high time every business unit be it small or huge track the level of satisfaction of their customers. Read this article to know about the various tips you can adopt to achieve this.


Customer is the king hence keeping them satisfied and happy is very much essential for the success of any business unit. We need to identify whether our customers are satisfied. If they are satisfied, we can be happy that we have a customer for life or at least they will spread their satisfaction and happiness among their folks. This fetches more customers to us. But at the same time, if a customer is not satisfied, we are losing a client forever and also they will spread the negative news which will have a negative impact on our business. A business should learn to retain customers, create loyal customers and to attract new customers. Providing customer satisfaction is a vital part of achieving the above. By just providing services, we cannot come to know whether our customers are satisfied. To understand that, we need to learn to measure the customer satisfaction. This will give us a clear picture of how satisfied our customers are. It, in turn, helps us to take corrective measures if any required.

  1. Understand the expectations of your customers : It is essential that every business unit should understand clearly what the target group of customers expect from the organization. Your product and services should be able to meet their expectations. After the product or service is delivered, we ourselves will be able to measure the customer satisfaction based on a comparison between their expectations and the ability of our product/service to meet that expectation. If we know that our product is not fully up to the customer's expectation, we should change and modify our product accordingly. Competition is very high and the customer will not wait for us, they will easily approach our competitor. We need to keep this in mind and design our product/services and after sales, facilities to match the needs and expectations of our customers

  2. Keep complaint forms or suggestion box in an easily visible place : Complaint forms give the customer an opportunity to pen down the issues they are facing with that particular organization. There is no point keeping the complaint box hidden in a corner. By doing so, you are just not letting your clients speak up. You can understand them better only if you let them speak and spare time to listen to them. Let the customers put in their suggestions and complaints. If required give them the provision to meet a senior person to discuss on their issues. It gives them a feeling of being cared. Make it a point to review the suggestion box and the complaint forms on a weekly basis. If you get positive reviews be happy as your clients are satisfied. If there are negative reviews do not give up or be upset, work on those issues and make your product/service better. Let no other customer leave your organization/product/service for the same reason

  3. Conduct Surveys : Conducting survey is the best way to know a customer better. Also, you get the advantage of framing the questions for the survey. Spent some time and prepare a brief survey form. Let your customer fill the form, and you will get to know how satisfied they are with your product and service. You can also add the survey form to your website so that the customer can easily access it. Surveys through e-mails or telephones are also in trend. Make sure that the questions are easy and basic in nature. It is better if you let the customer provide a rating on a scale of 1-10, where 5 is average. Try to improve customer satisfaction based on the response you get from the surveys. Even repeated surveys can be conducted after a certain period of time when you think that the customer behavior is changing

  4. Keep a note on repeated purchases : Only a satisfied customer will be ready to purchase from the same place again. So keep a track of the customers and if you are sure that they are visiting your shop or purchasing your product/service repeatedly, it means they like or rather is satisfied with your product/service. On the other hand, if you notice that a customer who once visited your shop is not coming back again, it means he/she was not satisfied with the initial purchase. This is where you will have to work on. Similarly, if your product is not moving easily, it shows you are not able to penetrate into the market well or people are not satisfied with your product. Retaining customers is always better than having a new customer every time. Once a customer becomes loyal, you need not spend much time on them as they will buy your product/service no matter how the competition is

  5. Monitor social media regularly : Now, people talk about everything through social media. Be it happiness or dissatisfaction, it gets easily spreads through social media. Have an eye on your social media page to know about the reviews and feedback from your customers. Have a rating included there so that customers who do not want to type lengthy sentences can just rate their level of satisfaction. Also, you can easily come to know about the negative reviews and if required take necessary actions from it being spread among others. Have a good contact with your customers through social media. Wish them during festive occasions and sent them your offers and promotions. This helps to have a good contact with them and they will also feel comfortable to share the product related issues with you directly. Replying immediately to their queries or issues will show that you care about your customers and is ready to assist them. This will, in turn, attract more customers

  6. Mystery Shopping : Last but not the least, mystery shopping is a technique to understand the level of customer satisfaction and the quality of your service. Organizations do hire mystery shoppers to purchase products from their shop as a customer and to report to the management how satisfied they are with the service provided by the team. It is then correlated with the satisfaction a customer derives. The only thing to be careful here is to select good mystery shoppers who are very observant and has a good memory. You will get to know on things like, how the team assisted the shopper, the waiting time, the atmosphere etc. If the waiting time is too long or if the team is not friendly or if the atmosphere is too crowded and noisy, you can work on it based on the feedback from the mystery shopper. Your customers are also feeling the same way hence to retain them you need to work on these


It is quite obvious that every company should satisfy its customers or clients. A customer needs value for his money and the company is bound to offer him a product or service worth the money he pays. If not, he will not stick on, he will look for other alternatives. Competition is tough and that has to be kept in mind. There is no point in just delivering a service when you are least interested in knowing whether the end user is satisfied or not. It will not help you achieve success. In each stage, you need to measure the satisfaction of your customers. Corrective measures should be taken in a timely manner to increase your strengths and to reduce the weakness.


Author: DR.N.V. Srinivasa Rao19 Dec 2017 Member Level: Platinum   Points : 1

The customer is our God. If there is no customer, we are not there. So we should not think customers are disturbing us. Customer delight is very good for the progress of the company. The products we manufacture or the service we provide to the customer should have a positive impact on the customer. Then only he will go again for our product.

Another important factor for customer satisfaction is service after sales. Once we sell our product, we should provide the required service for the better utilisation of the product. We should educate the customer about the Dos and Don'ts with our product. We may have to demonstrate the usage of the product to them.

If there is any complaint from the customer, a positive response from our side should reach them immediately and our person should contact him and understand the problem and try to sort out the problem. This is very important in getting a customer satisfaction.

The author has presented the write up very precisely and the points which are important for customer satisfaction is also very nicely discussed.

Author: Neeru Bhatt20 Dec 2017 Member Level: Gold   Points : 2

Customer satisfaction is a primary requisite for any business. There are many methods, ways and techniques by which it can be achieved to a more or less degree. In fact, customers are initially driven by the affordable cost and best possible quality but later they prefer good after-sales attention by the company. So customer satisfaction is a tough process for companies as they have to achieve something like six sigma in this context and with increasing competition, it is going to be more and more difficult.

Author: Natarajan23 Dec 2017 Member Level: Diamond   Points : 3

A very good article that tells us how to check customer satisfaction which indirectly reflects how our business is running. In the long run, the customers or clients are the best brand ambassador bigger than marketing. Analysing the needs of the customer helps the seller to focus time and resources in the right direction.

I'm glad that the author has mentioned complaints or suggestion box. The moment the customer sees a 'functioning' complaint box and get answers to their questions, they have faith in the seller and the reassurance that their issues will be sorted out. This enhances the image of the seller.

Changing times and trends make customer surveys useful. A survey of their satisfaction and suggestions for improvement will always help in improving business.

Developing the concept of regular customers and offering them a privileged service makes the customer feel respected and keeps bringing them back again and again.

These days social media is used to highlight a good service and to complain against a bad seller, checking and acting accordingly also helps. A simple exercise of a surprise shopping experience by the seller himself will enable him to have the first-hand experience of the good and bad things about the service. In this competitive world where sellers try hard to attract customers, we cannot take buyers for granted, we need to understand them and then cater to their needs.

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