Most inspirational Bollywood movies

We all watch Bollywood movies for fun and entertainment in order to get a break from routine life. But there are some movies which give us a good message of life and we tend to remember them. In this write up I am making an attempt to list some of those Bollywood movies which are motivational and I have personally liked them.


It is true that we watch movies for entertainment and sometimes if a movie is good we appreciate it after watching and at times when the movie is bad and boring we simply bang our head and regret watching it. Most of the times after watching the movies you forget about it and get back to the normal life. But there are some Bollywood movies which truly inspires us and gives us an important lesson of life. Also, there are few movies which bring to light problems prevailing within the society or our system and are an eye-opener. Such movies sometimes leave an imprint in our minds.

Few such movies from the newer era which I felt are worth talking about along with the message given by them are described below.

Messages given by few of the Bollywood inspirational movies

  1. Swadesh (2004) - In this movie Shahrukh Khan plays a role of NASA scientist who works at NASA in USA. When he visits his village in India he is not happy with the development happening in the village. The thing which pinches him the most is lack of regular electricity in the village. Patriotism rises within him and the tirelessly works to bring regular electricity to his village. Finally, he quits NASA job and decides to return to his village to work further for its development.

    The movie sends a message to all the Indian citizens working outside India and into lucrative jobs to rethink about how they can contribute towards the development of their own country, city, town or village. Normally we only say that western countries are developed and India is not but seldom we think to contribute towards country's development.

  2. Guru (2007) - It is a story on the life of famous industrialist of India, late Shri Dhirubhai Ambani, the founder of Reliance Group. Abhishek Bachchan plays his role. The movie shows the struggle of an illiterate village boy to earn his living and finally makes his way through all sorts of difficulties to grow up to be a famous business tycoon of India.

    Moral of this movie is that there is no harm in seeing dreams. If one works tirelessly towards our dreams then success is bound to come. We can really achieve our dreams if we are courageous, focused and confident.

  3. 3 Idiots (2009) - This movie exposes faulty educational system followed in our country which only stresses on memorizing the contents of the book without actually expressing it as own words and implementing it practically. It also stresses how choosing careers are enforced on the youngsters by their parents, neglecting their children's interest. Amir Khan plays a lead role of a bright student who does not believe in the formal way of teaching students from the book. He goes on to become a famous scientist.

    Message given by this movie to the parents is that let their child choose their own profession as per their interest. Let them choose some unconventional fields like photography if they are not interested in traditional fields of medical and engineering. At the same time, the movie takes a cut at our educational system which stresses a lot of learning from the book during the exam and does not value candidates own language and ideas. Practical implementation is not stressed much.

  4. Taare Zameen Par (2007) - This is a story about a boy who had difficulty in reading due to a disorder called "dyslexia". This child is looked down in the school by all the teachers as someone who is zero in his studies and is regarded as a failure. His parents also are annoyed with him over his performance in school and always scold him without actually understanding his problem. He is even sent to a hostel. A new teacher whose role is played by Aamir Khan comes to the school and rescues this child. He sits with him to actually discover his real problem and brings out the best in this child. This child turned out to be one with a sharp mind and also a genius in the field of drawing and art.

    The message given by this movie is very obvious and it is "Every child is different". We should look at what is good in our own child rather than comparing to others. When child is not studying or doing something well rather than simply shouting and scolding them we should try to find out deeper reason behind this and try to rectify it.

  5. MS Dhoni: The Untold Story (2016) - This is the story of Indian cricket team player and captain MS Dhoni and his journey to success. MS Dhoni's role is played by Sushant Singh. The movie shows how a boy from ordinary and poor family in a small town made his way amidst all struggle and hardships to finally become a captain of Indian cricket team and won India two world cups, one T20 and other 50 overs world cup.

    His journey to success is very beautifully portrayed. This movie gives a very inspirational message to anyone who is following their passion be it cricket or anything else. The movie shows how one needs to be strong and committed in order to achieve our passion and also be patient and not lose hope in spite of failures. It also depicts how one needs to be emotionally strong also on the path to achieving our goals. MS Dhoni's gets a shock when his first girlfriend dies in a road accident. But after that also he keeps himself emotionally strong and keeps on moving towards his goal. The movie has a clear message "If you do something, do it with passion and do not get demoralized by hardships on the way."


To end I would like to say that these were the few movies from the particular era which I felt are not just seen-and-forget kind of stuff. They have some very strong message to give in addition to entertainment and are memorable ones and remain in our mind for some time to come. Well, there are many more such movies with different messages some very old and some relatively new which can be talked about. It would be nice to see the readers come up with the movies which they felt are inspirational in life or give some very strong message on any topic.


Author: Natarajan26 Dec 2017 Member Level: Gold   Points : 3

A true analysis of select Bollywood movies with a good message. For many of us, present-day Bollywood movies would mean commercial movies with lavish sets, glossy editing, outlandish song sequences, provocative dance numbers and almost every member trying to look like a model. The list of movies the author has made is true movies with a message to the youth and the people of India in various sectors including education, business

Swadesh is a good movie which talks about overseas Indians coming back to give the country something in return. If Swadesh is to be re-made now 13 years later, it would have a theme of Indians working overseas returning back to India due to lack of job opportunities in foreign countries (England, USA, Saudi, Oman).

We all have been to educational movies when we were in our middle and high school. If there was a movie that the Government should insist that teachers and principals should see, it would be 3 idots, right from the way children are discouraged from thinking, to the suicide of the student because of failing deadlines and the threat of complaint to the parents, the movie is full of morals for the teachers. Taare Zameen Par also should be a must watch movie for the teachers. Teaching doesn't mean encouraging the cream of the students to score more from 97 to 99%. Teaching means helping and nurturing the backbenchers and students lagging behind, spending time with them to see why they are underperformer rather than humiliating them.

MS Dhoni movie is like a rag to riches story but only with hard work and inner strength. It would be a good motivating movie for any middle-class youngster whose neither brilliant nor has the money and power that many rich parents can offer for their children's career to take off smoothly.

Author: Sanjeev Gupta30 Sep 2018 Member Level: Gold   Points : 4

Good analysis of a few Bollywood movies has been made in the article. 3 idiots is a very good movie in which the director has emphasized on friendship and about the education system where we all expect our kids to pass with good grades but in the process, we forget what our kids interested in.

One of the movies I like in this respect is "Bajrangi Bhaijaan" in which the director gives us a message that irrespective of our religion and country we must help others. The way the hero helps a girl to reach her home was great to watch.

Also, the movie " Gadar" where the hero is a Hindu helps a Muslim girl in riots to reach her home. He didn't care even for the society. His own people were killed by the Muslims in the riots but still, he rescued this Muslim girl. The plot of the film is good.

Such films having some messages are great to watch as we learn from them.

Author: Arjun Sai30 Sep 2018 Member Level: Bronze   Points : 10

Three Idiots was a very good movie for entertainment purposes only. But that movie was the reason behind ruining the career of many engineers who have their complete family dependent on their income. Because of this movie, many students under its influence left their jobs for their "passion", whereas in India where we have millions of unemployed youth, jobs are derived from demand and competition and not by "passion".

In the movie we are never told that what is the branch of engineer Amir is pursuing and at the end of the movie we see him filing patents for several inventions - we should keep in mind that he was not having any degree! To file a patent you need a good degree, for example, PhD for a particular domain or area and you can file a patent in only that area where you have completed your education and not in other areas.

Also, we see Sharman Joshi getting through the job interview of one a good organization even though he had poor grades. This never happens in reality as you cannot crack an interview by just talking emotional stuff with the interviewer. People are made ineligible to attend the interview if they miss the cut off by a few marks.

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