Time Optimization Theory - a personal conceptualization

This article is mainly aimed at thinking of a new way of time optimization. The gains in productivity and effective goals come through this. The discussion made in this article will not only help the seekers of time optimization but also those who are seeking for success in their life.


After looking at the title the first question comes to our mind that what is time optimization? Time optimization is simply doing our work in the most effective period of time neither in much less nor in too much amount of time. If you spent too less time on any work, chances are, you might not be able to do it with effectiveness. On the other hand, if you spend too much time on a single work, your productivity decreasing is observed. So how to achieve the best is mainly discussed in this article.

Here are the tips you can use:

Being Different

This is the first step to be successful as well as achieving your goals in the most effective period of time. Almost all of us try to follow what other people do and it is the biggest mistake we make because there is a saying: "Life is the most difficult exam, many people fail because they try to follow others without knowing the fact that everybody is provided with a different question paper."

These lines indicate that every person in this world has different capabilities and strengths. And when we follow others, we are somehow believing and trusting in others' but that work is to be done by us. So what needed is making our own way and concerning our own "question paper".

Now, the question comes, how it is related to time optimization? If we make our own way to do any task rather than following others or traditional methods, we become more efficient as we are concerning our capabilities. And this efficiency causes less time expenditure as well as brings effectiveness.

Being logical

Being logical means your work should be logical i.e., you should know why are you doing the work you are given or have taken. As there is a saying:
"When you know the Why then the How is easy". It means, by being logical, you will make your process of work easier, the way you do your task will be easier and the time will automatically be optimized.

Remembering the Objectives

This is an essential element of time optimization and at some level related to the above-mentioned tips but still, this is needed to be differently elaborated.

Whatever work we do, it has one or more objectives. And this work ranges from our routine deeds to the big deals. Whether we receive education as a whole or specifically, such as we study a chapter from our book, everything has an objective. Sometimes objectives are clearly mentioned and sometimes we ourselves have to create them keeping in mind the outcomes of the work.

Now, as we decide our objectives, we know what output is the expected and we work according to that and automatically become logical and different. And thus we become able to optimize our time as explained before.

Being Honest

The word 'Honest' has such a general meaning that a book can be written on it explaining its vast meaning. But, in short, using our understanding of what is wrong and what is right and choosing the right which satisfies our soul is what we say 'honesty'.

Being honest with ourselves is very important as honesty is the director of our actions, decisions, and results. We cannot make a true progress by doing evil. After all, true success is what will make us happy from the depths of our soul. Time should not be spent on doing evil as well as not be optimized through evil as that will result in sorrows.

And, finally, Be positive and keep smiling.

Hope, you have got my words!


Author: Natarajan04 Jan 2018 Member Level: Diamond   Points : 4

The title time optimization implies how to be efficient and doing things successfully in the give time frame and doing it effectively, the article is a little more philosophical and anyone reading this with the idea of getting tips and tricks for time optimization would be disheartened.

I don't think being different will help all of us. Most of the tasks we do are repetitive or along the lines of how it has been done before. So, here knowledge and components of the task is more important with the necessary skills to complete it. Being different would help if someone is an inventor or some tasks that need lateral thinking, for instance finding a solution to a chronic problem. Knowing the end result or objective of the task gives us a mental picture of the job to be done and the time needed for it.

For one to improve his or her productivity, I think what we need most importantly is the art to know how to prioritize the tasks at hand and allocate time according to what we have. Every task will have a critical component and a few non critical components, people who are multitasking and within a team would learn to delegate some aspects and then supervise the key components.
Doing a task with diligence and in the right sequence will enable to save time and also improve efficiency. Lastly, we've heard time flies, hence we need some reminders, progress to be assessed and to ensure that the task is completed.

Author: DR.N.V. Srinivasa Rao12 Jan 2018 Member Level: Platinum   Points : 3

Time management is the crucial factor in the life of human beings. Being lazy and wasting time is a big loss to the individual at any point in time in the life. At the same time, without concentrating on the job, rushing through and doing mistakes is also not advisable. Be focused on work at a time and work as per the schedule made. It is always better to make a schedule of the various stages of the work and allowing time for each work and completing the work within that time space.

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