Tips to create happiness at work

Are you happy at work? If not, have you ever analyzed the reasons for the same? Actually, you can change your work environment and create happiness to a certain extent. Read the article to know how that is possible.


Happiness is vital in a work environment. If you are not happy with your work and the environment, you cannot put in your cent percent effort or can't be productive as expected. Companies pay monetary benefits such as allowances, incentives, perks etc to keep their employees happy and motivated so that productivity increases. No employee will like or can stay long in a job they dislike. But there are certain ways to create happiness. Try those and take the decision to quit only if you are left with no options. Staying in a job which you are not happy with is like doing injustice to yourself and to the work you do. It is our job that helps us have a decent earning, hence we should also do justice to it. It is easy to say 'I am not happy'. But find out the reasons behind your unhappiness and try from your end to make your work environment a better place. I promise you will certainly start liking your job and office. Read this articles to understand what changes are to be made to have a happy work atmosphere.

1. Get rid of your jealousy and grudges

An office is a professional place, hence we too have to behave professionally. Having a professional outlook will solve half our problems. Holding on to grudges, feeling jealous and so on will ruin your career. You are unnecessarily wasting your time thinking about it. Think about yourself and not others. Never compare yourself with your colleagues, instead, try to compare yourself with your previous record or achievements and try to beat it. Comparing with others make you feel jealous and you will be disturbed. Similarly, there is no point holding on to grudges in a workplace as at the end of the day, you all have to work as a team. Taking out revenge in work is unethical and will harm you more than your rival. At times your grudge can break out into anger and people will start noticing it. Is it good for you? How will you face your colleagues again if such an incident has happened? It will make you depressed, hence let go the grudge and learn to forgive. Follow proper channels to report a complaint and never react in the same manner as they do. Forgiveness will make your life happier.

2. Take breaks and do interesting jobs in between boring ones

No one likes to work always even if we love our job very much. We need relaxation in between. Utilize your annual leaves. Instead of taking it all at once, split and take it. Plan holidays and trips with family or friends. Such trips help in refreshment and you will feel relaxed. A quiet and amazing place with no tensions and worries related to work, isn't that great? I think the majority will agree with me. Once you are back from your break, you will be fresh and be more productive. While at work itself, take breaks in between boring and tiring jobs by doing something interesting in between. Keep the jobs that you love to do in between the tedious ones. You can also have a tea break or a walk down your office building to feel refreshed and then continue with what you were doing.

3. Create good friendships and be active

Work does not mean just you and your system. If that is your concept, I agree it is boring. To make your workplace happier you need to change first. Why did you like your college life so much? You had many friends there, isn',t that one reason? Similarly, you can make friends in your office too. People in your department who are of the same age or same level, colleagues from other departments etc. Take small tea breaks with them in between, chat with them, spend your lunchtime with them etc. These are ways to understand each other and to be more close to one another. Have fun with your colleagues but don't be crazy. It is an office, hence you need to be within your limits. This will help you forget your tensions and also you have someone to share your problems. That is a great relief. You can also be active in taking part in the activities in office. Don't just stick on to your work alone. When there is a work-related issue, take your laptop and walk to your colleague, it is better than sending them an e-mail or calling them via phone. You get to move around and it has a better impact on you than sitting at a place for long.

4. Learn to say 'No' when required

To say 'No' to anyone be it colleagues, management, clients or suppliers is a difficult thing. But we need to learn to say 'No' whenever required or else everything will be dumped on us and it, in turn, increases our workload. Gradually the job becomes boring. Others do not know what we are going through unless we speak up and make things clear to them. Accepting more work when you are actually packed up will increase the pressure on you and you won't be able to concentrate and complete anything on time. This increases errors and thereby tensions and worries. If you had initially opened your mouth and explained your situation, you wouldn't be given additional work. So learn to say No, provided you can prove why you are saying so. Similarly, do not try to do all the work by yourself. Delegate whenever required and also clarify your doubts, if any at the same point. Working with doubts will end up in giving incorrect results. Never create unhappiness by your gestures.

5. Adopt the 'let it go' attitude

Losing a job is not the end of the world, so stop taking tensions. Do your best, still, if you are not recognized, don't worry, your hard work will be paid for somewhere else. Be grateful that you have learned certain new things from your current job. Take every incident be it good or bad as a lesson and experience. Be ready to face challenges and have self-confidence and understand your self-worth. Once you start taking things lightly, tension disappears. When your work with a tensed and disturbed mind, chances are more to commit mistakes. Also, it affects your health. In every office, we can find that person who takes things coolly and is ready to face things as it comes and not breaking their head in advance thinking about it. Be like them. Haven't you seen how happy they are? Also never carry your personal worries to work. If you know the personal issue will haunt you, take a day off rather than ruining the day at work. You can't be productive when you do not have a calm and peaceful mind. When a mistake has happened, what do we get by worrying about it?. It has happened, hence we will have to face it and solve it. Work for it than wasting the time thinking about it.


Just the work atmosphere is not enough to keep us happy. We need to love our job. Mostly, we start hating our job when we are not good at it. We might not be doing it the right way, and that might be the reason for our unhappiness. Talk to your colleagues, learn from them, clarify your doubts and have the attitude to learn and grow. You will certainly start liking your job. Developing the passion is left to us. Along with our job, the atmosphere too has to be good. By adopting the measures mentioned above. you can control your happiness to a certain level. Not everything is under our control, hence we need to accept certain things as it is.

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Author: Natarajan08 Jan 2018 Member Level: Diamond   Points : 10

An excellent article because the present-day workplace is busy, stressful and at times tense with difficult or complex interactions. Most of us need to earn our living and we spend a good part of the day/night at work trying to earn for ourselves and our families. But if we are not happy at work, it impacts our behavior and some are pushed to depression and prolonged periods of stress that is harmful to our health.

Everyone in the office plays a role and we need to aspire to move ahead but it should not become an obsession that starts eating into our happiness. Most offices or teams will have troublemakers and difficult colleagues who spoil our peace and interfere with our professional and at times our personal lives. We should steer clear such individuals and not get involved in a competition with such people.

Having a quick walk around the office or climbing a couple of flight of stairs also is good as it improves the circulation and brightens a lethargic person who has been sitting for a few hours. Identifying good colleagues at work is an art that one gets the hang of in a few months. Find good colleagues and don't look only at how useful they are related to your job but look at how good they are as friends in good and difficult times at work.

Being friendly, helpful and resourceful at the office attracts good friends. But it also invites troubles with lazy colleagues just dumping their work and come late or leave early burdening you. Before this becomes a regular issue, be firm and assertive in expressing your displeasure and refuse.

Many people get into depression after losing a job. It's just a changing phase and a changing workplace, give it time, it would happen. We make a mistake of trusting the brand or the boss so much that we lose self-confidence in the skills and capabilities of our own self.

Going with the flow is a good policy and staying neutral with office politics and gossip is very relevant. There will be one or two employees who can hurt your career progression and be cautious when interacting with such people.

If it comes to a point of comprising your work ethics and personal integrity, then it's time to move on smartly and effectively, without having a long career break.

There would be many things happening in the workplace which we don't like but it is beyond our control or capacity to set everything right. We are not moral policemen or a vigilante to question the happenings, steer away from such activities.

Lastly, utilize the help of well-wishers to guide you in difficult work environments, this could be a kind-hearted colleague, supervisor or a relative, parents or your spouse.

Author: DR.N.V. Srinivasa Rao12 Jan 2018 Member Level: Platinum   Points : 7

A liking towards our job is the first and the foremost important aspect to be happy in the work. The work you do should be done with your full concentration and focus so that you will be happy with the work. In addition to the tips given by the author, I like to add the following few tips which are arrived at out of my experience-

Never oppose your boss. For your progress and happiness, you should be on the good books of the boss. Even when you know that the boss is wrong, you can't say that to him on his face. He himself will realize after some time. Otherwise, he will learn from mistakes. Even if you want to caution him, you tell him so when he is alone and after some discussion with him on some other subject. Then you will be on the good books of your boss and will make you happy with the job.

Another important point to be followed is to try to imbibe a habit of letting it go. If you see something unwanted is going on with the acceptance of your boss, don't worry about it and let it take its own course.

Another attitude you should develop is to have a liking for the work you do but not the company you work. If you get a better offer, have a shift. Don't think of the company but think about your job and progress.
Once you develop these qualities you will be happier in the work.

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