Key points to be included in a cover letter

A cover letter plays a very crucial role in getting a job or in getting an interview call. Hence we need to be very careful and avoid even a minute error in it. Most people just repeat the things mentioned in their CV, but that is not the right way. Read on to know what are the important points to be included in your cover letter.


It is very important that a job seeker knows the qualities of a good cover letter. Just the resume is not enough, you need to have a proper cover letter too to apply for jobs. But many do not know how to make a cover letter or rather what a cover letter is? It is a document, which normally accompanies the curriculum vitae or resume and can be termed as a letter of introduction. Not all employers ask for a cover letter but some make it a mandatory requirement. Remember to make an effective cover letter so that the employer will hire you. It is always better to make personalized cover letters rather than sending the same to all the employers with the heading 'To whomsoever concerned'. Last but not the least, avoid any sort of grammatical error, spelling mistakes etc in a cover letter. This applies to your resume as well. This article briefs you about the important points to be included in a cover letter.

  • Self introduction : Self-introduction is very much essential as the employer does not know you and your background. You are getting a chance to brief about yourself through the covering letter. Small resumes or CVs with less number of pages are in trend, hence you can use the cover letter to add additional points about you, your skills, qualifications, achievements etc. Keep in mind, it is the cover letter that the employer reads first, hence make it very clear and to the point. Never try to elaborate things and include unrequired and unnecessary statements. The first impression is the best impression. Therefore, try to create the best impression through your cover letter. If you are not sure on how to begin, refer sample cover letters. Do a thorough research before you make a cover letter as it can lead to a turning point in your life

  • Be clear about the job : Every department has different designations and job titles. Do a research and find out the duties and specifications related to each job and accordingly choose the one which suits you the best. Mention it in your cover letter so that your employer knows what exactly you are looking for. For instance 'I am an accountant' is a general statement. You can be an assistant accountant, senior accountant, accounting supervisor, auditor etc. Be clear about such segregation. Also, mention in detail about your interest in their organization. Gone are the days when an employer looks for an employee who is just interested in the job, now employers do look into other aspects as well. Hence be more clear about why you prefer their organization rather than mentioning how you will be benefited from them

  • State what makes you a better candidate : We know that there will be many applicants for a single post, hence we need to promote ourselves by mentioning the points that make us a better candidate than the others. Concentrate on your key strengths and main skills. Also, mention your work experience in the same field and the years of experience. Additional certifications, if any also has to be highlighted. Then include how your talents and experience can be good for the organization you are looking to work for. In short, the employer should feel that hiring you is an asset to their organization. As the employers' screens cover letters of various candidates to reach the final decision on deciding which all candidates are to be called for the interview, it is in your hands to make sure whether to get an interview call or not. Have a good cover letter, it helps to boost up your confidence level

  • Your contact details : Never ever forget to mention your contact details in the cover letter. Some may think, it is already there on the resume, then why mentioning it in the cover letter. But why not, if it can provide an additional benefit? A cover letter is a letter by which we are trying to promote ourselves, hence we should not leave out any opportunity. Let the recipient not waste their time searching for or rather figuring out your contact details. Therefore, mention your telephone number and e-mail address on the cover letter. Other details such as the physical address and so are not required as it is already there on the resume. Another thing to keep in mind is that do not adopt the same format for every cover letter, you need to change it when you are sending a cover letter via e-mail. According to the method used, the pattern too needs to be changed. In an e-mail message, you can include your contact details below your signature. When it is given in person, it is better if the cover letter includes both yours and the employer's contact details

  • Provide references : If required, candidates can include the details of referrals as well in the cover letter. It is not a mandatory field but if you think a reference of yours is known to the employer and can help you do include it. If the reference you are going to mention has a strong impact, never exclude that chance. Include their name, contact number and the context in which you are known to them. But never write the statement "References available upon request" in a cover letter. If you are a fresher and have no references to mention, do not include that. It is perfectly fine


Always keep in mind that a cover letter is not a place for you to repeat whatever is already mentioned in your resume. It is a place where you can write about the additional things which are not there on your resume. Hence utilize it by being clear about what you are capable of and your experiences. If you have worked for too many companies try to highlight the most important ones. Try to showcase your skills and talents through the cover letter. Give importance to your certifications or the additional technical qualifications you have done in addition to your educational qualifications. Remember do not mention any ability that you do not possess. Be honest and genuine and that will be paid for.


Author: Natarajan09 Jan 2018 Member Level: Diamond   Points : 5

The cover letter is like a prologue to a story. The letter should make the reader or the recruiting officer have the intent or curiosity to flip through the other pages of the detailed CV etc. The letter with the core skills and experience is like a one paragraph resume, that will give the gist of who you are, what can you bring in to the team or the firm.

Glad that the author has mentioned about whom to address the letter, a letter that nails the name, designation and the office correctly gives an impression to the receiving authority that this person means business and is different from the regular applicants, hence they pay more attention to the further details.

It is crucial to inform your referees before you post and also whom you post it to. If the recruitment authority, calls up the referee and the referee is struggling to place the candidate, it gives a very bad impression.

Author: DR.N.V. Srinivasa Rao27 Feb 2018 Member Level: Platinum   Points : 6

The covering letter should be written in very simple English with small sentences so that there will not be any problem to the reader in understanding the subject what you want to convey. There should not be any spelling mistakes or grammatical mistakes. By reading the cover letter they should get the inclination that they should go through the biodata. In my opinion, the covering letter should be abstract to your detailed resume. When we read the abstract of a paper we will understand how good is the paper and then decide whether to go through the full paper. In the same way, the covering letter should make the reader get interested in going through the resume. But one should be careful and see that it will not be very elaborate and boring to the reader.
The skills you have and which are very much required for the applied job should be compared and those skills should be just hinted in the covering letter and details should be furnished on the resume. The covering letter is the first document which introduces you to the employer. So the introduction should be in such a way that the tie-up will get strong after reading the covering letter.

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