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The Planet Venus - A comparison with Earth

The planet Venus is the second nearest planet to Sun. It is referred as a twin of the earth. There are some similarities between these two planets. But there are many differences also. Venus is the only planet having a female name. No other planet is having female bane. The information about Venus is brought out in this article & compared with that of the earth.


The solar system is having about nine planets around the sun. The first one after the sun is mercury. The second one is the Venus and the next one is our planet earth. Because there are some similarities between the earth and the venus they are referred as Twins. But differences are more than similarities. Venus is a female name. This is the only planet having the name of a female. Venus is the name of an ancient Roman goddess.

The Details:

The various aspects of this planet are described as under.
  • The size of this planet is almost similar to that of the earth. The diameter of the earth is about 12,740 Kilometers compared to that of venus which is around 12,100 Kilometres. The difference is only about 640 Kms.

  • The structure of this planet is almost similar to that of the earth. Like on earth, on venus also we will find mountains, valleys and Volcanos. The highest mountain on Venus is Maxwell Montes which is about 8.8 Km which is equal to the height of Mount Everest the highest on the earth.

  • The landscape is also similar to that of earth and that is dusty.

  • The moving path of Venus is spherical and the average moving path is same without any variations that are why there are no seasons there.

  • A Venus year is 225 days when compared to our year of 365 days.A year is a time required for a planet to move once around the sun. The day on Venus is longer than a year. It is equivalent to 243 days. A day is a time required for a plant to make one round around its body. The sun rises on the west on Venus and sets in the east. This is exactly opposite to what happens on our earth. Venus' rotation is clockwise whereas earth rotation is anticlockwise. This makes the difference.

  • The temperature on Venus is very high and the recorded temperature is the highest of all the planets. Even though Mercury is nearer to Sun, the temperature of mercury is also less than that of Venus. The temperature may go up to 465 degrees centigrade at which temperature metals like lead will melt.

  • The atmosphere on this planet is hellish. The main ingredient in the atmosphere is carbon dioxide.The clouds are having sulphuric acid droplets.The atmospheric pressure on Venus is ninety times higher than that on the earth. The atmosphere on this planet is having the highest weight and density.

  • The planet is not having any natural planets.

  • The existence of water on this planet is very doubtful. Water will get easily evaporated as the temperature is very high. But some scientists feel that there are some patches of water where the temperature is less.

  • So far no man landed on this planet. But some space crafts were sent. They were also not lasting long. This is due to the electronic components that are being used could not withstand high temperature there for longer times.

  • Final word

    Venus is a beautiful planet with a heavier atmosphere and without any scope for the existence of human beings. A lot of work is being done by NASA and other space laboratories across the world. We have to wait for further research about this planet to know whether there are any small pockets of the plant where water is existing and if it can be useful for habitation.


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