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How to be naturally happy

This article explains how happiness is just one thought away. Our optimistic outlook towards life, positive thinking, and gratefulness towards life and others can help us to reveal the hidden happiness which is already present within us.


We all have an inbuilt desire to remain happy. We all want to live a happy and healthy life, but only a few of us seem to be really successful in doing so. We often get so much entangled in our day today's busy lives that we forget that happiness is within us. We need not look for it into the outside world. One who knows this secret lives a happy and contented life and rest who are unaware of this fact, keep searching for it in the material world. This is the reason that we sometimes feel that happiness comes very naturally to some people whereas others struggle a lot. Happiness is a key to healthy mind and body. It enriches our lives with smiles and feelings of contentment. It has got nothing to do with worldly possessions and comforts. This is the reason that even after achieving so much, we often feel discontented whereas we see others who may not have much but show contentment and happiness. To uncover that sort of everlasting happiness which is already present within, it is important to make progress. We need to set a goal for ourselves that we will seek happiness in our lives. Only then happiness will come to us very naturally. We need to make slow but steady progress in reaching our goal.

There are certain ways to discover happiness. All demand consistent efforts. Once we uncover it, we will find ourselves to be naturally inclined towards contentment. Our lives will then seem meaningful to us. Whatever we do or accomplish in it will all very well start making sense to us i.e., a whole new meaning will be added to our lives.

Thoughts bring happiness

Happiness is just one thought away. Change thoughts and the world changes. We are all adaptable and therefore we can teach brain and train it to think about all the positive things. When more and more positive thinking is done, positivity fills in easily and we can see ourselves in a much better position then what we are right now. If we feel that we aren't happy then no material possession or achievement in the world can bring that happiness for us. If we think that we are doing alright and there is a feeling of contentment and happiness in us then very little or even no possession cannot bring any misery. It's all in the brain and in the pattern of our thinking. Think positive and the whole life seems to be filled with positivity. We need to forget negative experiences and remember everything that is good and positive.

To change our thoughts, we need to indulge ourselves in practicing mindfulness. This creates positive effects on our mind and body. Each second is important and we often overlook these seconds as we are waiting for big surprises or achievements. To remain happy, we need to appreciate every single second. This is because living in the moment is very important if we want to master the art of remaining naturally happy. Those who have mastered it do not spend their precious time regretting about past or worrying about future. We need to do the same and feel grateful for everything. Indulge in meditation as it creates relaxation and strengthens insula in our brain. This part is often associated with empathy that we create toward others. Once we start understanding ourselves and others well, our lives will become easier and we will naturally start seeking happiness.

Enjoy life to bring real happiness

If we want to learn to be naturally happy then we need to learn to enjoy our lives. We should not sigh when troubles and hard times strike on our door and feel relieved when everything is going just the way we planned. This kind of fluctuation that we create in our thought process not only is bad for our mental health but also does lots of harm to our physical well-being and that is why we need to learn to remain stable. Irrespective of whether the circumstance that has arrived is favorable or unfavorable, we need to remain calm and composed. In this way, we will enjoy our lives in a much better way. Spend some time in solitude as social gatherings do not always give that sort of contentment which solitude offers. Enjoying one's own company is very important. It creates a lot of relaxation which in turn charges us with energy which we require in the outer world.

Do all those things which create a sense of excitement and relaxation like singing, humming, dancing, reading etc. These are the little things which bring joy and add up to relaxation in daily lives. This to enjoy life and feel happy, solitude is a must. Favorite activities which we indulge are actually sources of fun and joy and happiness comes following them. Spare some time for hobbies and vocations. Also, start nurturing relationships. When all these changes are made on a personal level, they get carried forward on a professional level too. We then will start enjoying our work too and professional obligations and relationships too will not remain compromised or overlooked in our lives. Feeling of joy and contentment when we seek in both our personal and professional lives, happiness will come very naturally to us.

Develop optimism and gratitude

Becoming optimistic in behavior means thinking positive. Positive thinking influences each and every part of our lives whether it is on a personal level or on a professional level. It influences our personal lives, professional work, our relationships etc. If we want overall contentment then optimism helps greatly. Negative thinking and negative thoughts lingering our minds can only bring dissatisfaction whereas positive thinking increases self-esteem and boosts confidence. Seek out the positive in each and every situation and circumstance irrespective of how unfavorable it may turn out into. Sometimes it may seem that there is nothing good about the situation that has arrived but still, that situation will teach us a lot. It is a learning experience for us and we should be thankful that we got to learn from it and thereby we will be able to deal with it calmly and patiently.

Gratitude makes us happier and fills in lots of positivity in us. It encourages compassion towards others and thereby acceptance comes very naturally. This will create strong bonds in relationships. On the other hand, it also decreases anxiety and depression which is not only good for mental health but also very essential to achieve optimal physical health. Each and every moment is special and we need to spend some time to sink those experiences in our deepest memory. Storing them will help us to recollect them instantly when hard times approach. We will then know that there are so many people who did so much for us and thus we are not alone in this journey of life. A word of appreciation or a simple thank you to all those people can also be shown as a gesture which is not but a sign of sharing our gratitude towards them.


Happiness is not an illusion. It does exist and it exists within us. We often search it in the outside world and that is why we seem to associate it with success. When we achieve success, we become happy and when we fail, we restrict ourselves from happiness. However, happiness that we experience after success does not last long. As soon as success is tasted and it gets old, level of joy and excitement which we were feeling start fading gradually. This is not the real happiness. Real happiness is an ever sparkling entity present in all of us and if we uncover it and reveal it to ourselves then there will be no scope of discontentment or unhappiness in our lives. To become naturally happy, we need to shed all those unwanted layers which are covering it as well as develop certain traits which will help us discover it. Change the thoughts and everything changes as it is just one thought away.

Practice mindfulness, think more positive and indulge in more positive activities. Do not let the fun skip from lives and spare some time to carry out all those activities which are dear to our hearts. Live in the present and skip the trauma of past and worries of future from bothering us. Enjoy every second of life and nurture each and every relationship that we have developed. Develop an optimistic outlook towards each and every scenario and remain grateful towards life and all those individuals who have shared their time with us. This kind of positive outlook and grateful attitude will help us and instill in us lots of confidence to achieve everything in life.

Once we work towards these qualities, our happiness which is already present inside will slowly get revealed to us and then we will hardly require outside materials to seek it. We will thereby learn to remain naturally happy. Learn Ways to be incredibly happy and seek happiness in life.

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Author: DR.N.V. Srinivasa Rao15 Mar 2018 Member Level: Platinum   Points : 4

The author brought out various aspects which are useful to remain happy naturally. Our mind and our thought process are the reasons for our happiness or the other way. This is a feeling in your mind. When you see a small kid smiling at you without teeth in the mouth, you will automatically feel the happiness. When you just look a tree which is having beautiful flowers we feel very happy and smile will be there on our face. Many people forget these small issues and think that the happiness is in getting more and more money into the bank account. So if really somebody wants to be happy start thinking about the beautiful things created by God. Please make a habit of having positive thoughts and never dwell on the past events and start worrying think that we might have done this way or that way. There is no chance for you to go back into the time and correcting your deeds. Use your past experience and see that you will be happy always with a positive outlook. Don't think that the happiness is not material but it is in your heart.

Author: darneet kaur16 Mar 2018 Member Level: Silver   Points : 1

The article has explained in a good way about the importance of being happy in life. We should not relate success with happiness because when you are happy you will automatically get success in your life. Do all the things which make you feel happy. Start enjoying your life.
Start spending your time with kids, play with them. Read good books, watch comedy shows on television. Start to ignore negative thoughts. Go for a walk in a park. It will make you feel happy.

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