13 Best Ways to be incredibly happy

This article explains various ways to embrace happiness in our lives. Physical fitness, adequate sleep, calming the mind and keeping it free from stress and tension are some of the factors which can help us remain incredibly happy.


Happiness is present within, but we often search for it in the outer world. To discover it and reveal it to ourselves, we need to discipline our body and mind. This is because it only gets revealed to them who live a disciplined life. It only comes to them who appreciates it in real sense and not to them who undervalues it. To seek it, we need to value it and make necessary changes in our lifestyle. This will help us to live a contented, disciplined and healthy life. It will help us to become both physically and mentally strong and will always instill in us lots of joy and excitement as well as will keep us contented.

Following are the ways to become happy

  1. Heal past wounds-
    It is very important to heal the traumas of the past as closure is very important. If past holds us back in our present then we can never be happy. These traumas can haunt us for years together and lead to depression affecting mental health which in turn is not good for overall well-being. Once we overcome our past traumas, only then we can progress further in our future. This is the most important step if our aim is to achieve happiness.

  2. Stop the blame game-
    Irrespective of whether we are blaming ourselves or others for the wrong deeds and wrong decisions taken, we need to stop playing the blame game as it is a complete waste of time. Keeping regrets is not going to do any good to us. Instead, we need to learn from our past experiences and let go the things from the past. To become happy, we need to get rid of feelings of guilt and inadequacy and acquire more practical approach.

  3. Love yourself-
    Happiness comes only to them who accepts and owns themselves completely. Accepting everything from habit to behavior and from looks to achievements is what known as owning oneself or embracing oneself. This kind of acceptance will create lots of self-confidence which get projected in the outside world too. When we are comfortable with ourselves, we can deal with each and every situation in a more confident way and remain incredibly happy.

  4. Understand the core values-
    Each one of us has certain core values and all we need to do is that we need to determine them. These values itself will take the form of beliefs and influence each and every decision we make. If we really want to be happy then we need to know our core values. This is because opinion we form towards life is influenced by these values. If the opinion is not good then we need to get rid of those belief systems and replace them with new ones. We often feel unhappy when we choose options which lie in line with our values and that is why we need to be clear about everything and only choose those options which bring us joy and contentment.

  5. Eat right-
    Eating right does not mean to deprive ourselves of all those foods which satisfy cravings. It means including everything from all the food categories in the right amount and then consuming meals at right time. When all the nutrients reach body in required amount then not only physical health gets improved but mind too calms down. We are what we eat. If we want to be healthy and happy at the same time then we need to bring some discipline with respect to what we are eating.

  6. Hydrate well-
    Drink water in an adequate amount to keep the body well hydrated. Dehydration or improper hydration affects the efficient working of various organ systems in our body and this is the reason to drink at least 2-2.5 liters of water every day. Juices of various fruits, vegetables, freshly prepared teas from various herbs are also good for both physical and mental health. When health is at its best, it makes us feel good and happy about ourselves and this is why we need to take care of these little things which can boost our health.

  7. Sleep well-
    Sleeping for adequate hours is essential. During sleep, our brain gets rid of all those intoxicated toxins which are responsible for causing distractions. Fewer the distractions, more efficient will be the working efficiency which will again help us to remain happy. Follow proper timetables i.e., sleep at the same time every day and wake up at the same hours. 7-8 hours of sleep is sufficient to fill us with energy and give a kick-start to the next day.

  8. Feel light-
    To remain happy, we need to overlook all those small and silly issues and focus on our work. We should not let every small issue distract us and cause some hurt. Smile throughout the day and laugh as much as possible. It may seem silly, but it is a key to feel light. When we keep our mind calm and do not let anything bother us then we will be able to keep ourselves free from depression and anxiety which are real obstructions in the path of our happiness.

  9. Choose company wisely-
    It is up to us whether we want to be in the company of people who brings joy to us or in the company of those who always bring us disappointments and hurt us. Choose company wisely as our surroundings have a very large impact on our health and state of mind. Moving away from those people and those objects which create stress and tension in our lives will greatly help us to stay away from all that drama. Instead, embrace them who can bring joys in our lives and smiles on our faces.

  10. Bid goodbye to stress and tension-
    More calm and relaxed we keep our mind, more easily we will be able to get out of those stressful situations in glorious ways. Happier and stress-free we are, more easily we will be able to solve complex puzzles and critical problems. There are many ways to get rid of stress and tension in life. Some of them are regularly meditating, practicing yoga, breathing exercises etc. There are different stress busters for different people. In some, music plays an important role whereas, in others, recreational activities or outdoor fun does the magic.

  11. Embrace solitude as well as company-
    Both solitude and good company play important roles in our lives. We need some alone time to energize ourselves and do all those things which we like. It gives us some spare time to build in some strength and endurance which is very much required from time to time. At the same time, we need company of good people and good interactions as each one of us has something to share with the others and this kind of interactions and sharing form basis of learning something new.

  12. Adore life-
    It is very important to feel excited and love life. Having pessimistic opinions towards life is never going to bring any happiness to our lives. We need to explore life and become what we want to become. We may or may not succeed ultimately but what matters are the efforts we have put in towards reaching our goals. Instead of letting our guards up and accepting failure at the very beginning, we need to go all the way out and who knows we may end up winning and reaching our goals. Life is all about exploring and discovering new things, reaching new levels and dreaming new dreams. Keep it alive and in turn, it keeps us alive.

  13. Miscellaneous factors-
    There are many things which need to be changed if happiness is our ultimate goal. Actions are always followed by feelings. Thus, act cheery even when feeling low and soon we will find ourselves in a much better mood. Do not be scared of new things and accept challenges because challenges always help us to learn something new which takes us by surprise and creates a sense of excitement and happiness. We will be happier if we accept new things instead of doing same old tasks. Enjoy hobbies and spare some fun time. Set realistic goals and try to accomplish them by building lots of confidence and positivity inside. Stay true to inner self and respect core values. Do not try to give up on them by being superficial at any cost or for anyone.


Happiness is an inherent quality of ours and to become incredibly happy, we need to first explore it and introduce it to ourselves. All the above mentioned ways if followed with discipline will reveal the real happiness which is hidden within us. All the little things which scare us from enjoying or exploring anything new and bring in lots of stress and anxiety should be eliminated from our lives so that we can enjoy each second of our lives to the fullest. Taking care of our physical health and mental health and realistic dreaming will help us to explore life and happily enjoy it to the fullest. Learn How to be naturally happy and embrace more happiness in life.

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