Why should we sign up to social media sites?

Social media sites like Facebook, Twitter, Google+ etc are popular sites. They are part of digital mass media. Do we use social networking sites only for updating our status and peeping into others' social life? No, it's services are beyond what we think. This article will help people understand on various other benefits and necessities of social media sites.

Social media is a medium that help us, to stay connected to our social circle and people across the world. This is the simple statement, that can represent our connection to social media. Few people avoid these sites, thinking that it is a chat room. But there are people, who are completely introvert, not interested in anyone's life and live a kind of hidden life also sign up to any one of the social media sites. So, what does it mean? Apart from social connectivity, there are many other reasons for one to do in any social media. What are they?

Social media Vs Social networking

To understand these sites, one has to understand the differences between social media and social networking. Many may think, both are same and that is why, these terms are interchangeably used in many circumstances.

  • Social Media : Social media is a computer based technology, that help in creation and sharing of news, information and other forms of expressions, by one or group of people's interest/opinion towards various people,places,things,creatures,arts and issues, which can either be personal or social. In simple, it is a digital mass media, helps to flood information with interaction
  • Social Networking : Connecting to known or unknown people around the world, through social media is called social networking. It is a web based connectivity, with the people with common interest or from common background. Sometimes people go for social connectivity, even without anything in common, but just to widen their people network

Now with the differences between social media and social network, we could understand that, social networking is a part of social media. So, social media sites are beyond social networking. Now let us see, how people get benefits through social media sites.

  1. Social Networking : Social connectivity is the primary reason for many to sign up for social media. It helps to stay connected to friends, relatives and other extended social group of them. Grouping in social media like, Groups and Pages in Facebook, communities in Google + etc, help people to find and join the community of people with same background and same interest. For example, we can see groups like Married women, Authors, book lovers, vegetarian etc. They share their views, concerns, ideas and with the brainstorming, they come up with many suggestions and solutions

  2. Aids to mental health : Social media sites stop the fear of missing out. Some people seek for attention. Some does not want to fade out, Some may feel missing and unnoticed. They engage in social media sites and update their own status and satisfy themselves as they are not outdated or forgotten. Many have differences of opinion with this regard, but there are few research results talk about the upsides of social sites. It says, people through social media are encouraged to stay fit and enthusiastic to learn new things in order to stay in trend. These make them stay young as well

  3. Encourages to voice out on public issues : Some people wish to discuss on social issues. This social media sites help them to tell their stand to public,either as a status in their social media profile or as a comment on other resources available in social media sites. Facebook and twitter stood as a pillar, in rooting the spirit of culture during, "We want Jallikattu" protest in 2017. Any Individual can optimally use their right to speak, right to question, even against Government through social media. For example, we can see Actress Monica having her own YouTube channel, "Ezhuchi" talks about various political issues

  4. Overcomes the politics in traditional mass media : However, the Newspapers and News channels have their own app, majority of people do not like to download them. Social Media like YouTube help to watch different news channels under one umbrella and the comment section of each video communicates, how people reacts to that news then and there.There are few YouTube channels, come forward to discuss various public issues like Methane gas project in agricultural lands, Missing of fishermen, archaeological findings in Tamil Nadu(Keeladi) etc, which were not even covered by any traditional mass media

  5. Platform to exhibit any talent : Social media act as a platform to exhibit one's talents and skills. It helps people to get publicity overnight, just with a click on a share button. In olden days, many people's effort and hard work go unnoticed, because of limited reach to public. Now no one faces that hurdle in reaching out to public. Because of social media, people's skill on photography, decorations, make up, film making etc are keep going and acknowledged by large group

  6. Helps in continuing passion : Generally women before two decades, did not get opportunity to explore their skills after wedding. Now, because of social media, they continue with their passion to write through blogging sites like blogger, Tumblr, WordPress, Indiastudychannel etc. Also, we could see many home makers, recognized for their food fusion ideas and food photography which were posted in their social profiles as hobby

  7. Job creation : When digitization and automation taking away job opportunities of many, social media sites are building the need for human resources. These days, we could see the requirement for meme creators and content creators for various websites. Some company provides employment to maintain their social profiles as a part of Public relationship team. These jobs cannot be automated that easily

  8. Eradication of monopoly : Social Media has now eradicated monopoly in almost all skill based sectors. People using social media make their presence in remarkable way, so only monopolistic competition exist in art, crafts and creativity sectors. Only fittest can survive in this competition, so people are coming out with their best all the time

  9. Business and organizations : Social media benefit the businesses too in a broader way. Especially, when it comes to business to consumer(b2c) sectors. However people own individual website, signing up to a social media site, give them the benefit of maximum reach and interaction with public

  10. Business from home : We are aware that many does business from home. Whatever the business is, marketing is inevitable. In olden days, business from home was limited to a geographical location. Now, creating a page/community for their business on a social media site, is enough for them to reach out people across boundaries. People, who initially used social media to exhibit their craft skills, also got orders for those products and continued it as a business there after

  11. Small/ Medium scale business : Businesses, which have no enough fund for marketing, uses social media to notify public about their products, services and offers

  12. Government and Corporate : Social media are not only economical, they became a necessity for any business to be available on social media. Even big corporate and even Government bodies log on to social media sites to do interactions with public

  13. Service sector : Service sectors like catering, photography, event organizers, decorators, matrimony, Tailoring, Beautician etc are very much benefited with social media. Social media sites give a platform to these business people to illustrate the outcome of their services. They can promote their business, by sharing those posts in related groups and reach the needy people easily

  14. NGO and social services : Social media sites, which connect billions of people in one network, not only talk about issues, it also stand through the action. Many NGOs raise fund through social media sites. For example, there is a page "Help refugees" in Facebook to raise fund for Syrian refugees. It became easy for them to connect with people and update the progress of the concerned issue. Facebook, let other people know that you are safety during any natural disaster in your location. People marked their safety during Chennai flood, Florida's Hurricane and California's forest fire. People during Chennai flood in 2015 were most benefited through Facebook only

Important : Social media is a ocean, it is important for the user to enjoy the view and find the pearl without getting immersed in it.


Social Media are not just a chat room, They are a part of digital mass media. Everybody get benefited and it helps us to explore more with wide knowledge, and brings awareness on what is happening around us. Instead of searching every individual topic on search engines, they cover various things under one login. Importantly, we can interact with the source provider and receive comments on the sources we provided.

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Guest Author: Haripriya06 Feb 2018

Really awesome article about social media sites and why and how we should utilize this facility.

Author: DR.N.V. Srinivasa Rao07 Feb 2018 Member Level: Platinum   Points : 4

The social media is an effective media these days to interact with people and to stay connected to our friends and relations. That way it is a good media. But these days the members are using this media for unwanted acts. Some people are trying to propagate rumors and wrong news across the world which is unnecessary. There is no reliability of the news that is being posted here. They are also using this media as a place to create unnecessary disputes among people. If the members can understand the importance of this media and use them properly it will be a very good place as explained by the author.

Author: Swati Sarnobat07 Dec 2018 Member Level: Gold   Points : 4

This topic is most relevant because everybody uses social media sites. It is useful to the people for sharing information and searching for jobs. It is also used for personal use to stay connected with people who are far away from us. A person can learn to use several interactive features and interact with people for different purposes. Also, very important information can be extracted and the user can subscribe for several channels to acquire information. But, the person should wisely become confidential to maintain information.

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