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Best ways to get rid of weeds: Part-3

This article explains some more methods, such as using borax, soaps, oils, vodka, etc. to get rid of weeds and prevent them from growing again.


On an everyday basis we spend endless hours grooming our gardens and farms and growing everything that we want from flowering plants to vegetable plants. Then all of a sudden, these unwanted plants emerge in between the spaces and the struggle for nutrition, light, and space begins. Some of them are not so stubborn and just a single pluck will help in their removal. Those with fibrous root systems are quite rigid to remove and despite our thousands of efforts, they seem to come back again and again. Also, they spread from one area to the other in no time. Follow below mentioned simple tricks to keep them off our gardens and farms and prevent them from coming back.

Use vodka

Take a spray bottle. Add 30 milliliters of vodka and 6 ounces of water to it along with 1 tbsp of liquid dishwashing soap. Spray this mixture on weed leaves. Make sure that it is a sunny day as this solution will not work in a shaded environment. This solution when sprayed on weed leaves, separates the waxy layer from the leaves. This waxy layer acts as a protective covering to them. Once it gets lost, weeds will be left defenseless to the sun. Leaves become dehydrated in sunlight and thus this method is effective only during the sunny day and especially on those weeds which grow in direct sunlight.

Solarize beds

Buy thin, clear plastic. Till and rake the soil and make sure that it is clear from all sorts of debris. Dig a tiny drench which is almost 8 inches deep around the exterior edges of the bed. Lay this thin plastic over the bed and insert its edges in a drench. The plastic that is placed should fit tightly so that it does not move. Refill these edges with soil. Let the setting remain intact for a period of 4-6 weeks. After that, till the soil again and add fertilizers. This kind of preparation will yield a perfectly healthy garden bed which will have far less number of weeds when compared with other beds.

Use oils

Use vegetable oils like sunflower oil or canola oil or can even use essential oils like clove, cinnamon etc. to get rid of weeds. Oils are excellent products as they have herbicides and pesticides properties in them. All we need to do is dribble some amount of oil on weeds. It will form a coating and suffocate them. Suffocation hinders their natural processes. Moreover, these oils do not trouble adjacent plants and cause no harm to them. They are biodegradable and are automatically broken down by bacteria present in the soil. Do not use harmful, toxic oils like diesel or gasoline in gardens and farms.

Raise chickens to get rid of weeds

Chickens are very useful in getting rid of weeds and will do all the work for us, especially if we are trying to prepare our garden bed and not yet started planting anything in it. All we need to do is let the chickens inside our farms and gardens. They will be more than happy to pluck early growing weeds. They feed on those weeds seeds which are ready to germinate and thus not only we get rid of weeds but also we are saved from the trouble of germination process. Chickens scratch and clean our gardens and thereby we get a perfectly clean garden which is free from weed bulbs.

Make use of cover crops

Wheat, barley are examples of cover crops. We can use them to block unwanted plants from growing. These crops rather spread easily and at the same time are very beneficial because they are also considered staple foods in many regions. Instead of allowing weeds to grow on our precious land, we can make use of these crops to cover it.

Dig weeds up

Sometimes pulling weeds isn't just enough. Some of the stubborn weeds have very deep roots in the soil. In such cases, we need to dig deep into the soil to get them out completely. If the root portion comes out completely in one piece then it is still better. If it does not come out in one single piece then dig some more soil and try to remove each and every piece of the root that is left behind. We can either use spade or else can also use digging fork for digging purposes.

Decrease the space between plants

Weeds usually grow in open spaces in between our grown plants. If the soil is rich and well tilled then it is always better to grow our plants close enough. There is no point in leaving out lots of space in between them. Lesser the space left, chances of weed growth decreases.

Lay old items

Old and useless items present in our homes like old shower curtains, carpets etc can be used to get rid of weeds. We can spread these items in between rows or in pathways in our gardens and if needed can cover them with mulch. This will automatically help to get rid of weeds and also hinder their germination process. Make use of old plastic sheets, old blankets, old plastic refuse sacks which are black in color etc.

Use soaps

Soaps carry oil in them and this oil content itself helps in getting rid of weeds. It will result in the breakdown of waxy surfaces of weeds. This will make weeds vulnerable to desiccants. This is the reason that we need to add a few drops of liquid dishwashing soap while creating a solution of vodka or vinegar with water. Soap helps the solution to stay on weed leaves and give them a shiny appearance.

Glyphosate weed killer

It is neither toxic nor harmful to other plants. It kills weeds by breaking down in the soil. It is available in both liquid forms as well as in paint-on gel form. The only precautionary measure we need to take here is that we need to cover our grown plants when we apply this weed killer on weeds, especially if our grown plants are located very nearby weeds. This will avoid damage of any kind. This product quickly spreads from leaves to the root portions of weeds and does it work very efficiently. Do not use it on windy days to avoid collateral damage.


Borax helps to get rid of those weeds which grow in concrete portions of our buildings. All we need to do is sprinkle some borax in crevices. It not only helps to kill weeds but also prevents germination of weed seeds. This will make sure that weeds do not return in the future.

Precautionary measures

  • Edges of our gardens must always be kept mowed. This will considerably decrease the risk of weed invasion in our gardens.

  • Never keep soil or land bare for too long. Grow plants or go for farming as soon as possible.

  • Let the weeds grow for certain period of time if farming is not yet started or if plants are not yet planted. Once weeds reach a certain height then pull them out or use a hoe to get rid of them and then go for plantation or farming.

  • Certain weeds are not harmful. In fact, they are edible when young and tender and that is why we can eat them. Thus, do not be annoyed as weeds too can be useful.

  • When weeds are located very close to our valuable plants then we need to hoe in a very shallow manner. This will not only reduce the risk of damaging roots of our grown plants but will also prevent entry of weed seeds on the surface of soil for germination.

  • We can lay some stepping stones in beds and borders. This will not only reduce the necessity of digging more but will also decrease soil compaction during weeding.

  • Dig only when needed and as much as needed. Unnecessary and too much digging will bring up all those weed seeds which are ready to undergo germination process.

  • Too much fertilizer can act as food for certain weeds and too little fertilizers can weaken the grown plants, especially if they need to fight against weeds. This is the reason that fertilizers should be applied in the right amount.


We all want to enjoy our dream gardens and farms. When these pesky weeds appear in between our grown plants then we can see that our dreams kind of shatter. By following above-mentioned tips and tricks, we can very well get rid of these unwanted and uninvited guests away from our farms, lawns, gardens, our buildings etc. All the natural ways which are discussed above will make sure that harmony is maintained and this will give way to productivity. By following these natural ways, we make sure that our grown plants enjoy health. At the same time, we are also not compromising on the quality of the soil. There are more such natural ways to get rid of weeds and to know them, go through, Best ways to get rid of weeds: Part-1 and Part-2.

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