Top reasons why we should never stop learning: Part-1

This article explains the reasons to continue learning irrespective of how old we are and how busy we are in our lives as the process of learning keeps our mind healthy and stress-free. It brings us happiness and increases our value.


No weapon is more powerful than the weapon of knowledge. We at some point in our lives stop learning new things. This is because we keep ourselves busy acquiring new things with the same old knowledge or feel that we are too old to learn anything new. Whatever may be the reason, we need to stop doing that and keep learning as there is no age limit to learn new things. Learning helps us to move forward rather than moving backward. Irrespective of whether an individual is a student, a housewife, a businessman or a retired person, learning will help them to improve their way of living.

Learning keeps brain healthy

Learning is an exercise to the mind which keeps it fit and healthy. On the other hand, if it is kept idle and no food or exercise is given then it turns old. When we stop feeding it with new things, it turns old and this may happen at any age, irrespective of whether a person is in his teen years or in the eighties. If we keep our mind healthy and young then we, in turn, will feel healthy and young. If the mind is healthy then the body cannot remain unhealthy.

Process of learning brings happiness

We learn all those kinds of stuff easily which really interest us and on the other hand, all those subjects who disinterest us are difficult to grasp. When we set certain goals for ourselves, we find everything amusing. We can train ourselves and work hard for endless hours. Those are the moments where we do not rely on others for our happiness. Each and every moment of our journey and each and every new thing which we learn and master brings us happiness. Moreover, we can control the overall process of learning. It is we who will decide the number of hours we need to learn, what to learn and when to learn. Since control is in our grasp and as we know that happiness and control have a very deep connection, it is but obvious that learning and knowledge of new stuff will amuse us which in turn will create a sense of excitement and contentment.

Develops strong connections

Learning helps us to connect with our family, friends, and people around us in a stronger way. The more we learn, the more knowledge we will gain and this knowledge itself will form a strong reason for better communication. We will be able to form strong bonds with everyone based on better understanding of everything. Bonds weaken when we create misunderstandings and knowledge just wipes out all those misunderstandings. It empowers the relationships. Also, sharing the knowledge with others that we have gained through learning process will help us mingle with them in a much better way.

Increases our value

Learning provides us knowledge which we can use whenever we want and wherever we want. We will be able to adapt to the circumstances and react and respond with confidence in any given situation, irrespective of whether it is favorable or an unfavorable one. More and more firmly we react to the various situations, stronger we will grow as an individual and in no time we will be so empowered that we will no longer fear of anything. We will be able to find out more than one way to handle any given situation and thus we will be able to choose the best from many available options and deal with the given situation in a better way. This is what adds to our value and makes us a valuable person. It will also make us irreplaceable because of our ability to perform in many ways in different circumstances.

Brings satisfaction

We all have a bucket list. It is just that some of us are aware of that and some of us are not really aware. Our many desires remain unfulfilled as we spend no time in learning and fulfilling them. It may be singing, dancing, surfing, hiking, reading or anything. When we learn to sing, we start singing and thus it brings to us the kind of satisfaction which we did not feel throughout our lives as then we just concentrated on doing more of all such things which helped us to achieve more or earn our livelihood. All we need to do is prepare a bucket list for ourselves and just check it. We need to learn all those things which we want on our bucket list to get a tick mark.

Learning decreases stress

Learning has a positive impact on our mood i.e., it improves our mood and it changes our complete outlook on life. It keeps depression as well as stress away. We deviate from all those things which are bothering us and concentrate more on our personal growth. This is what brings the difference. We will start having a purpose in our lives. Level of cortisol decreases in the body. It is a stress hormone which always tends to bother us with every little thing and keeps us away from getting adequate sleep.

Helps to stay relevant

Learning new things about what is happening around us in the world and keeping us updated every now and then make us more knowledgeable. It improves both our personal as well as professional lives. We will then be very well able to make ourselves a significant part of the environment. We need to stay relevant through consistent learning and keep ourselves away from dark and ignorance. This will help us to grab opportunities and we will be able to reach new levels through advancement.

Helps to question

Learning just isn't about grasping everything. It raises a number of questions in our minds. Basically, it will teach us to question and the more we question, the more clearly we will be able to learn what we are learning. We then will no longer nod our head and agree with the group. We search for the right answers and thus in that quest, we reach a number of people who are different as they have diverse thoughts. Instead of remaining warm in a nest, we start challenging and maybe accepting the new concepts and new avenues. More we question, more individual growth takes place as we start giving more importance to what we think.

Keeps us as students

As long as we are learning, we can rank ourselves as students. There is no such area or field where one can say that they have mastered it completely. Thus, the journey of student never ends. One may uplift oneself by saying that one has become a good student from a student, but it is very true that no one can become a master. When we call ourselves masters, it means we have closed our mindset to learn more. On the other hand, when we call ourselves students, it means we are open to learning new. This keeps us humble and helps us to stay away from the arrogance of superiority.


Since we are not part of a structured educational environment, it does not mean that we no longer need to learn. Learning helps us to gain knowledge which brings complete satisfaction and happiness. It keeps our mind healthy and free from stress and depression. It keeps us as students and helps us to question everything. It helps us to set goals for ourselves and check our bucket list. It helps us to stay relevant and makes us more valuable and irreplaceable. It helps us to form strong bonds with everyone around us and prosper and progress in our personal as well as professional lives. These are the reasons that we should never ever stop learning. To know more reasons, go through Top reasons why we should never stop learning: Part-2.

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Author: Dr. Paresh Gujarati17 Feb 2018 Member Level: Gold   Points : 1

Learning is a continuous process and it never ends. When we read a book or learn something, the mind gets activated which over the period of time reduce the chances of Alzheimer's disease and other diseases.

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