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Top reasons why we should never stop learning: Part-2

This article explains that we should never stop learning as knowledge gained through learning process boosts confidence in us, leads to self-improvement, increases our understanding and brings humbleness. Learning is a fun process that helps us to cope up with the change.


It is very easy to get caught up in our busy lives where our learning process almost comes to an end. We spend the entire time accomplishing those goals of our lives which cater to our daily needs and livelihood. We learn things during our childhood and that is what shapes our personality as an adult. Once we have become what we wanted to, we stop learning and this is why our personal growth stops. Learning has nothing to do with age. We can learn anytime, anywhere, no matter at what point in our lives we are. There are many reasons that why we should never quit learning. Some of them are mentioned over here.

Makes independent

There are certain things which interest us. When we learn something new in our areas of interests, we ourselves will do the whole chore. We make up our mind to learn and then we take the initiative to do so. We are trying to bring some discipline in our lives. We cannot outsource this to others, the way we outsource our other chores and develop dependency. This is why we become independent.

Learning is fun

We run away and stop learning anything new as we feel that education of any kind will bore us. However, learning is not just restricted to the syllabus of schools and colleges. It can be fun too. Subjects and fields which interest us and amuse us should be determined. Learning is not all about a career and thus we need not look at it as some serious entity. Whether it is writing, photography, hiking or any activity, we can learn it and since we are not enrolled in a strict curriculum of any university, we can do it at our own pace and in our own time and this is what makes learning more fun.

Success follows learning

We can take certain examples of successful personalities. They might have finished their schools and colleges way back in their past, but their learning does not stop and this is what makes them successful. Until and unless they become lifelong learners, they cannot remain consistently successful or outstanding in their fields. The key is to expand the knowledge which makes us stand in front. Irrespective of whether we want to grow our business, rank high in career or excel in education or simply become a better version of who we are, we need to gain knowledge and work hard towards our goal and learning is a process which enables this. Investing time in learning is the best thing we can ever do in our lives if we want to enjoy success.

Learn as change is inevitable

Change is the only constant. Everything around us is changing. It may be related to our work or our personal life. If we want to keep up with the constant change then we need to constantly indulge ourselves in the learning process. If we do not do so then we are going to fall back and bid goodbye to our success. This will have a big impact on our personal growth. There is a need for us to gather all the knowledge that is essential to cope up with the change and keep ourselves updated. This process will efficiently prepare us to confront the changes which are taking place.

More is less

The knowledge that exists in this world can be compared to the vast ocean. It is like never-ending. We can never say that we have learned everything as there will always be something that we are unaware of. We can keep on learning and still find time to fall short in our learning process. All we need to do is find our area of interest and keep gathering all the information and each day learn something new.

Results in self-improvement

Every day we learn something new and then apply those newly acquired skills in our lives. This will improve our way of living and ultimately lead to self-improvement. Either it is theoretical knowledge or our practical approach; we are improving ourselves every day. When we stop learning, we are hindering our personal development and thus we are closing all the doorways which lead to self-improvement.

Boosts confidence

Knowledge helps us to back up our ideas and thoughts. We can give proper reasoning and information while explaining the things and also present our case with confidence. In short, right knowledge is essential to boost self-confidence in us. In absence of confidence, we will not be able to communicate well and confidence lacks when we cannot explain ourselves properly which is again due to lack of knowledge. Thus, if we stop learning then we are kind of hindering the growth of our inner confidence. New information which we learn makes us shine among others and this makes our personality even more interesting. It may come as a surprise factor to us when we realize that we are able to do so many new things and that too at such higher levels.

Brings humbleness

Only a humble person will be ready to learn something new as he is away from knowing it all attitude and arrogance. Real charmer is not one who show's off everything. Real charmer is actually the one who is eager to learn from others. This is why others will develop an instant liking towards him. Every day we meet so many people. Our every encounter with others can help us learn so many valuable things.

Increases understanding

As the process of learning keeps mind young, healthy and sharp, the mind is able to process things quickly. Since more and more knowledge is gained every day, we will wipe out all the previous beliefs which we used to have and develop a clear understanding of the matter. We will be able to understand others well and also convey our thoughts to others without hurting them in any manner. Our words become fluent and we present our case very gracefully. In absence of knowledge, we lose that grace and charm of conveying things to others and understanding others. Also, learning makes us a well-rounded person.


Learning is a never-ending process and thus we should not try to stop learning at any point in our lives. The more we learn, the more knowledge we will be able to grasp. Learning boosts our self-confidence, leads to self-improvement and keeps us humble. It increases our ability of understanding and makes us well-rounded by improving our overall personality. It is not a struggle; in fact, it is fun as it prevents boredom. If we want ourselves to improve and achieve our goals successfully then we need to learn every day something new. This is because change is inevitable and if we want to shine amongst others then we need to keep ourselves updated. It makes us independent and brings some sort of discipline in our lives by shaping our personality. To know more such reasons, go through Top reasons why we should never stop learning: Part-1.

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Author: Umesh12 Feb 2018 Member Level: Diamond   Points : 3

Learning is definitely the biggest asset a person can have in this world. There is no age for learning. It is a continuous process.

Persons who can assimilate their learnings practically in their life are the most successful people on earth. The theoretical part of learning or acquiring knowledge is one thing but to use these in the practical world for the benefit or guidance of mankind on earth is the real application of learning.

It is said that Archimedes, the great Greek mathematician (about 2270 years ago) learned by observation that when a person enters a bath tub filled with water, some water is displaced out. He observed this and learned that it has some link with the weight of the person. He pondered and worked over this learning and propounded the famous Archimedes principle.

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