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How to welcome love into our lives

This article explains that by discovering an inner source of love and by letting our love guards down, we can welcome love into our lives. We need to be open to meet new people and share love more often, to seek more.


We all feel that we lack love in our lives. We all want to experience rich love which is pure and true. We dream of a perfect life and life without a perfect partner seems imperfect, incomplete and very depressing. If we want to seek more love into our lives then we need to be ready to give it too. Until and unless we share more love with others, it is almost impossible to seek more. For this, we need to work in various fields like we need to learn to love ourselves, love others, work towards our inner self, work towards our personality etc. All these efforts which we make will ultimately welcome love into our lives. Love isn't some tricky entity which only comes to them who play mind games. We cannot win someone's love by playing with their heart. It only comes to them who are kind and generous. The kinder-hearted, more caring and more loving we are, the more we will be loved.

Keep the love guard down

Most of us always keep our guards up as we feel that by doing so, we are trying to protect ourselves from the pain which usually comes from heartbreaks. We do so as we were abandoned, rejected or dumped in our past. To protect ourselves from going through the same kind of emotional trauma as well as to escape betrayal, we have created layers of the hidden wall inside us. It is very important to dismantle these walls or inner fortress which we have built inside. This simple act itself will help us to welcome love into our lives. Otherwise, we will keep pushing away others who bring love.

Initially, we need to make conscious efforts to keep our love guards down and stop using it as our emotional tool. Soon we will realize that there is so much scope for finding love. We will be even able to show our real self to the world as well as we too will get introduced to it. When we are unaware of our real self which is lovable, we often feel that we lack love in our lives. Breaking down inner walls will make us feel much lighter and we will start creating loving relationships in our lives.

Be open to meeting someone new

It is very obvious that until and unless we let people in, no way they are going to come in our lives. To explore our options, we need to meet new people and give them a chance. In the beginning itself, we should not compare their qualities with the qualities that are present in our mental list. It is not necessary that they are going to be exactly what we wanted. Still, we can find ourselves falling in love with them. This is because they may not have some of the qualities which we checked on our list, but may have many other wonderful qualities. We should never overlook all those wonderful qualities of theirs and thus give them a chance. To make the whole process easy, we need to mentally prepare ourselves to be ready to fall in love with someone who may not fit our requirements.

To meet someone new, we need to first join an organization which can be related to sports, music, art or anything that we are passionate about. There we can meet a number of people with similar interests and outlooks. Socialize well. Shyness is not going to lead us anywhere. If we are really interested in someone, we need to reach out to them and take a chance. We can even join online groups if shyness is really a big problem for us. Online dating apps and websites are also available and we can join them to increase our chances of meeting the love of our life. If we drop our shyness and come out of our comfort zone then we can more easily be able to meet people with whom we can have a very nice conversation and can find either friendship or love interest in them.

Show love to seek love

Love is not a game where one wins and another one loses. If it is a true love then it is always a win-win situation in any relationship. Love is more like a give and takes entity. We cannot get it unless we give it with an open heart. To get more love, we need to share it more often. We need not use our words to display it to our loved ones to show how much we really care about them or love them. A simple smile too will do the whole magic. When we greet others with a smile, they approach us more easily. They feel more comfortable in our aura. We need to be kind to others. A lovable person cannot be rude. He can neither throw temper tantrums nor speak angrily to anyone around. If we need to find love then we need to be more caring and develop qualities like love and care within us. The more loving we are, easier it will be for our prospective partner to approach us.

Discover the inner source of love

We are the real sources of love. Throughout our lives, we keep searching for it in the outer world. We need to gracefully accept ourselves and love ourselves for who we really are. Soon we will be able to love others. So, the whole journey begins with us. For this, we need to determine the exact source of love which is nowhere but within us. Wherever we see that love is needed, we need to put it out. The more we do so, the more love we are going to reap from others. We cannot expect it to return in the same manner in which we have manifested. In some form or the other and from some source or the other, it is going to come back to us i.e., we are definitely going to enjoy the return of our investment. Our inner source of love is the most enlightening place we will ever discover in our lives and this place itself will bring complete contentment to us. Those who are enriched with inner love will not look for any other source of love in the outer world.

Never feel unlovable

We need to convince ourselves that we are lovable. In the past, we may have experienced rejections and heartbreaks. In no way, it means that we are not lovable. These little hurdles cannot disappoint us and make us take a back seat. We need to become transparent again and teach ourselves that it is okay to again experience that kind of pain and rejection. Being transparent means letting ourselves out there once again and this is a very courageous act in itself. We need to start consciously telling ourselves that we deserve to find love as much as anyone on this earth. When we do this repeatedly, we will soon sink this message into our subconscious minds and thereby, it will soon become a deep belief system of ours.


We all want to find fulfilling relationships in our lives and we all want love to shower on us like never before. It is however up to us to either enjoy what we have or else keep complaining about something that we failed at. Most of us complain and describe how hurtful our past relationships were. How miserable and rejected our relationships and our partners made us feel. We usually put our love guards up and hide behind them so that we need not face pain and misery once again. However, this is where we are doing wrong to ourselves. We need to show some courage and let ourselves out again by dismantling these walls. This is a very courageous act that we will be doing. Next thing is that we need to convince ourselves that we are lovable and all we need to do is just put ourselves back in the game. We need to start seeing new people and shower love wherever needed because it is always going to come back to us in some form or the other. We need to find that source of love within ourselves. Once we discover that source, it will enrich us with love and in this way we can easily welcome love into our lives and feel contented.

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Author: Neeraj11 Feb 2018 Member Level: Gold   Points : 3


Author: Umesh11 Feb 2018 Member Level: Diamond   Points : 4

Love is a great relationship between people and its presence or absence makes a very remarkable effect on our relations with others. Some people believe that love is a trait to inculcate. It may be true as many people are able to develop it in their personality.

The problem comes when the feelings of love and sacrifice are not reciprocated by some persons. The relationship starts deteriorating and soon there comes the factor of repulsion and enmity.

So for a sustained love relationship it is necessary that the feelings should be present at both the ends. In love there is nothing like one giving it or one accepting it. In fact all have to simply dwell in that cordial atmosphere called - love.

Author: DR.N.V. Srinivasa Rao15 Feb 2018 Member Level: Platinum   Points : 5

These days it is becoming a problem to identify the real love from the people. Many people come to you and show their love for you in their actions and deeds. But when there is a real need of help these people will not be visible and we have to search for them. But true love is there in reciprocation only. Always expecting from someone but not ready to give back in not true love. A person who has real love will always be ready to sacrifice. If that element is missing we can't say it is a real love. A one-way love may not sustain for a long time. So everybody should try to develop the quality of sacrifice then only true love will be there for you. It is good to teach the quality of love to the children and they should understand the importance of relations. The relation need not be with a partner only, we have to maintain good relations with all our friends and relatives and we should be ready to help them in case of any need. Then only we can expect love from them.

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