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A sand castle at the end of the world

Our star-crossed pair decides to build a castle of sand at the end of the world. The lovers were happy with their mundane life. But what happened next was a tragedy that even Shakespeare would find hard to portray.

Slowly walking the glistening sand
We reached the no man's land
I remove the blind-fold from your eyes
Revealing to you our nice little paradise

At a beach in the end of the world
We built our beautiful sand castle
Staring together at the Sun that shone
We called the little castle our home

Your red blushy cheeks and the deep blue sky
Formed a contrast that mere words can't define
Standing at the shore, holding our hands
The tides of time, add to our romance
Your joy was too much to behold
Into the ocean yourself you throw
You swam so gracefully
I could watch you for eternity

Shallow waters couldn't satisfy my darling
She went deeper, against the waves dashing
Throughout the wide horizon my eyes survey
Yet there was no sign of your beautiful face.
Where are you my love? Where did you go?
Leaving me all alone by the seashore?

Caught in the reefs ? Trapped by a shark?
Answer me please! Don't keep me in dark .
I tried to sniff you in every current
I left no rock in the bottom unturned
The ocean is taunting me with it's splendour
The tides of time have swallowed my lover

I should have held you tight
Should've wrapped you with my life.
But I let you on your own
Because of my carelessness you died.

With my life swept away,
I had nowhere left to stay,
I planted myself on the shore
To retrieve your corpse someday

Tides rise and die
Years pass by
Yet no sign of your drifting body
With every breath I say "Sorry"

Yet I lose no hope
Your skin must have withered
But the jewels you worn
Might magically reappear

I speak with every shell
I thank every fish I catch
For they were the lucky ones
Who saw you the last.

Scorching Sun, Sweeping wind.
And pouring rain couldn't move me
Some days I ate. Some nights I slept.
I haven't found you. I can't die yet.

I cherished our castle all along.
Been an umbrella for it in rain.
Built a canal for it to evade waves.
Protected it from every mindless beast.
This castle is home of living memories

But the ever hungry tides of time
Eat our home bit by bit.
I frantically repair it everytime
But waves never stop eating it.

The ocean of time
So cruel. So vile
First it snatched away my love
Relentlessly devouring my home now.

I fell down dejected and frustrated
In the water my wrinkled face reflected
The waves seem to smiling at my futile attempt
Of gathering the traces of your existence.

The salty ocean incurred my wrath
I fisted the waves with all I had.
Uselessly. Powerlessly.
Just then I observed a crab.
One of it's pincers bore a ring
The same ring she was wearing
I quickly recovered the remnant of my lost love
Which came to me as a blessing.

After all these years I finally got it
A beautiful relic of our relationship
You're gone. Our home lay crumbled.
But I'll live on remembering you.


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