How to beat the summer heat with healthy, delicious natural drinks

In another two months, summer will be knocking at the door. Along with summer, there will be an invasion of harmful aerated drinks. Let's stop taking these harmful drinks and shift to natural, healthier drinks. This article mentions some of those natural drinks.

All over India, the winter is making way to spring. After spring, the turn of summer would come. During the summer reason, we Indians tend to beat the summer heat with different cold drinks. But these aerated drinks are not good for health. We must find some natural drinks to beat the summer heat. In this article, we are going to discuss some natural drinks which would quench our thirst, but would not cause any harm to our body. These drinks would help us to remain both well-hydrated as well as nourished.


The first place in the list of natural drinks will surely be occupied by lemonade. Lemons are available all over the year. Lemons are easily affordable. These are a rich source of Vitamin C and Potassium. Lemons are great to detoxify human bodies. The anti-oxidants in lemon keep the skin nourished and hydrated. Lemonade is tasty, quenches the thirst during summer and is beneficial for health. This summer, take lemonade as much as possible.

Coconut/green coconut water

In many parts of India, coconut is known as 'wonder fruit'. Coconut is packed with minerals, electrolytes and some enzymes which are beneficial for digestion and maintaining the salt balance in human body. Coconut and Green coconut water is very refreshing and beneficial for health. It is easily available in many parts of the country, especially in the coastal areas. However, it is a little bit costlier in the northern part of the country, but definitely not as costly as the aerated drinks. So, let us include coconut water in the list of summer drinks.


This delicious drink helps us in a great way to strengthen our digestive system. It contains various probiotics and it helps in quenching our thirst during hot summer. However, its high sugar content does not make it an ideal drink for the sugar patients.

Sugarcane juice

Sugarcane is easily available in most of the parts of India. Sugarcane juice quenches our thirst during summer, hydrates our body and boosts our energy level instantly because it contains naturally occurring sugar. Again, this delicious drink is not recommended for diabetics.


This is a tangy and spicy drink. This enjoyable drink quenches our thirst in hot summer noon and is also good for health. Additionally, jeera (cumin) is rich in iron, black salt prevents indigestion and ginger treats nausea and giddiness.

Don't forget the Aam-panna

Aam-panna is made out of green mangoes and is a great summer drink. It is both healthy and refreshing. Furthermore, it possesses health-resistant properties. It prevents the excessive loss of sodium chloride and iron during the summer due to sweating. Of late, this delicious juice is steadily becoming costly but is still affordable.

Some dont's during summer

During the summer, we must avoid consuming aerated drinks, ice-cold water and milk-based fruit smoothies. All these items create toxins in our bodies. We must try to avoid spicy and greasy foods. We must also avoid direct sunlight during noon.


In oncoming summer, let us make a resolution to avoid aerated drinks and shift to natural drinks. These will be immensely beneficial for our health and are pocket-friendly also.

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Author: DR.N.V. Srinivasa Rao27 Feb 2018 Member Level: Platinum   Points : 4

When the summer starts the sales of these drinks will increase. Slowly people are understanding the toxicity of cool artificial drinks and trying to move away from those drinks. They are going to natural drinks. In my opinion, Water is the best natural drink and the same should be consumed as much as you can to keep your body hydrated. A little salt with a little lemon juice in the water will make you thirst come down and keep you fresh. Even though it is not a drink. a few pieces of watermelon will make your thirst come down. This is the best food to keep you healthy and safe in summer. The author has mentioned all important natural drinks which are helpful for the body in summer.

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