Some important tips to boost up memory

Do you have a habit to forget everything within the minutes? Are you searching some tips to boost up your memory? Check out this article which will help you to boost up your memory.


The present age is the age of competition and every person have a habit to forget small things due to stress. We face trouble due to this habit of forgetfulness and do not find correct things at the correct time. If you also find this problem, then the small tips presented in this article will really help you. By following these small tips, you would be able to boost up your memory. These tips are very small but very useful in the present life.

  • Be fit : The most important thing in the modern age is to be fit. It is necessary to exercise daily. Aerobic exercise provides oxygen to the body and helps your brain to work properly. This oxygen improves blood circulation in the body and helps in the remembrance, memory, thinking power, etc. So you must exercise work as a tonic for the brain.

  • Have a habit to write : If you have a habit to forget things easily, then try to remember them by writing. You can write the things in a dairy, paper, email, mobile phone, etc. This tip will really help you to remember the things easily. You will see many people have this habit and overcome the problem of forgetfulness.

  • Listen carefully : Always listen carefully fully, sometimes ignoring the things or do not give attention may cause forgetfulness. It is better to provide attention and focus on only one thing at a time. Also try to place the things in their proper places to remember them easily.

  • Meditation : Many types of research have proved that meditation improves the blood circulation in the brain. We will be able to concentrate on one thing at a time of meditation and it will also provide you peace. Though it is difficult to meditate, after some days you would be able to make it on daily basis. Now go ahead and start meditation to boost up your memory

  • Play brain games : You must make a habit to play chess, crosswords, puzzles, etc. It will improve the power of your brain. It is the best exercise for the brain. Playing brain games will improve memory power and you would be able to remember the things more easily

  • Be cool : Stress and pressure adversely affect the memory. Always try to be cool in any situation. Sometimes due to stress and pressure, the students fail to get success. It is important to be cool like Mr. cool (M.S. Dhoni)

  • Avoid Alcohol : If you want a good health and good memory, it is necessary to avoid alcohol. It affects our health and brain adversely. If you have drink habit, please avoid it as much as possible. Alcohol lowers your memory power.

  • Take balance diet : Balance diet is essential for a good health. Remember that you must take carbohydrates, protein, fat, vitamins, minerals and water daily in your food in proper quantity. Vitamin B complex improves memory power and makes us healthy

  • Develop reading habit : If you want to improve your memory, you must develop the reading habit. Reading books, newspaper, magazines, articles provide you with a lot of new words and knowledge. Many scholars have used this method to get success.


Dear friends, these are some tips to boost up your memory power. These are very simple and easy task but very important. Some of these are not so easy to adopt but after daily practicing, you would be able to make them your daily habit. So start them from today and see the magic of these steps.


Author: T.M.Sankaran21 Feb 2018 Member Level: Gold   Points : 5

The article touches most of the points which help in improving the capacity to remember. The memory power varies from person to person, it is congenital. Of course, there are several solutions to improve the memory power. However, none is a final solution. The reason for the loss of memory may vary from person to person. Hence the approach towards an improvement of memory may need a case to case evaluation.
Blood circulation is an important factor in power of memory. More attention needs to be given to those things which one might forget. It is the attention given to an incident or a news item that will help to retain in the memory.
Certain items in Yoga also help improve the memory power. In Ayurveda also certain Rasayanas like Amruthaprasam, Chyavanaprasam etc. are some such remedies.

Author: DR.N.V. Srinivasa Rao22 Feb 2018 Member Level: Platinum   Points : 5

The ability to remember the points will vary from person to person. This depends more on the IQ levels and EQ levels of the individual. The health condition of the person will also have a say on this. So we should always keep our mind fresh and see that we will be healthy. Instead of wasting time on unnecessary things, concentrating more on what we are doing and what we are reading will give a better remembrance power. Another point we should understand is the subject we read or the work we have to perform should be very clear and we should be able to understand the subject clearly. Then we can remember the issue for long. Thinking about the points which we have to remember and linking it to another very common aspect will give more chances to remember the issue and we will never forget about it. For example, if you have to remember a list of cat, chair and window. Imagine a cat sitting on a chair which is on a window. The chances of a cat sitting in a chair are remote. A chair in a window is ridiculous. So if you link these three in this way you can remember this list for long.

Author: Partha K.25 Feb 2018 Member Level: Platinum   Points : 4

A very informative article from the author. The author has mentioned various ways to develop a good memory. In my opinion, like many other things, developing good memory is also a matter of practice. If we consciously or unconsciously practice the memory-boosting techniques and memory games, our capacity to retain the subject/information which we read/learn, increases.

In this connection, I would also like to mention about Brahmi. This 'saag' (green leaves) is a wonder food for boosting memory. In earlier days, those who were engaged in academic activities compulsorily partook this 'saag' for boosting memory. The taste of Brahmi saag is tasteless to mildly bitter, but it works wonder to develop memory retention power. Even now, all the memory-boosting pills, Chyavanprash, etc. contain extracts of Brahmi.

Concluding my response, I recommend this useful and informative article to all, especially to the students at various levels.

Author: Hakimuddin Kuwakhedawala27 Feb 2018 Member Level: Diamond   Points : 1

Thanks everyone for reading the article and responding your comments. Thanks, Mr Partha for liking this article. I will share this article on my site and on social sites so that students at various level take benefit of this article.

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