Tips to become successful in a new relationship after a failed one

With the growing relationship between men and women, the possibility of break-up is also increasing. Every man and woman finds the days immediately after the break-up terrible. He/She thinks that this is the end of life. But life doesn't end. Everybody has to move forward. This article mentions the tips to move forward in life after the painful break-up. It advises to accept new love when it arrives.

In the twenty-first century India, the men-women interaction has increased manifold. Men are meeting women in schools, colleges, universities, working places and in various social gatherings. With the increase in interaction, the affair between men and women has been increasing. Some relationship becomes successful, some are not. Men or women feel devastated after the relationship fails. But that is not the end of the world. Even after the failed relationship, people again fall in love, although initially, they become very hesitant to start a new relationship.

In this article, we are going to discuss various ways to become successful in a new relationship after a failed one. Let us read and understand the tips.

  1. Don't keep pent-up emotions : Many people would advise not to cry over failed relationship. But no, the counselors advise something else. They always advise against keeping the emotions inside. They advise to cry so that the emotions come out

  2. Share the pain : This is also related to the first point. The counselors advise people emerging from failed relationship to share their pain with anyone who is genuinely sympathetic and understanding. However, such people are rare but still there. It is absolutely necessary to share the grief or pain to heal the scar of the failed relationship

  3. Give time to heal the scar : Every failed relationship creates a deep scar on your mind. And this scar takes a long time to heal. So, give time to yourself to help this scar to heal. Don't jump into a new relationship. Get back your mental stability first

  4. Don't blame yourself : Every person has some positive and some negative traits. The negative traits in your character may or may not be responsible for the relationship to fail. So, don't blame yourself. Just think that you were not compatible with your ex-partner. Don't try to find the reasons for the failure. Don't blame yourself. Start thinking positively

  5. Try to forget and forgive : Although it is very difficult to forget, you have to try. Forget the bitter memories, only remember the good ones. Also, try to forgive your ex-partner for the failed relationship. Try to detach yourself from the bad memories of the earlier relationship. Detachment will help you to forgive and forget

  6. Utilize the time positively; it will fill the void : After the painful separation from your ex-partner, you will find time which would be very difficult to fill. Don't crib during the vacant time. Engage yourself to do something positive. Do something which gives your positive energy, mental satisfaction and helps you to forget the painful past. It may be traveling, painting, singing, spending time with family members and friends, anything. Fill the void of your life. Feel fresh and rejuvenated from your activities

  7. When love arrives, accept it gratefully : Love will return to your life, but in a new form. Don't fail to accept this new love. Don't hesitate. Be honest to your new partner. Tell your new partner about your past, but only gradually. Accept the new love in your life gratefully. Give everything to your new love. You will definitely be lucky this time

  8. Don't hesitate to take the help from counselor: If you find that you are still not able to come out of the trauma caused by the failed relationship, take the help from a qualified counselor. Tell your problem to the counselor and act according to his/her advice

Final words

The relationship breaks mainly due to incompatibility between two partners. Nobody should be blamed for the failed relationship. Life goes on. Everybody has to move forward. So, move forward in life, accept the new love of your life.

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Author: DR.N.V. Srinivasa Rao20 Feb 2018 Member Level: Platinum   Points : 4

When there is a failure in a relationship we will be coming out of that relationship but not the memories. The good and bad memories will be making their rounds in the individual's mind. So for some time they may be in a dilemma and can't forget the grief immediately. But time will always heel the injuries. Slowly we will forget and go on in our life. But before entering into another relationship we should understand ourselves and analyse the events and if we feel we have gone wrong anywhere we should be careful that we should not repeat the same mistakes again. That will give a chance to have a better relationship with the new partner. So this introspection is very important for a better situation in the new relationship. A better understanding and adjustment will make the relationship sustain longer.

Author: Venkiteswaran24 Mar 2019 Member Level: Diamond   Points : 3

Once bitten twice alert. So those seeking a new relationship after a failed one will be very cautious and alert. They may be welcoming any relevant guidance and support in this regard. In that context, this article, though very brief can be of help.

Just recently I read a newspaper feature article about the growing popularity of dating sites in India, that specifically cater to those seeking a second relations ship - may be widows, widowers, and divorcees. Some of the respondents have claimed that there was no binding on them to be committed or formalize it into a permanent relationship. They have also said that they have enough time and choice to hit upon the right person also. So this article is relevant.

Author: Partha K.08 Apr 2019 Member Level: Platinum   Points : 0

I humbly thank Dr. Rao and Mr. Venkiteswaran for reading this article of mine. Of late, I have been noticing that with the increasing interaction between males and females in workplaces, universities, colleges, schools and in other common meeting points, romantic relationships grow very quickly and frequently. As, in the youth, it is not possible to judge a person, especially of the opposite gender within a few days. As a result, break-up has also become very frequent.

I have also noted that after the break-up, some people, especially young men and women become depressed and they don't take the help of psychiatrists or counselors. Some of them even start taking drugs after the break-up. For such people, who definitely need help after the break-up, I have written this article. Friends, relatives, family members must counsel such people and if their advice fails, such person must seek help from counselors.

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