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9 Foods which delay premature graying of hair

This article explains that by including certain foods like those rich in catalase, zinc, and copper can delay the onset of premature graying of hair. Also include dark chocolate, green vegetables including leafy ones, seafood, Triphala in daily diet for healthy hair.


Diet and hair health are very closely associated with each other. If we follow a healthy nutritious diet which is well balanced then it means that we are making sure to fulfill all the nutritional requirements of our body on an everyday basis. Hair is a part of our body and thus they too require good nutrition. There are many causes for premature graying of hair. Unhealthy eating and nutritional deficiencies are major causes to accelerate graying process. Hair needs certain nutrients which help them to enjoy optimal health and prevent any damage that is caused to hair follicles and its cells. Make sure to eat below-mentioned foods and make them a part of a daily diet to prevent or at least delay premature graying of hair.

Foods which delay early graying

Include these foods in the daily diet and prevent graying of hair and also reverse back gray hair into the original shade.
  1. Green vegetables : Include lots of fresh green vegetables in daily diet including leafy ones. Eat enough amounts of cabbage, celery, capsicum, cucumber, green leafy vegetables like fenugreek leaves, spinach etc. Eat them in raw form or in cooked form. Try to drink one glass of smoothie prepared out of fresh green vegetables every morning on an empty stomach which will make sure better absorption of nutrients in the body. This kind of diet not only boosts metabolism and overall health but keeps gray hair away by delaying the aging process.
  2. Foods rich in catalase : Include lots of foods which are rich sources of catalase like garlic, onion, cabbage, cauliflower, broccoli, potatoes etc. Catalase is an antioxidant enzyme which is effective in the breakdown of hydrogen peroxide. It is commonly found in cells of plants and animals. It is proved that catalase can stop graying of hair. It is present in our body itself and is a byproduct which results from the metabolic process. As aging process advances, our body starts experiencing a decrease in the production of catalase. As a result hydrogen peroxide accumulates in hair follicles which can cause bleaching of hair follicles from the inside out. When we eat foods rich in catalase, we reintroduce it inside body in a natural way.
  3. Berries : Berries are rich sources of various vitamins and minerals which are essential to prevent premature graying of hair. If graying has already started then consumption of various berries like strawberries, mulberries, raspberries, blueberries, blackberries, blueberries can reduce the speed at which graying is taking place. The most important berry that needs to be included in the diet is a gooseberry. It is rich in vitamin C and not only it is good for hair health but also keeps the natural shade of hair intact.
  4. Almonds : Almonds are rich sources of vitamin E, copper, and proteins. Include almonds and other nuts in the daily diet to curb graying process. Almonds can be consumed either in raw form or by soaking in water or else a smoothie can be prepared by mixing some fruits, milk along with a handful of almonds.
  5. Chocolate : It may sound weird but pure dark chocolate can be eaten to reduce premature graying of hair as it is a rich source of copper which boosts production of melanin in melanocytes. Chocolates are rich in calories but if pure dark one is included in the daily diet in recommended amount then it does not cause any harm, imparts many health benefits and is even less in calories.
  6. Foods rich in zinc : Zinc is another essential mineral that is required for healthy hair and stops premature graying. Seafood is rich sources of zinc. Include shrimp, prawns and other seafood in the diet. Eating foods rich in zinc content can promote the production of new hair cells. This will result in thickening of hair as well as the hair starts retaining its original color.
  7. Salmon : Salmon is a rich source of selenium as well as protein. Regularly include some salmon in diet and this will make sure that hair follicles get its nutrients in adequate amount. This will automatically prevent premature graying of hair. Not only salmon, try to include other seafood in the daily diet plan as they too are rich sources of selenium.
  8. Foods rich in copper : Copper is an essential mineral which promotes production of melanin. If copper is deficient in the body then hair graying takes place at an early age as well as at an accelerated rate. Rich sources of copper include walnuts, cashew nuts, spinach, sesame seeds, asparagus etc.
  9. Triphala : Triphala includes three fruits which are Amalaki, hartaki, and bibhitaki. It is available in the market in the form of powder and is quite good not only for skin, hair, and eyes but even for overall health. Mix a tsp of Triphala powder in a glass of water and drink it daily to enjoy strong and healthy hair. When hair is healthy then chances of premature graying reduces.


Foods which are rich in copper, zinc, and catalase can help to prevent early graying. Include lots of green vegetables including green leafy ones in the diet. Eat dark chocolate as well as regularly consume salmon and other seafood. Try to incorporate a few almonds in the daily diet and eat wide varieties of berries which are very good for hair health. Eating in the right amount and in a healthy manner will effectively prevent premature graying of hair and reverse the graying by repairing the damaged melanocytes so that they can produce enough melanin to restore original shade of hair. Learn Home remedies to reverse premature graying of hair and various tips on its Management and prevention.

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Author: Umesh23 Feb 2018 Member Level: Diamond   Points : 4

A nice article on suggested nutritional ways to delay the greying of the hairs.

In fact, nutrition is one of the key factors in maintaining a healthy body. Still, medical science has not understood the metabolism and mysterious ways of the body reacting to various nutrients.

The body is a complex biochemical system and affected by various environmental factors as well as food and nutrition. So theoretically speaking, in ideal conditions a person should have an excellent health delaying the old age and its symptoms. Unfortunately, it is not so simple. The heredity and other factors sometimes predominate a healthy regime manifesting early signatures of old age and many things seem to be out of our control in spite of the best food intake.

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