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8 Reasons to find a little "Me Time"

This article explains the importance of spending some quality me time. It shifts our focus towards the positive side. It improves our focus as well as decision-making ability. It makes us intellectual and leads us towards our goals.


On an everyday basis, we need to run so many chores. In our busy hectic schedule, we feel that life itself is like one long to-do list. We all need a little me time for ourselves where we can indulge ourselves in doing all those activities which amuse us. Me time is the time where we relax completely and pay very least attention to our duties or responsibilities which we carry out throughout the day. Me time can be defined as a personal time where we are alone and alone does not mean away from everyone. It simply means away from carrying out all our tasks which we usually do round the clock. After finishing all the duties and responsibilities, we hardly find any time for ourselves and at the end of the day, this may tear us down. This is because the energy that we spend needs to be replenished and that is what me time promises to offer us. To enjoy a fulfilling life, we need some solitary time for ourselves where we can really care about our feelings and devote some time towards our areas of interests.

Plan me time

It is best if we can find time for ourselves on daily basis. It does not have to be an hour or so. A couple of minutes here and there to relax and rejuvenate our mind will also be great. Those of us who are very busy can schedule their me time during weekends where the workload is a little less. If by any means, we need to change our me time schedule then we need to make sure that we have that time at some other hours and if that is not possible then we need to be firm and hold off the other activities. This is because "me time" is as important and as necessary as any other work or activity.

Beneficial reasons for enjoying me time

  1. It increases positivity
    Too much of stress and too much of overindulgence in the day to day work will shift our focus towards the negative side of things. Day-to-day hustle and bustle will tear us down as well as get us down. This will take place when we overload ourselves with too many emotions. If we take a little me time for ourselves then we can very well check these building emotions and keep them under control. Before our emotions pile up on us, we need to understand the causes and situations which make us feel what we feel. In this way, we will either be able to deal with those situations in a better way or at least try to avoid them as much as possible.

  2. It enables a sound sleep
    It is not necessary that when we are sleeping, our mind also sleeps. Physically our body is resting but our mind is busy processing all those events and metabolizing all those emotions which took place throughout the day. If the day was too stressful then the mind will hardly get any sleep as it has to do lots of work. This is the reason that when we wake up in the morning, we still feel tired even after having a sleep of adequate hours and end up finding an excuse to sleep for a few more minutes. A little me time will thereby reduce anxiety and stress and help the mind to sleep well during the night. A little me time before bed is more beneficial. Before going to bed try to indulge in some activity which will relax the mind and avoid those conversations which can induce more stress.

  3. Helps to achieve goals
    We spend so much of our time in helping others to achieve their goals, irrespective of whether it is our family or someone from outside. In the meantime, our goals remain unchecked and unfulfilled. When we start spending a little me time then not only are we instilling a confidence boost in ourselves but also are shifting our focus back to the things which really make us happy. We will start working on small doses and these small steps taken will lead us towards our larger goal.

  4. Helps to enjoy company of self
    Most of us feel that solitary time can be depressing and it means loneliness. However, this is not true. Alone time can be as much fun as spending time with others. Until and unless we start spending some time with ourselves, we will never realize that we can enjoy the company of our own. We have that ability which can make ourselves happy. It helps us to get in touch with our interests and develops a strong sense of self in us.

  5. Helps to make wise decisions
    Sometimes we can see ourselves being stuck at crossroads and not knowing which way to go. Making a wrong decision will lead us to the wrong path and make us regret throughout our lives. Whenever brainstorming takes place, take some time off and try to do something creative. It may be anything from gardening to painting or writing something. This will recharge the idea muscles. As we are trying to be more creative, we are working on the challenge and thus we will be able to think in all directions. This is the reason that tough decisions which are made after spending doing some creative work in me time session will help us to make wise decisions.

  6. Improves focus
    It is very important to become mindful. When we are doing an activity then we need to have complete focus on it. Deviating a little will shift our focus which will not create good results. However, we often find difficult to concentrate on single activity and our mind starts wandering here and there. Me time can help us create that single focus. When we are enjoying coffee in our me time then focus should only be on sipping it slowly and on how great it tastes. If we want to read something then we can enhance our knowledge by reading articles about coffee. This is what focus on single activity means. We should not let our mind wander on the to-do list. We can practice this in our me time by focusing for the small duration like 30 seconds and thereby increasing the time span. In relaxing situations, the focus will help us enjoy life's small pleasures. It also prepares us for difficult times which makes us anxious where the focus is very much needed.

  7. Gives sense of accomplishments
    Self-worth is very closely associated with accomplishments in life. A little me time can help us connect with our senses. Little things which we do in that time duration will give us a sense of achievement and satisfy our senses. We can only connect with our senses when our focus is inwards and not when the focus is shifted towards outside world. Next time, when we have a rough day and things do not go the way we planned, we need to spend some time in solitude which will help us to connect with our senses and make us feel that we are still worthy and no hurdle or failure can take away that worth from us.

  8. Makes us intellectual
    We can use a little me time to quench the thirst of our curiosity by doing all those things which interest us like keeping ourselves updated, searching on internet about something that we always wanted to know, learning the skills which we always wanted to acquire etc. All these activities stimulate the mind and release serotonin which is a happy hormone and boost good mood which in turn keeps us happy. In this way, a little me time is not only helping us to fulfill our desires but also making us intellectual.


Me time is a time for ourselves. We need it so that we can care about ourselves i.e., it is a time for self-care which is very much needed in our lives because this self-care itself brings happiness. Self-care just does not mean eating well, exercising, grooming ourselves in some spas, sleeping or hydrating. Me time is a time where we cast away everything that we usually do in our day to day lives and concentrate only on ourselves. In that duration, we end up doing what really pleases us. It is a time where we recharge ourselves completely and then reset. It restores our lost energy and is a great stress buster for us. Me time helps us to understand ourselves, our emotions and our thoughts in a better way. A solitary time will help us to get in touch with our real self. It exerts positive effects on both our physical and mental health. It takes care of our overall well-being and makes us sleep in a sound way. A little me time can keep us away from stress and anxiety and prevents any chances of falling prey to depression. Me time will bring a better understanding of us and that is why we will be able to make clear decisions in our lives. Thus, we need to make sure that every day we spend some quality me time.

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Author: Reena Upadhya21 Feb 2018 Member Level: Diamond   Points : 4

"Me time" should not be wasted. We should not spend it in doing all those things which are meaningless. It is neither a waste of time nor an act of selfishness. It is a window which helps to recharge our batteries and revitalize us. We often feel that it is almost impossible to find some me time for ourselves. We sometimes consider it as an act of guilt as we feel that spending time for ourselves is a very selfish act. However, there is no need to feel that way. No matter how busy we might be in our lives, there will always be some time where we can fit in this window very easily. Apart from the schedule that we have fixed for spending "me time", in case, there arises another opportunity for a leisure then we should not mind utilizing it and have some more me time for ourselves.

Author: DR.N.V. Srinivasa Rao21 Feb 2018 Member Level: Platinum   Points : 5

We all will be very busy doing various works for satisfying our professional interests and our domestic needs. Sometimes we will be so busy that we can't even take our food on time or might finish the food so fast as if a task and we never relish our food. Why I am telling this is because I have spent about 30 years of my life like that only. There may be some times where we even can't concentrate on our health aspect. This is not at all a good sign and we must have some me time on day to day basis. As expressed by the author it may not be hours together but a little time where you can forget about other problems and think about you and your requirements. This will definitely give scope for having a happy life and a better quality life. Another aspect is you can introspect about yourself and take corrective steps for your betterment if you give some me time for this review. So one should definitely have some me time.

Author: Umesh23 Feb 2018 Member Level: Diamond   Points : 4

Me time is a personal choice. Those who are very busy can find the peace and solace in it. Others who are not much occupied can take advantage of this time for future planning.

As a concept, the author has well narrated it. In fact, we all have it and use it to our advantages, maybe sometimes unconsciously.

After a busy day or a hectic week, we sometimes go for a long and casual refreshing walk in the garden or park. What is it? It is our me time.

Me time is not a time to relax. It is basically a change in activity from a livelihood activity to aptitude or hobby activity. It not only freshens up our mind but restores our energy for forthcoming arduous cycles of life.

Author: Sheo Shankar Jha18 Jun 2019 Member Level: Diamond   Points : 3

'Me time' is the personal choice for maximising pleasures to individuals and no fixed time for the same is allocated. This could charge the entire body cells and freshness is felt. The author has dealt with the topic nicely and such an indulgence in free time could shed our negativity.

Let us not copy the ways as adopted by our colleagues but instead, we need to be our own trendsetter to seek the sources of real pleasure. Overdoing the same is to be curbed but consistency in such indulgence would definitely be helpful.

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