How to take a decision- The methodology.

In our day to day life and in our professional life we may have to take decisions which may affect the progress of the organisation. The decision making is very important for the managers and business professionals. A logical decision taken basing on the facts, experience and the situation will always give a better output. In this article, the decision-making methodology is described and the reasons for failure sometimes are also discussed.


To complete a task or perform a working one has to choose the path that is to be followed for the successful completion of the work. In a given situation, there will be many alternatives to address a problem. The decision making is nothing but the selection of the best course of action among the available options. The individual should think of various alternatives available and consider the negatives and positives of each alternative. Once all the options are evaluated take out the best alternative as per the understanding. Before finalising an option one should think of the outcome also.

The decision making is very important in the business and work environments. The senior persons and the managers of the business may have to take many decisions in their day to day management. The manager should be able to take a decision and go ahead with the work. Many times some people may not take any decision with a fear of going wrong and look at the top for a support from the boss. This is suicidal. Taking a decision whether it may be good or bad is very important. One has to think logically and take a decision with the available knowledge. One should think as per his ability. One should not step into other's shoes and think for taking a decision. Sometimes not taking a decision may be a decision.

The methodology

Decision making is a process and it involves certain steps. If the steps are followed in the making of the decision the chances of going wrong maybe less.

Various steps involved

The steps in decision making may be as discussed below.
  • Recognise the problem and understand the problem well in the first step. One should understand the whole issue properly and correctly before attempting to take a decision. What is the result expected and this problem is affecting the outcome? These points should be properly understood to make a decision.

  • It is advisable to get the maximum possible information on the subject and study the information to the maximum possible extent. Was there any record of a similar problem in the past? If so how the issue was addressed? What is the outcome? This information will make the individual understand the problem well. It is always advisable to know the cause of the problem, who are the people involved and what is the process involved. What are the limitations of the process? These points should be understood completely to improve the chances of correct decision making.

  • Once the information available is completely studied and understood, it is advisable to have a brainstorming session. All the stakeholders who are responsible for the process should be roped into the discussion. The problem should be discussed with an open mind. If the problem is approached with a preconceived idea the chances of going wrong are very high. All the people should be allowed to speak and no idea should be considered as a stupid idea.

  • As a responsible person, the manager should hear all the views, make a note of all important points and weigh the various options and come out with the best possible solution. Each option should be openly discussed to evaluate the feasibility of implementation and compatibility of the solution with the system. Once these points are discussed the best possible alternative will evolve.

  • The next part is the implementation of the decision. The plan of implementation is also to be worked out. This implementation may be the toughest part of the whole system. Some individuals may not accept the decision easily. So it is always advisable to make all the stakeholders a part in the decision making. They should be taken into confidence. The method of implementation is also to be discussed with all the concerned. Discussing with them and trying to answer their doubts and enlighten them with the process will make the process of implementation easy.

  • Once the decision is implemented, the process will progress and the outcome will be there. Please evaluate the outcome and if it is as expected the decision taken may be thought of the correct decision. Further, the effectiveness and further improvements should be thought.

Reasons for wrong decisions

Even after following logically and taking a decision also there may be a failure. In such case, one should have an alternative plan ready for implementation.
There may be some reasons which may cause a failure of the decision taken. They may be as follows.
  • The information available may be too less to understand the problem correctly and to take a logical decision.

  • Sometimes excess data may be available which can't be analysed properly. The excessive information may cause conflicts, confusion and may lead to a wrong decision.

  • There may be a problem in understanding the issue. If the problem is not correctly diagnosed the solution may go in a wrong direction. So brainstorming and thorough research are the very important key points in taking a decision.

  • Conclusion

    Decision making is a very important part of the job of many executives and managers. Their growth will more depend on the decision making ability. To err is human. Sometimes our decisions may go wrong. But one should always go ahead with logical thinking and take decisions.

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    Author: Umesh20 Feb 2018 Member Level: Diamond   Points : 4

    Decision making is the crucial activity in any organization or company. Good decisions are the root of future success stories.

    One thing which is also important in the context of decision making is that today we are in a competitive world and technology is changing fast. New methods are replacing the old ones and many businesses are closing giving way to new innovations. Under such an environment we must inculcate quick decision making by enhancing our knowledge base and adopting new technologies. This is important if we want to survive in the present day business environment.

    Author: K Mohan24 Feb 2018 Member Level: Platinum   Points : 3

    Decision-making ability is a great asset to a person through which an organization or company in which he serves benefits a lot. Often in companies, the head office and the factory or the processing place would be at different places. There cannot be definite cooperation between the head office and factory and thus those who are sitting in the head office must have all knowledge about the factory and the factory heads should also know the powers and limitations of the managers present at the head office. In the broader interest of the company and its welfare, there must be cooperation and coordination between the factory and office so that a customer is not put into trouble and in such situations delegation of decision-making process should be assigned to the factory managers.

    Author: Neeraj25 Feb 2018 Member Level: Gold   Points : 4


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