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The plight of a man outside Time

What would it be like to be outside a time cycle? This is a poem which describes the feeling of Lord Shiva when he sees his family and friends slowly age and fall, while he remains outside time.

Imagine a man outside the time cycle. He would never age. All of his family and friends on other hand are inside the time and are subjected to ageing and decay. This is a poem by me, which describes the feeling of Lord Shiva when he sees his family and friends slowly age and fall.

A fictional lamentation by the Lord of destruction -

The plight of a man outside the time

To the screeching ravens and noisy demon drums
Woke up the Lord of the world, Sadha Shivam.
He walked towards the bright balcony yawning
The slithering snake hissed, "Good morning".
He presses his conch to his dry red lips
And vigils the world from a long sleep.
Blew upon him the cold Himalayan wind
He wraps himself with his tiger skin

He looked at his dear wife; Goddess Parvati
Covered in blanket, that sleeping beauty.
Excitedly he pulls the blanket away
To see his sleepy wife's wrinkled face
Few drops of cold tears fell from his three eyes
He never knew when a million years passed by.
Be a man or a God, no one can escape time.
The vessel carrying us will someday ripe and die.

While He was facing inner turmoil
His dear wife woke up and embraced him
The pair together appeared before
the army of demons and trolls.
Their eyes don't seem to discern
They are blinded by devotion
They won't notice that Parvati has aged
Or is it none of their concern?

Shiva found the same with Ganesh and Kartikeya too
Their hair has turned grey and skin lost it's hue.
It was so painful, to watch his family and friends grow old.
Vishnu, Brahma and others aged too, while he's young alone.

Such is the plight of a man outside time
World decays, but he will look just fine.

Shiva decided to ride and go on a patrol
But his best friend Nandi now cannot be rode
The faithful ox's shoulders are now droopy
Shiva hugged and patted the head of Nandi.

He walked around seeing things rot and decay
Even the snow covering Kailash melted away.
The Lord of destruction is now afraid of death
Afraid that Death will snatch his loved ones away.

He decided to dance away his depression
He assumed a pose and started to perform
He leaped. He twirled. He swayed.
He was swinging in a total dismay.

Seeing their Lord dance, the minions began
Beating their drums and Naradh's sitar strums.
Parvati came running to the familiar rhythm
Joining the horde and dancing with them.
For a brief moment time seemed to have stopped.
Shiva was dancing once again with his sweetheart.
But Fate doesn't believe in lying.
Her steps falter while dancing.
Her knees hurt. She starts panting.

Her bones weak. Her hair looking thin.
Parvati is showing signs of aging.
Appearance didn't matter him a bit
After all he was an ageless hermit.

But mirrors wouldn't lie
Even if you are divine
It would only reflect the painful truth,
that Parvati is slowly losing her youth

Shiva couldn't take it anymore.
He sought isolation from family and friends
He resigned himself into a trance
Inside a cave deep in the mountains

His chants echoed inside the lifeless hollow
The sound of Ganga river churns his head
The moon shines too brightly to concentrate
Unpleasant sounds come from rocks in the cave.
Shiva capped his ears and screamed
"Can't you be quiet until I meditate?"
But river won't stop flowing.
Moon cannot stop glowing.

The message was quiet clear.
There's no rest or escape here.
"A legend? A God? What am I ?
A poor man who cannot die?
Aren't gods an exception of Fate?
Why am I then in such pathetic state?"

And so laments the God
who is unbound by time.
And so laments the Lord
who's caste is unclassified.


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