Sofa Set Designs Explained - How to choose the best sofa set

Choosing a right sofa that suits your home and lifestyle transforms the interior of your home look beautiful. Yet choosing the right one is challenging from the wide range of available collections. This article explores the wide range of sofa designs available in the market.

Sofa sets known to be the charm of all homes come in a vast variety nowadays. Whenever any guest comes to visit your home, the very first thing they notice about your home is the sofa set design of yours. Well! If you talk about my choice, I am a big fan of mid-century modern and sectional sofa set designs. Let's discuss all the types of sofa set designs available at present in the market:

Sectional Sofa Set

The sectional sofa is a multi-piece sofa. The variation in the number of pieces are 3 and 5. It can be arranged in a number of configurations. The more the pieces, the more will be the configurations. Ideally, any sectional you purchase will include fixtures that connect the pieces to keep them from separating. Because of the rising popularity of sectionals, there are plenty of designs and materials to choose from. Some are huge and can cover the big drawing areas and on the contrary other are small to fit into the smaller drawing areas
The common sectional sofa set designs that are popular are L-shaped and U-shaped.


This sofa set is well known for its quilted and tufted style. It has emerged as a popular style from the current sofa set trends.

Lawson Style Sofa

This sofa set is best known to provide comfort to the person sitting on it. Its design consists of back embedded with pillows separated from the frame.

Mid-Century Modern

This sofa set has been famous from 1940-1970 but its elegance and the royal look is making a comeback now. It is a perfect blend of comfort studded with beauty. If you couple this sofa set with the right home design it can come out effortlessly and make our home look beautiful.

English Sofa

This sofa set is cushioned all over including the arms of the sofa. It has a high back with low arms and it looks perfect with the correct type of interior.


This sofa set is known to be casual and comfortable. Its arms are rolled towards the sides and are lower than the back.

Camel Back

It has higher back in the center which descends to a continuous line into the arms of the sofa.

Sleeper Sofas

From pull-outs to futons to day beds to bunk-bed sofa sets, you can see all styles here. These are multi-purpose sofa sets which are being used up in the houses which have small space.

Loveseat Sofas

These sofas are actually designed for the living rooms as they have the space of two people. Loveseat sofas come in many styles and designs like Camelback and cabriole.


It is a sofa without a back. They should be placed beyond a wall so that one can arrange cushions along the wall for a cushioned back.

Settee Sofa

It is known to be a wide chair. They are less comfortable as they are designed for a wide dining room chair with arms.

Recliner Sofa

They are just like a couch and are ideal for watching television, reading and relaxing. They are best suited for a formal living room or a media room.

Tuxedo Sofa

It has high arms which level with the sofa back. It cannot be considered to be a comfortable one but is a classy looking sofa indeed.

Track Arm

It is quite similar to Tuxedo and has a linear profile. It is best suited for contemporary spaces and mid-century spaces.

Sofa Fabric Selection: Every sofa fabric has its own versatility so it completely depends on you and your lifestyle as to which one would suit you in the best manner. Below mentioned are a few of them:


It is the most popular choice for everyone as it is easy to clean and incredibly durable.


It will not fade away faster and will add grace to the surroundings of your room.


It is the best option for formal spaces or for houses with no children and pets.


This one is best suited for those who have pets. It is fine polyester which is soft, durable and easy to clean. Since the weaving is too tight, the dust and pet's hair do not get trapped in them.


It is a soft fabric that adds elegance to the sofa. It is highly durable.

All the fabrics and the designs of the sofa sets mentioned above would be difficult to find at the same place so we would suggest you to go to the online site Urban Ladder and chose the best sofa set at Urban Ladderfor you. You will get all the types of sofa sets with best quality fabric there which you won't be getting in a retail store. So get ready to design your home today with the latest sofa set and impress your guests.

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Author: Umesh17 Feb 2018 Member Level: Diamond   Points : 6

There is a variety of sofas, available in the market and a lot of inventory is also available with the dealers. The Urban ladder is a reputed and trusted brand and customers are satisfied with its quality and service.

Regarding sofas I want to add my observation that though large number of designs and shapes are available in market but there are only few which can boast of good quality.

The reason for this is very simple. The sofa makers use ordinary wood and sponge for the inside of the sofa but keep the cover and other outside features of good quality. So on first look, they appear great. In fact, that is not so when you compare their material with their high costs. Only reputed manufacturers keep the inside material of sofa also of good quality.

While going to purchase sofa it is advisable to go for a reputed brand or reputed shop otherwise there is a lot of cheating in this segment.

Author: K Mohan26 Feb 2018 Member Level: Platinum   Points : 3

Sofa sets adorn our drawing rooms and we take extra precaution to have good sofa sets and best designs as the cover over it. Some of the sofa makers from AP has come to Hyderabad and they are making sofas at their roadside tents and are putting them for sale. The cost of the sofas is also cheap when compared to other shops and online rates. Choosing a sofa purely depends on our wish and style and the rates would depend on that. The cushion and spring matter the most and one should take care of those things.

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