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Things one can learn from M.S. Dhoni part 1

This article provides an insight into the qualities of India's most successful captain. Going through this article will surely help you to learn more about this great leader and will certainly motivate you to pursue your goals.

Mahendra Singh Dhoni is arguably the best captain in Indian cricket history. He has many achievements to his name. Under his captaincy, India has won all the three major ICC tournaments; he finished India's 24 years long wait by winning 2011 world cup for the country; he led a young Indian side to win the first ever T20 world cup organized in 2007 and brought the champions trophy home in 2013. Moreover, under his captaincy, India moved to rank 1 in test cricket for the first time ever in 2009. He has always led from the front. Apart from his leadership skills, his records as an individual are among the best of cricketers to ever play the game. He is only a few runs short from crossing the 10,000 mark and that too with a healthy average of above 50. He is the first player to have won the ICC cricketer of the year twice in subsequent years: 2008 and 2009. He is among the best wicket keepers in the world right now and holds the record of most number of stumpings to his name. He has been awarded with many national honors including the fourth highest civilian honor: the padma shri. What does he do differently than the other people that make him so successful? Here are a few things that everyone should learn from this great man:-

  1. Dedication

  2. There are few players in world cricket who are as dedicated as M.S. Dhoni. He takes his game very seriously. He gives importance to cricket more than anything else. M.S.K Prasad, one of the selectors on Indian cricket team once revealed that Dhoni was suffering from a back injury and was having difficulty even in walking. Prasad out of worry asked him if he would be able to play the game, the day after against Pakistan, Dhoni replied "even if my one leg is not there, I will play against Pakistan". He was not with his family for her first daughter's birth because he was in Australia practicing for world cup. He could have easily flown back home and spend some time with his family as his daughter was born on 6th of February and India had their first match on 15th of February but he chose to stay and practice with the team. When asked whether he would rather have been in India in recent days he replied: "Not really, I have been blessed with a baby daughter. Mum and daughter both are good. But as of now I am on national duty so I think everything else can wait. The World Cup is a very important campaign." Such is the dedication of the man. One must learn that it requires a lot of dedication and has to make many sacrifices in order to achieve something great in life.

  3. Staying Calm

  4. One of the qualities that separate the best from the mediocre is the ability to stay calm no matter what the situation is. M.S. Dhoni seems to have mastered this skill; no matter what the match situation is, he never loses his calm. There have been many instances where he has won matches for India from a very difficult situation. One of such instances happened against Srilanka. India needed 21 runs to win from 22 balls with 9 wickets down. He did not panic; he defended the experienced bowlers and took match to the last over which was to be bowled by an inexperienced bowler. India needed 15 runs to win in the last over and Dhoni did it with two balls to spare. After the match he said "I thought 15 runs was something that I could look for [in the final over], the reason being the opposition's bowler was not someone who is very experienced. So I thought, rather than taking on a Malinga or a Mathews, I'd take it to the end, and it really worked in our favour." If there would have been a normal batsman in his place, he might have panicked and would have gotten out before the last over but Dhoni kept his calm and thought it through. Dhoni has done it over and over again for India and which has rightly earned him the tag of best finisher in the world. One can make good decisions only when he/she is completely calm. Staying calm helps a person to see the complete picture and gives him/her the better understanding of things; one can observe better, learn better and perform his/her task more confidently.

  5. Decision making

  6. He is never afraid of making brave decisions. If he strongly believes in an idea or plan, he does not hesitate to execute it. In the final of 2007 T20 world cup he gave the last over to young Joginder Sharma instead of the experienced Harbhajan Singh who had one over left. India won that match by 5 runs. In the final of 2011 world cup, he promoted himself and went to bat ahead of Yuvraj Singh. He later gave the reason that he did so because Muttiah Muralitharan was bowling and he could play him more comfortably than Yuvraj and the rest is history. If any of these decisions would have backfired, he would have been heavily criticized but he took the risk and brought glory to the nation. So, one should not be afraid of making tough decisions whenever necessary. Many people get afraid, thinking of the consequences and are not able to achieve much in life. One of the worst feelings in this world is that of regret. There is nothing sadder than thinking "I should have tried". If you strongly believe in something, go for it; don't hold yourself back. Even if you don't succeed, you will have the satisfaction that "at least I tried".

  7. Giving credit to others

  8. After every win or accomplishments, he never takes the credit for it. He always praises the other players. He always lets other people shine. Even after winning a series or tournament, he hands the trophy to the junior players in team. Small gesture like this may not seem very important but it helps to boost the confidence of young players. They feel like they are being rewarded for their efforts and are hence motivated to do even better in the coming games. He always puts his interests behind the team's. These are the small things that make you respect a person even more. Learning to give credit to others can immensely help an individual to perform well in group projects. One must know how to work well in a group and how to motivate the other group members when needed. If someone has done good work, one must appreciate his/her efforts. This may sound like a very small thing but it's the small things that make a large difference.

  9. Positive influence on others

  10. He has a very positive and reassuring influence on the people around him. His presence only on the ground boosts the confidence of other players. He is not very expressive and keeps his emotions to himself. Even when the team is in tough position, he never looks tensed. If any player commits some mistake, he never gets angry or scolds them. In fact, he politely talks to them and calm their nerves down. Seeing the captain calm and relaxed is always motivational for the team. Even when batting with young players, he keeps on guiding them throughout the innings. He himself performs well and under his influence, the other players flourish as well. He brings out the best in everyone. This is indeed a very good quality. One should always be positive in life and do everything with an optimistic approach. Moreover, if one is in a negative mood, he/she should not let his/her mood affect other people. There's a quote that "As you rise to the top, don't just focus on lifting up yourself but others as well".

M.S. Dhoni is a great man and has motivated millions of people to become a better person and achieve more in life. Starting from a very humble background, he has achieved everything that a young middleclass boy dreams of. From making his family proud to bringing glory to the nation, he has done everything. His story is really inspiring and his qualities cannot be summed up in a single article. Go through things one can learn from M.S. Dhoni part 2 to learn more about his qualities and get inspired.


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