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Things one can learn from M.S. Dhoni part 2

M.S. Dhoni epitomizes calmness. He is a great leader and has brought laurels to India by winning many important tournaments. His hard work and dedication has taken him to the heights of success. Go through this article and get motivated by learning more about his qualities.

Mahendra Singh Dhoni: a great leader, a great player and most importantly a great human being. He has won hearts of many people all over the world with his performance on the field and his nature off the field. His serious work ethic and dedication has inspired the whole country. Even towards the end of his career, he is playing with the same intensity that he started with. He gives his hundred percent in each and every match. In a very short span of time he has earned the respect of the entire cricketing world. There are many qualities of M.S. Dhoni that everyone should try to inculcate in his/her life. One of the ways of becoming successful is to follow successful people and learn from them. Here are few more qualities of him in addition to the ones mentioned in things one can learn from M.S. Dhoni Part 1:-

  1. Humble

  2. It is very easy for a person to get blinded by success. Many people make this mistake; they let their success get into their head, become arrogant and forget where they started from; they start thinking of their selves as superior than others and treat other people inferiorly but this is not the case with Dhoni. Even after achieving so much in his life, he is a very down to earth guy. There has not been a single instant where he has been arrogant or rude to anyone. He never forgets his roots. There are many instances of his humility. In 2017, he decided to play Vijay Hazare trophy from Jharkhand; he ditched the comfort of flight or his own car and traveled with his team members by train. When he was in Kolkata for a match, outside his hotel he saw Thomas, the owner of a tea stall where Dhoni used to drink tea when he was a TTE in railways. Dhoni immediately recognized him and took him to his hotel room and served him a luxurious meal. Humility in one of the most important traits in any individual. When you are humble, neither success nor failure can get to your head. If you are humble, you will never get arrogant and will always try to achieve more in life.

  3. Accepting failures and learning from them

  4. M.S. Dhoni is rarely seen expressing his emotions on the field. He gives his best and is not much affected by the result of the game. He never gets too excited after a win and is never seen sad after a loss. He understands that winning and losing are just a part of the game. He accepts the loss and instead of crying over it, looks at the positives and tries to rectify the mistakes of team in the next match. When the team performs well, he lets the other guys take credit but when the team loses he stands in the front to take the blame on himself. He accepts the failure without any shame which is a very good quality. One must never get too depressed because of a single failure. We face failures so that we can learn something from them. It is okay to feel sad after a failure but what difference does crying over it makes. When you fall, train yourself to get up as soon as possible. Accept your defeat and move on with the lessons that you have learned. As Michael Jordon once said "I can accept failure, everyone fails at something. But I can't accept not trying".

  5. Know your strengths and weaknesses

  6. One of the key factors for being successful is to know your weaknesses and strengths. Dhoni understands this thing completely. He is technically not very fluent and he knows it; so he never tries to hit those fancy cover drives, straight drives or any other proper cricket shot. He only tries the things that he is good at; he puts the bowl in the gaps and runs hard between the wickets; even when hitting boundaries he does not rely much on timing but uses his power. Moreover, his way of keeping is also quite unconventional and he never tried to change it. This is what has made him one of the most successful wicket keepers in the world. Knowing yourself is one of the keys to success. Know your strengths and use them wisely. If you are not good at something, don't feel sad about it. Human beings are not perfect; we are bound to have some weaknesses, some shortcomings. Always play by your strengths and be aware of your weaknesses.

  7. Let your actions speak for yourself

  8. Everyone goes through rough patches in life and so did he. A time came, when he did not score in a few matches. Many journalists and cricket analysts started criticizing him about his bad performances. Some even said that he should retire and make place for younger players in the team. He did not give much attention to them and neither got involved in any verbal banter with them. He just kept on practicing and working on his weaknesses. He replied all the critics with a massive hundred against England. Moreover, the hundred came when the team needed it the most. So, if someone is criticizing your work, don't get involved in an argument with them, or don't get into defensive mode justifying your actions; just focus on your work, put all your energy into the right place and prove them wrong.

  9. Sportsman's spirit

  10. M.S. Dhoni plays the game in the right spirit. He never shows disrespect towards the opposition players or uses any unfair means to win. In a match between India and Australia, Shane Watson, one of the key players of Australia, hurt his ankle. When he came to bat, some of the Indian players started sledging him. Watson hit one of the balls towards covers where Shikhar Dhawan fielded it and started mocking Watson by pretending to limp. Raina joined him by pretending to examine his knee for injury. Dhoni felt that it was not in the right spirit of game and strictly gestured his men to cut it right and then. In another match with South Africa, Faf du plessis, one of the key players of South Africa got cramps while batting. He fell on the ground in pain. Dhoni immediately held his leg and started flexing it so that he would not feel pain till the team physiologist arrived. One can apply this to his/her daily life as well. If you are competing against someone, never disrespect him/her and never use any way to win which is not morally correct; give your best, go hard at your opponent but always compete in such a way that at the end of the day you can look in the mirror proudly and tell yourself that "I did not do anything wrong".

At last but not the least, believe in yourself. M.S. Dhoni is full of confidence and self belief. He has complete faith in his abilities as a player as well as a leader. If he has some plan in his mind, he also possesses the confidence to execute it without the fear of it going wrong. He has been able to finish many matches for India because of his immense belief in his abilities. Many people are not able to succeed because they don't have belief in their selves. Only hard work alone does not reap the fruits of success. Work hard and then believe that you can achieve your goal. If a leader truly believes in him and his ideas, then only he can convince his team that the idea will be fruitful. In words of Christian D. Larson, "Believe in yourself and all that you are. Know that there is something inside you that is greater than any obstacle".


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