How to improve concentration for enhancing the productivity of the students

Looking for the best tips to improve concentration while studying for exams? In this article, I will explain how to improve concentration. Proper concentration will help the students to do well in their exams thus enhancing their career prospects significantly. Follow these guidelines mentioned in the article and fetch good marks in your exams.

It is impossible for the human beings to do multitasking while concentrating. As a matter of fact, our brain focuses on concepts sequentially, one by one. Although it might sound rather confusing, the brain does multitask at one level. It is a fact that we can walk and talk at the same time. Our brain is responsible for controlling our heartbeat while we are reading a book. Pianists are able to play using both their hands simultaneously. This is definitely multitasking. However, here we're talking about the brain's ability to concentrate. Students apply this resource to concentrate on a particular lecture at school although they might find it to be rather monotonous. The term concentration means diverting all our thoughts in one direction. This ability of the brain is not able to do multitasking. Honestly speaking, the majority of the students will find it extremely difficult to focus on their studies. In the subsequent paragraphs, we have mentioned several important tips for the students on how to improve concentration.

1. Get adequate sleep

It is essential to plan your time smartly and avoid staying up all night studying before the examination. It is known to all of us that occasional sleepless nights will make you exhausted in the long run. Insufficient sleep can cause your brain to lose the power to concentrate and make important decisions. Consequently, make it a point to get approximately 8 hours of sleep every single night so that you get up rejuvenated and revitalized for another day of fruitful studying.

2. Consume smart foods

Sometimes the students might find it very tiresome to study, and they deserve to have a treat following a productive study session. However, try to steer away from junk food items once this moment arrives. You might be feeling quite satisfied consuming junk food that time, but you are soon going to become fatigued since the human body is able to digest these food items quite quickly. Instead, make it a point to ingest some nutritious food items such as seeds, fish, vegetables, nuts, yogurt, and fruit which will provide us with more energy.

3. Remain active

It is imperative to get at least half an hour of moderate physical workout every single day. For this, you can have a stroll in the park or even enjoy your favorite game along with your close buddies. Regular physical activity will help to enhance concentration and also allow the students to improve their moods as well as manage stress successfully.

4. Take breaks between studies

Taking a break of about 10 minutes after every hour of intensive studying will definitely be a wise idea. However, it is crucial not to get carried away. During the break, your brain will be able to process information that you have studied earlier. Short breaks will enable you to become refreshed thus enhancing your productivity eventually.

5. Find out a quiet location

Try to find out an uninterrupted location where you will be able to concentrate on studies much better as compared to your drawing room which is flooded with family members and friends on a regular basis. Make sure that the room is well ventilated and illuminated with sufficient space for your studying kit which will help to establish a perfect environment for concentration.

6. Try to eliminate boredom

Concentration can be linked to boredom which one might come across while studying. You can avoid this by studying one particular subject for an hour and another one during the next hour. For instance, you might go for one theoretical and after that one practical lesson. This will help you to prevent distractions while studying, thus helping you to concentrate on long sessions. On top of this, it is important to select the appropriate subjects during your study time.

7. Have a proper technique while studying

You'll be able to curb your wandering nature simply by having a proper technique to learn as well as to read. Try to ask questions and make short notes which will help you to grasp the lesson properly. Reading loudly and also summarizing chapters at least twice on a regular basis will likewise boost concentration.

8. Using proper medication

You will come across lots of medicines and tonics on the market which will help you to improve concentration without any unwanted side effects. For this, you may take the help of homeopathic as well as ayurvedic medications to improve your concentration.

9. Avoid other activities while studying

The majority of the students have the habit of studying and also engaging in other activities simultaneously, for example, listening to music, chatting on social media sites, and texting on their smartphones. However, this habit is not desirable since it will not help them to focus on their study anyway. They must try to avoid performing all such activities while they are studying which will definitely make them a better student over time.

10. Prioritize your tasks

Scheduling and prioritizing your tasks is extremely important. Make a listing of all your priorities and schedule them accordingly. It is important to have a proper time for all your daily activities, for example, study, games, hobbies, and so on. Proper scheduling will help you to accept any task that you are interested in.

11. Stay from tobacco and excess tea

Proper consumption of food items will help you to concentrate on your own jobs much better. It is important for your diet to consist of those food items which are rich in the nutrients, proteins as well as carbohydrate. Furthermore, make it a point to have a proper breakfast since this will enable your brain to function efficiently following the entire night's starving. Moreover, stay away from the consumption of tea and coffee, not to mention tobacco. Although it might provide energy for the time being, it will render you sluggish eventually.


All these above-mentioned tips should allow you to improve concentration much better and thus fetch good marks in your examination. Bear in mind that there are many challenges in front of you and you need to overcome them slowly but steadily. Simply keep walking towards your target and also go on evaluating yourself simultaneously.

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Author: Dr. Paresh Gujarati05 Mar 2018 Member Level: Gold   Points : 1

Each tip related to increase the concentration is very well explained. I would like to add one more. Try to study when you feel more energetic. This period can vary with person to person. Always sit with right posture to avoid any physical uneasiness.

Author: DR.N.V. Srinivasa Rao05 Mar 2018 Member Level: Platinum   Points : 3

A student should focus on the study when he is studying. But many people keep the book in one hand and cell phone on the other hand. That will never give good results. A deep concentration on the subject will give you more insights about the subject. Never try to by-heart any subject. Try to understand the subject and get the logic and essence of the subject. That will give you a mastery over the subject and you know how to answer the questions related to the topic. Don't make night outs for studies. If you don't have proper sleep and food your mind will never cooperate with you.Don't get anxious. Be calm and cool before going to the examination. Don't go on referring the subject in a hurry till the lost moment.

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