A guide for a child joining college and entering into a hostel life

This article provides some guidance to the children joining hostel life in a college for the first time, and have some doubts and fear about how to tackle the upcoming situations. And have no one to share the burden of their mind. It tells about the qualities one needs to easily blend in this new form of life.

A guide for a Child joining college and entering into a hostel life

Living in a hostel life can be really exciting and intriguing for the students who go for it for the first time after finishing their schools while entering college life. Living away from parents brings two factors in a child's life

  1. A sense of fear and
  2. A sense of freedom

Both together and it completely depends on the child how he takes the situation which factor dominates his life more. Excess of both these factors leads to disaster for that child's life and thus need to have both these factor in a balanced amount. There are boons and banes both associated with this newly acquired life of a child and one has to live with it and learn as well. In this phase of life sometime we come across people who are from completely different family background and different upbringing some are good some are not but because we have to live with them we need to have some qualities to adjust in such an environment and if these qualities are not there than requirement of a X-factor which I have discussed at the end of this article. Firstly the qualities one needs to have to be blend in this new life include

Be a team player

A team player who never tries to dominates and thinks about the development of whole team as well as him in it. To cooperate with people- in case of conflicts try to resolve with communication. But here is one exception one does not need to be a complete team player like a real team and forget about his/her own goals in life, so be a team player but don't forget the purpose for which you are there. Being a team player here means few qualities of a team player.

Live like a drop of oil in water or like sandalwood wrapped around by snakes

In case some of the hostel members does not have good habits and they force you to be part of what they are doing, learn to say no and avoid the situation with a calm mind and positive way without instigating the people forcing you- Never let your morals and manners which your parents has given you leave you apart, these are the things which always push you forward to do something better and stops you from doing something wrong. If you can't avoid such people than learn to live like a droplet of oil inside water which never lets water to influence it or like sandalwood wrapped by snakes which never let poison of snake to impact its properties.

Help the ones who are in need-

Care for the people around you if they fell sick or have a problem because away from your family they are like your family and everyone is in a similar condition and needs a little attention and care.

Don't hesitate to seek help and help anyone

Hesitation often leads a child to feel alone and tense in a new environment where he/she can't understand whom to talk with. In such condition don't be hesitant to ask for help from seniors living in the hostel or hostel staff because they understand the condition of the newly admitted child in this kind of environment. But be aware of the kind of people from whom you are seeking help.

X-factor( confidence)

If all these things doesn't work out one thing always works out " be yourself " and " live tension free" but with "confidence" these three things combined together helps you to walk any kind of path alone. As the famous poem by Rabindranath Tagore says " Ekla Chalo" but to implement that in your life you need to have this x-factor. But don't forget the objective of your presence in this completely new city and environment.


Keep remembering the aims and goals of your life and keep a positive mindset. If a person is strong in his/her thoughts and have determined in his or her resolution he/she does not need much of the qualities above mentioned but only the X-factor as he alone has the ability to survive in any and every drastic condition.


Author: DR.N.V. Srinivasa Rao18 Mar 2018 Member Level: Platinum   Points : 4

A student who enters for the first time will feel as if he has become an independent person as all these days he was under the supervision of his parents. So how they get reacted to the new situation completely depends on the maturity level of the individual and how he was brought up by his parents? If the student is having enough maturity to know the importance of education in his future endeavours will remain on his own self and concentrate on his studies. He is able to understand which is good and which is bad. But a student who is not having that maturity will have the chance of getting attracted to unwanted things and forget about the prime purpose of his stay in the hostel. If the student was brought up by their parents in a way which will make him understand the necessity of behaving properly and making the best use of the time in the hostel and completing his studies to have a better future. So here is an advice to the parents to treat properly and make them understand the world better than making them feel that they are in a prison when they are with you and at the same time they should be taught the good ways.

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