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Best practices to nurture motivation in contract employees

Contract workers have evolved as an indispensable portion of today's workforce. Majority of the businesses, especially small businesses which offer services like landscaping, plumbing etc are utilizing them to a wide extent as it facilitates the organization to run cost-effective and more adaptable. But often they are treated comparatively different from the regular employees and this attitude demotivates them. Let's explore the strategies to be followed to motivate the contract employees.

Contract workers are the workforce who deals directly with your clients and represent your business. In order to make use of them to the best for achieving the predicted output and customer satisfaction, it is essential that the contract workers efforts should be recognized and stay motivated. Despite the fact that, they are not the permanent employees of your small business, they are equally important and hardworking as the regular employees to attain the business goals.

Most of the businesses are unaware of the fact that they contribute equally to the success of an organization. They are treated unfairly comparing the permanent employees as the organization does not realize that such difference of attitude causes a rift among them eventually leading to the loss in the quality of work they do which merely affects their business. To avoid encountering such things happening to one's business every business owners should ensure that all the employees irrespective of regular or contract should be treated fairly.

Let's explore how to motivate contract employees to make them feel as a part of the organization

Conduct Orientation and Pre-Training

It's uncertain that the contractor who works for you, know about your business plans, policies, and procedures. Providing an orientation and training process, they realize the big picture of your small business and project goals more clearly. This paves a path to understand and learn the new process, thereby achieving full productivity. Also, encourage the contract employees to raise questions and clear the doubts they come across.

Set the Goals

Often there is a miscommunication between the employers and contract employees as the employers assume that the contract employees are aware of the outcomes they desire to deliver. But it is not much easy for them to realize the expectations immediately as they change companies often and the culture and practices differ. Conduct a give-and-take discussion with them and explain them about the output you desire. With the mutual agreement to achieve the desired outcome, assure them to offer the necessary support they expect from you.

Building a bond influence them to be a part of the team

The relationship which the contract workers maintain with the organization differs from the regular employees. The contractors often perform operations on-site and stay separate from the organization. They should be involved in regular team meetings and events to build a bond and staying in touch boosts commitment and productivity.

Provide accurate feedback and recognize efforts

Providing quick and accurate feedback is necessary for better performance and quality output. At the same time don't miss to appreciate the employees for their commitment towards work done and acknowledge their efforts. Offering incentive programs motivates them to perform better and at the same time, you can enjoy big payoffs.

Make On-time impartial payment

Pay your contractors on-time as you do with your full-time employees based on the value of service they provide to your business. A good practice is to set up a payment agreement to avoid conflicts during the payment process.

To conclude, it is important to realize that treating the contract workers impartially builds a noble reputation for your business among the contract workforce and they will look for the opportunities to work for you in the future, safeguarding that you get ultimate performance from them.


Author: DR.N.V. Srinivasa Rao07 Mar 2018 Member Level: Platinum   Points : 2

These days even big Organisations are also going for contract employees because of the problems they are facing with the permanent employees. Even many employees are outsourcing the works on piece rated basis to a contractor and in turn, the contractor is also employing people on piece rate. The wage offered will be on the basis of their output. But one good thing in today's employment is everybody will have a contribution to Provident fund and ESI. This good for the contract workers. The bonus is also to be paid to these contract employees. As such they are getting all the advantages and also the minimum wages prescribed by the government. The condition of these employees is much better these and by following the points mentioned in the article these workers will become more productive.

Author: Natarajan10 Mar 2018 Member Level: Gold   Points : 5

The term worker sounds a little demeaning, employees would be a good term. Similarly, many refer to their employers as 'owners', this also should be discouraged., nobody can own a human being. In today's era of cost containment and seasonal needs in some sectors, contract employees are a lifesaver to small industries and firms.

Most of these contract employees often have a middleman who milks money from both sides under the promise of easy labour for the company and a chance to earn money for the poor unskilled or semi-skilled employees.

As an employer, one needs to find a reliable person in the group and groom them as a managerial level employee who can be the go between the management and the employees.

Contract employees should be and would move on to a better job once an opportunity arises for them. They often put in long hours but are paid much less than regular employees. I don't think these contract employees get sick leave, pension or health insurance.

Treating them on par with benefits will not only improve their productivity but also will keep the employer satisfying the legal needs too.

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