Reading as a hobby for children

Writing about hobbies is one of the most common essays given to students in schools and in competitions. The article provides the essay on reading as a hobby for the students. The various benefits of reading are compiled for the children to go through and be benefitted.


Hobby is a good thing that one can get from his childhood days. In simple words, the hobby is said to be a regular activity that is carried out in one's leisure time for entertainment and enjoyment. We, as children can have a varied list of hobbies that can be adopted like – reading, stamp collection, painting, sports, instruments and music, gardening, stitching and even cooking. It is also said that sometimes, one can make a career in one of these hobbies as well.

Reading as a hobby

Reading is my hobby. I like to read books in my leisure time. I am fond of the Harry Potter series written by J.K.Rowling. I have also read other books like Alice's Adventures in Wonderland; The Wonderful Wizard of Oz; The Tale of Peter Rabbit; Winnie-the-Pooh; The Adventures of Rusty and The Malgudi days.
Besides, the novels and books, I also read the children's magazines like the Champak, Tinkle, and Wisdom.

Benefits of reading books

I believe that reading books has many benefits. A few of them are:
  • It gives you knowledge: Reading is the best way to pass your time when you are alone or even when you are travelling. You get good knowledge about people, places and other activities from the books. Even reading novels and story books give you enough knowledge about the things being talked in it.
  • It is a good way to expand vocabulary: Reading is considered a good habit. It also helps in increasing the knowledge of vocabulary and grammar and brings in fluency in the language. Speaking fluently with proper usage of grammar makes you seem educated and gentle.
  • One can gain experiences from others: Reading helps you in gaining knowledge and experiences from others.
  • It makes you more imaginative: While reading books and stories, one is often transported to a different world, the world of the author. This helps in scaling up the imaginative skills of the reader. One can also develop his own visual images of the situation while reading the book. Such a thing is not possible while watching the television.
  • It helps you in understanding people and situation: Reading helps you in understanding people and situation and you tend to deal with the same more intelligently. The biographies and the autobiographies or even the simple reading materials often tell us about people and places.
  • It relaxes the mind: Reading relaxes and refreshes the mind. I often spend time reading magazines after I reach home from school. It helps me in relaxing my mind before I start my homework and studies.
  • It helps in passing time during travels: Reading is the best source for passing time during traveling. One can sit on the bus, train, car or even the plane with a book in hand.


It is a peaceful hobby and can be done silently at home. Reading keeps you occupied without making you feel alone or disturbed. With advancement in the technologies, it has also become an inexpensive hobby and can be enjoyed by anyone fond of reading. It is also a way of practicing self discipline.


Author: Umesh07 Mar 2018 Member Level: Diamond   Points : 3

When it comes to hobbies and passing of one's time constructively, I will rank book reading hobby in number one place.

In my personal experience, a consistent reading habit will not only enhance the knowledge of a person but his faculties to understand and grasp the new ideas and subjects will also be growing with it.

It is unfortunate that due to the invasion of personal time and space by smartphones and other gadgets, people are not able to give time for this great hobby.

Author: DR.N.V. Srinivasa Rao07 Mar 2018 Member Level: Platinum   Points : 3

Knowledge gaining should be the motto behind book reading. Many people go for reading books like novels, detective novels and stories. I don't know how much knowledge they will get by reading the books.But sure that reading will give the people the habit of reading books. Once one is having that habit, he will go for other types of books also. So if somebody is not interested in the reading the books if we try and made him read light reading books initially, he will get acquainted with the reading and then it will help the person to read further. So everyone should have the liking for book reading which will give a better maturity and make you knowledgeable in many facets of life. A person we read books will be more matured and definitely can make a better progress in the life with the knowledge he is obtaining from book reading.

Author: darneet kaur08 Mar 2018 Member Level: Silver   Points : 2

In earlier times, children either go outside to play or read books at home. But now reading books have been replaced by electronic gadgets. Reading habit for children will help them in the long run. They will learn new things, reading moral stories will let them learn good habits. Parents should try to influence their child for reading books.
Nowadays children only use smartphones which is not beneficial for them. Parents should do efforts to let their child start reading books. This will help them to gain knowledge, improve English, learn new things.

Author: Natarajan08 Mar 2018 Member Level: Diamond   Points : 6

A growing child needs to be exposed and made aware of many things in life, the most crucial phase would be up to eight years as far as early learning is considered. If we can get children to take up a liking for reading books, it would be great as it would double up as a hobby, introduce various bits of information and also help in their regular education.

If you see many western countries, the libraries would be well stocked with picture and sound books for infants, then words and language would be gradually introduced in such a manner that a child around 8-10 years can read a short novel.

Most people worry about what to allow kids to read, as long as kids are interested, the theme can be fiction, fairy tales, encyclopedias, life skills,etc.
At this early age, encouraging them to read (not regular stream school books), helps them to become quick readers and improve their ability to grasp and understand concepts. Children who are avid readers, quickly learn to just scan the content rather than reading every word.

As we prepare our children to become adults, getting them to take up reading as a hobby would help them to be better equipped to handle the life of an adult. Technology has changed and it has reduced the impact and appeal of physical books. If you see the gadget makers, for instance, the Amazon Kindle, it is aimed mostly at children who love reading and it can store numerous books, that the children can use to spend their spare time constructively.

Author: Sanjeev Gupta23 Dec 2018 Member Level: Gold   Points : 2

Books are good friends of people. And hobby of reading a book is good and helps one to relax and gain knowledge One can read a book almost everywhere and any time. Reading does not cost a lot of money as one can purchase reasonably priced books online. They can also be purchased second hand from such bookstores. Reading improves vocabulary and knowledge and helps to increase concentration power. So reading has lots of benefits and one should inculcate a habit of reading good books.

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