Little things that bring happiness in life.

All of us are in pursuit of happiness. In our journey, what we often tend to miss are the little things, the things which may seem insignificant but are very important in our pursuit of happiness. Go through this article to know more about these little things.


There are many things that makes a person happy and there are many ways by which one can live a happy life but then there is that happiness which comes from the inside, which comes because of the little but beautiful things in life. This happiness is different from others; one feels it more deeply and it has a unique sense of calmness associated with it. Nowadays, the general idea of happiness among people is to earn lots of money, buy luxury houses and cars, to get drunk, party whole night, go on a road trip with friends etc. So often we are so busy in searching for happiness in these big things that we don't realize that the true happiness lies in small things. Arthur Conan Doyle once said "It has been an axiom of mine that the little things are infinitely the most important." Some of the little things which bring happiness and make our life beautiful are:-

  • Traveling alone: Traveling alone is one of the most underrated pleasures of this world. You can be yourself; you don't have to pretend to be someone else which is what we usually do these days; all of us wear this mask and pretend to be someone else in order to be liked and admired by others. Sometimes, for peace what one requires is alone time, to get away from all the drama in this world and be on his/her own. Traveling alone is the best way to do that. Traveling in night is even more beautiful with the window of bus open and your earphones on with your favorite song playing. The cold wind blowing in your head seems to take away all your problems away with it. For some time, you are lost in the moment with nothing going on in your mind and all the stress seems to melt away. These are the moments that we live for

  • Helping others or making them laugh : Gordon B. Hinckley once said, "One of the great ironies of life is this: He or she who serves almost always benefits more than he or she who is served." It's absolutely true; when you help someone, he/she is not the only one who is getting benefited, you get your fair share of happiness as well. When someone trusts you enough to shares his/her problems with you, you feel good about yourself. When you are able to solve their problem or just even listen to them, you feel worthy of yourself that you are doing something good for someone. Same is the case with making someone laugh. Everyone in this world has his/her share of problems; everyone is struggling because of one thing or the other. In such condition if you are able to bring smile to their face, what's better? You feel like you are giving your share of kindness to the world and this brings satisfaction and thus happiness.

  • Lying under a sky full of stars : These days, we are so busy in our lives that we don't realize what simply lying down and looking at the sky can do. When you look into the vast skies with so many stars, you realize that your problems are so small and insignificant. This is a very big universe are you are just a teeny tiny part of it and your problems that seem so big to you are nothing. You realize how beautiful world god has created and start counting your blessing rather than dwelling on your problems. In Calvin and Hobbes, a comic by Bill Watterson there is a beautiful dialogue which goes as "If people sat outside and looked at the stars each night, I'll bet they would live a lot differently. When you look into infinity, you realize that there are more important things than what people do all day."

  • Late night conversations with your best friend: There's something about night time that makes people emotional, vulnerable and brings out the soft side of them. Most of the deep conversations that people have happen at night time. Friendship is one of the beautiful bonds in this world and when two best friends have those late night conversations, the bond strengthens even more. Starting from a single joke, the conversation goes on and on about different topics and gradually you are talking about the deeper meaning of life. All the secrets are revealed, all insecurities are shared and there is this beautiful feeling of getting to know someone deeply. You also feel that there are good people in this world as you can trust someone so much that you don't feel afraid in sharing your weaknesses with him/her. Those moments are priceless. At that time, the world seems to be a better place to live. Late night conversations are intimate and are the ones which mean the most

  • Seeing a child smile : A child's smile is one of the most beautiful things in this world. It's so innocent, unaware of all the evils in this world. That smile is so pure and genuine; it's not that fake smile that you put in front of your boss or the one that you wear to the parties that you go to unwillingly. Seeing a child smile, for a moment you start to look at the world with the eyes of a child and you see a world without any troubles, a world full of joy and happiness. When you are with a child, looking at them you are more in the present without having any worry of the future or regret of the past, and living in the moment brings a beautiful sense of happiness

  • Listening to an old song accidentally : When you are listening to music and suddenly an old track plays which used to be your favorite long time ago; you go into nostalgia and all the memories related to that song flash in front of your eyes. You remember all the beautiful things associated with that song which make you smile. You also remember the sad memories related to that song and laugh at your mistakes. You relive the journey again and realize how much you've grown as a person. This is what a simple song can do; it can take you into a beautiful nostalgia where there is nothing but happiness

  • Sleeping in your blanket when it's raining outside : When it is raining heavily, it becomes a bit scary. There are black clouds all around accompanied by intermittent lightning and thunder. In such weather, sleeping in blanket, listening to the sound of rain drops falling on the floor, the feeling is priceless. It feels like the world is an ugly place and you're protected from all the evils inside your blanket which is like a fortress. To accompany, this comfortable feeling of safety is the beautiful sound of rain drops falling. It's so calm and peaceful. The aroma that follows afterwards is like icing on the cake. The fresh smell connects you more with the nature

  • Bursting bubble wraps: Remember when we were kids, the first thing we used to do when new machinery would come home? It was nothing but bursting the bubble wrap. We didn't even care about the machinery; our first action was to burst those bubble wraps. There was something about that bursting sound that was so good to the ear and the feeling of bursting them one by one instead of all at once was priceless. One should not stop doing this even as adults. People think that if we do this, other people will consider them as stupid or childish. Stop caring what people will think and burst those bubbles and feel that pure happiness again that you used to feel as a kid


There are many other little things which bring happiness like, when you wake up in the morning and realize that you have more time to sleep; the feeling you get after seeing your dog after a long time is ineffable. No one gets happier on seeing you more than your dog. When you come back to your home for a vacation after a long time, as soon as you reach the gate of your house, your dog comes and starts playing with you. Dogs are known for their compassion; whenever you are sad, they try to cheer you up; their love for you is always unconditional. So ultimately, when you see them, you also feel happy. There are many such things which may seem little but are an important part of our lives. One should always aim big and look to achieve greater things in life but one must never forget about these little things. These are the things can make a great impact on one's life. The happiness that comes from these little things is not materialistic; it comes from the inside and touches us deep inside in our heart.


Author: K Mohan15 Mar 2018 Member Level: Platinum   Points : 3

After reading this article a old song pictured on Amitabh Bachhan goes like this " Apni bhi zindagi mein, kishion ka pal ayega, dhoondengay tho miljayega " the meaning of this great song that in everyone's life good and happy moments do come and we can search the same in every moment too. So instead of wasting time on others progress and others achievement, set records for our own and try to surpass the same on daily basis and that small achievement would give greater satisfaction. For example if you are a regular contributor in this site and score 50 points daily, try to register two or three points more than yesterday and that small progress matters a lot to you and the satisfaction of surpassing our own records would bring in renewed performance in future too. This way we get satisfied on small matters.

Author: DR.N.V. Srinivasa Rao23 Mar 2018 Member Level: Platinum   Points : 5

A good piece of writing. It is true that small things in this world can make us very happy. I feel very happy when I open the folding cot in the open area of the house on a summer night and sleep in the open air rather than sleeping in a closed AC room. I feel very happy when I walk down on a small road between two paddy fields in the summer evenings to enjoy the breeze. These days, after a strenuous office work, a half an hour play with my small granddaughter is really giving me immense pleasure. Many people think that we need to search for happiness. But very rarely people realize that happiness is actually in their thoughts and not outside. We need not buy costly items and spend money for happiness. Your thought process and satisfaction with what you have will bring you full happiness.

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