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What to do if a baby gets cranky while travelling

We all love to travel. Who does not like it, right? But sometimes, travelling with a baby really gets difficult. Especially, if baby gets cranky during the journey. Here are some tips that you should keep in mind while travelling with a baby.


Going on a vacation or a holiday with loved ones is always amazing. If you have a baby, sometimes, traveling becomes difficult as babies usually get cranky. You try your best to divert your little one's mood and cheer him up but nothing works. After all, babies are babies and they act like everything is planned. They throw tantrums for wrong reasons at wrong times. When my daughter was 7 months old she hardly went to my husband and wanted me to carry her all the time. But, suddenly to my surprise, when we traveled in the car for the first time while my husband was driving, she badly wanted to go to my husband and started being very fussy. Thank god, I was prepared well in advance to handle her and prior preparations and other tips from my friends helped me a lot.

Things to be taken care off before traveling

Before you start traveling, certain things should be taken care off so that journey becomes a little easier.
  1. Car seat: Yes, car seat for babies and this is really important. We all have a comfortable seat and similarly, even babies need to have a seat of their own. Choose the best car seat for your baby and make him/her sit on it at least twice before traveling so that the little one gets used to it.
  2. Toys: Stuff some favorite toys of your child. He might get bored and he might want to play with their toys.
  3. Books: Your child might not know to read but books really play safely while traveling with your child. Keep some books with animals, fruits and any other pictures while traveling. Your child will enjoy looking at the pictures.
  4. Music and rhymes: Children enjoy rhymes so this will always come to a rescue when baby gets cranky. Also, soothing music helps.
  5. Planning: Plan a trip well in advance keeping your child in mind. You might want to start early in the morning or a little late but whatever you have planned should not disturb your child's sleep. Make sure your child has got enough sleep and he is ready to wake up. Waking up your child from his sleep just to start a trip early makes things worse.
  6. Get comfortable: Dress your child in a comfortable clothing. If it's hot summer dress him in light clothing and if it's cold dress him warm but make sure your child is comfortable.

Baby is very cranky and does not stop crying.

Even after prior preparations, babies do start showing their tantrums while traveling. Babies always want to be free and not seated on one side. They get bored very soon and that's when they start getting cranky. Follow some simple tips given below to console your child.
  1. Allow fresh air: You might turn your AC on, but maybe your child is feeling suffocated. When most adults only do feel suffocated, then babies are no less. So turn off the AC for some time, pull down the windows of your car and allow some fresh air to circulate.
  2. Talk and play to child: Children are very good attention seekers and when you don't look at your child for a long, they will make you look at them. So talk to your child, sing a song or play with him. Cuddle him.
  3. Take short breaks: Babies cannot sit in one place for a long time. So take short breaks every now and then. Take a break for 5-10 minutes, let your child out for some time and resume back the journey.
  4. Feed: If you are breastfeeding, then feed your child for a while. Otherwise, keep some fruits and snacks like a biscuit. Feed him with fruits or whatever he likes.
  5. Some more toys: When you stuff your car with toys, keep only a few of them in your child's vicinity. Keep remaining separately and when the little one is uncontrollably cranky get those toys out. Sometimes, giving a very new toy will console your child as they starts exploring the toy. So keep some new toys too in the car.
  6. Favorites: Your baby will have some favorite items to which they will be very much attached. First, learn if your child is attached to something like that and if at all he is, make sure to carry them as kids remember it and start crying. In my case, my little one is very attached to her blanket and luckily I carry it everywhere I go and in our trip, for more than half of the trip she played with her blanket.


If you have decided for a trip and a location, then get ready with tips mentioned above and start the preparations. You definitely will enjoy your trip and the journey if you know how to handle the baby.

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Author: DR.N.V. Srinivasa Rao13 Mar 2018 Member Level: Platinum   Points : 4

The article has described various reasons for a kid to become cranky while traveling. The various points to take care to avoid that is also mentioned. The children's behavior will be unpredictable and sometimes why they behave in an odd way can't be assessed. As such we should get prepared to face such situations and see that she will become normal. Some kids feel uneasy while traveling if they are exposed to AC. If the kid is averse to AC, we should switch off the AC and keep the window glasses half open so that good ventilation will be there. They may also not like sitting continuously in one place so we should try to transfer them from one place to another and see that they will not feel bored. The dress style is another factor which creates problems sometimes. That aspect is also to be taken care of.

Author: K Mohan15 Mar 2018 Member Level: Diamond   Points : 4

Handling a child is not that easy task even in daily life at the home. While traveling, the behavior of a child becomes more challenging because the kid is confined to sit in the limited space and not allowed to get down and thus feel suffocated or confined. Normally, a growing child needs open space, lots of running around, screaming and shouting and wants to play with everyone and everywhere. And when you are traveling on the train for a long journey, the child must be allowed to mingle with the fellow passengers so that he won't get bored. Some children may like to sit at the window and watch outdoors while the train is moving. But all the children may not like the sounds from the tracks and may want to get down. Likewise while traveling by car, the child would start crying to get down and play. So keep the child engaged and keep on talking and playing with him/ her. Never keep a child isolated and so that he doesn't get bored or cranky.

Author: Natarajan15 Mar 2018 Member Level: Gold   Points : 8

Anyone like me, who has travelled with an infant or a toddler would have memories flashing by as they read this article. A baby is the most adorable being in the family, yet this little one can turn the family holiday upside down if it starts to cry persistently.

Car seats are the next best thing to a rocking cradle for babies. There are a lot of brands available, generally, people choose a rear-facing car seat for kids as it is safer at least until they are two years old.

There are plenty of small toys. music chimes that can be hooked to an arch in front of the baby. This we found very useful for our son.

There are plenty of books while travelling choose books with pop up figures, buttons to press, sounds to be heard, these interactive books are liked by little ones.

The day before you start the trip, ensure that the baby's food is homemade and avoid foodstuffs that cause flatulence to babies, this, in turn, can cause colics that babies don't like (beans, cauliflower, oatmeal, broccoli etc).

Presently babies like watching cartoons on mobiles or tabs. Load the baby's favourite videos, songs and rhymes, then ensure that it's adequately charged.

Parents, love to dress up their infants at little more than required. Choose light cotton loose dresses that accommodate the big nappy that the baby has to wear. Avoid brand new clothes, these sometimes can cause rashes

Planning breaks becomes important on road travel, this eases the tension in the car between adults when kids are cranky. Pull into a layby or a highway snack/food zone, take the kids out, give them something light, while you have a cup of coffee or tea to stay alert.

Food on the move should be what the baby or toddler likes, the last thing we should do is give them something new that they instantly refuse. Don't give the child as its toys, keep rotating them so that he/she does not lose interest.

Be alert and bear in the mind the common reason for cranky babies and kids. A loaded stomach, unable to burp, a wet nappy (urine/stools can irritate the delicate skin if left for long hours), hunger. Some simple ailments like a stuffy nose, a low-grade fever, intestinal colic etc make the little ones cranky.

Keep simple basic medicines including ' colic-ease' ones like gripe water, a nappy rash cream, paracetamol syrup etc handy. If the baby is bottle fed, buy good anti-colic bottles with the nipple sucker that prevents the baby swallowing too much of air.

Lastly, at times desperate parents use cough syrups bought over the counter to keep the children or toddlers calm as some syrups can induce drowsiness, please avoid such medications that can be potentially harmful to the small children.

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