What to do when the path to your trekking destination is blocked

Suppose your strong desire for trekking is blocked by severe weather conditions. Have you ever experienced any such situation in your life? For me, I had an experience in Rourkela. But we friends completed trekking in a different place. Yes, if we have a strong desire, we can overcome any such bad situations and can finally reach our destination.

October 9th,2017. I along with fifteen others wanted to trek the beautiful hills nearby NIT Rourkela.
We were originally stationed in NIT for giving a paper presentation on occasion of Schemcon-2017 being held there. But the rains from the previous night caused landslides in the hill that we planned to trek. Dejected, we all turned back to the campus. We had a train to catch that evening and this was our last day in Rourkela. On our way to the main gate an idea struck my mind. When we got down at the Rourkela station a week ago we saw a temple on a hill.

I suggested my friends that we could trek the way to that temple instead. How's that even thrilling? Well that temple had a staircase way leading to the top but there was also a rough, foliage covered route to the top. Which one did we choose to climb? You guessed right.

The temple was three kilometers away from the NIT and was nearby the station. We took two share autos,enough to transport fifteen people. Each share auto took 150 rupees as a fee which is really justified. The auto drivers were very friendly. They could speak Hindi in Rourkela and were kind enough to show us different places nearby. We left all our trekking equipment at the bottom of the hill trusting a shopkeeper.
Somewhere atop the hill sat that famous Vaishnodevi temple. The population is sparse so we didn't have to deal with much people.There were shopkeepers in the bottom who helped us and told us the history of the temple.

Vaishnodevi temple of Rourkela

Bengali practices are prevalent in these areas and the style of Vaishnodevi has a mixture of Orissa and Bengal influence in it. The temple was built in 2000, when the idol of goddesses Lakshmi, Parvathi and Saraswathi are found on this hill. The hill is called Durgapur hill by the locals. Vaishnodevi herself sits in a cave like she does in Jammu. The temple is built around the cave, leading in and out of it. At the top, there is Bhairabnath. But that's only the temple we've talked about. The peak of the Durgapur hill reaches further ten to twenty feets. The temple is surely the vantage point of Rourkela.

How tall the Durgapur hill is? Approximately 500 feets. As I mentioned before there are two routes. One with stairs and one infested with foliage. There are steep rocks here. As you guessed it, we took the challenging terrain. Finished our pilgrimage to both Vaishnodevi and Bhairabnath temples. The peak was 200 more feet above. Gripping and grasping we made it to the peak. The picturesque scenery from there is irreplaceable.

I enclose some of the pictures we took of the beautiful Rourkela city.


The adventure and events that gave rise to it taught me how can we think differently and solve our everyday problems. The itch to hike was fulfilled. Our eyes could fully rejoice the splendor of the city below. Temples are usually located on higher grounds, filled with vegetation and easy to navigate around. Hiking nearby temples could be best. Just choose the right one. The cave of Vaishnodevi, the naughty monkeys of Rourkela, picturesque city around, mildly cold winds. This destination felt perfect. Let's face it. Remoteness is an illusion. Humans are pretty much everywhere. The destinations like Vaishnodevi temple of Rourkela are our last stations of wilderness.


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