What to do if there are bed bugs in your hotel room

When you have planned your vacations during the peak seasons, finding a hotel is very difficult and you end up compromising with the type of hotel you get so that your plans are not disturbed. Sometimes, these hotel might be filled with bed bugs even if it is a good one. Check out what to do, in case you experience that problem.

You plan for a vacation and want to have some best moments. You plan A-Z of the trip from the places to visit, what to wear on which day, where to stay etc. Staying is an important factor that should be considered as the room needs to be clean, spacious, having enough light and air, bathrooms to be clean. You find the best deal and book your hotel too. When you check-in to your hotel you may find it very clean. Yet when you wake up you might find some bite marks on your hands, legs or other parts of your body. To your surprise, you learn that those bite marks are from bed bugs though you find the hotel to be clean and tidy..

How to check for signs of bed bug in the hotel room

  • When you check in to your hotel room, search out for any dark marks. Usually, bed bugs leave marks when they move around.
  • Bed bugs hide in a corner, under the bed or any small holes or cracks in the wall. Carefully check out to see if you find any bed bugs or the marks.
  • You can use a torch to search for the marks or the bugs in dark areas like under the bed, in the wardrobe, bed folding, furniture, bathroom

Things to do in case you find bed bugs

After you check the room you may or may not find the signs of bed bugs. Sometimes you don't find any signs of bed bugs even after you have thoroughly examined the room but when you wake up the next day, you find the bite marks which clearly show that there are bed bugs. While checking the room, if you find marks or bed bugs then follow the below steps.
  1. You need a proof of bed bugs or the signs of bed bugs to notify about it. So when you find a bed bug or a dark mark on walls or bed sheets or anywhere, take a picture of it on your phone
  2. Complain about it to the hotel manager. The hotel should know about the pests so that they can treat it and clear it out. Show them the picture that you have taken or ask him to investigate the room
  3. Request the manager to change the room or to upgrade the room. If you get a different room have them clean it one more time before you and request for fresh bed sheets
  4. Sometimes rooms in a hotel will be full. So in case the rooms are not available in your hotel, demand them to find a room in a better hotel. Also demand them to pay your money back to you
  5. If you have booked a room through a booking agency then leave a complaint to them as they need to be aware of the hotels they are tied up with
  6. Finally you can write a review about the hotel on their website or if you are asked to give feedback by the hotel you can write about it to them.

Things to keep in mind after returning home

Though you change your room in the hotel or you changed your hotel itself, you need to be little careful after you returned home as sometimes you might carry those bedbugs or the eggs in your luggage.
  • Make sure you wash the clothes you carried for the trip as soon as you come home.
  • Keep all the things(that cannot be washed) in the hot sun for some time as bedbugs, its eggs and also the larvae cannot survive high temperature.
  • If you find any little hint of bedbugs in your house, then clean the entire house immediately especially each and every corner of the house.
  • Call a pest control agent to get the bedbugs treated and get rid of them.


Bedbugs are generally controlled in every hotel but sometimes, low-grade hotels or even the good hotels might have them. With carefully looking for the signs, you can avoid its bite. Bedbugs bite are different from mosquito bites so don't get confused with it. Bedbugs bite are usually in clusters and are swollen in that place.

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Author: DR.N.V. Srinivasa Rao03 Apr 2018 Member Level: Platinum   Points : 4

These days the bed bugs are very rare and we will not find them in the hotels or cinema halls.During our younger days, the seats in the cinema halls of villages and small towns this problem was very severe. I have witnessed many times these insects in cinema halls. But these days the problems with mosquitos are very prominent than bed bugs. Generally, when we want to hire a room for staying in for a day or two, before confirming the room we should have a look at the room and especially the bathroom. Once by seeing the condition of this room, we will understand the condition of the room and chances of having bed bugs or mosquitos. Before confirming the room we should take the assurance from the lodge staff that there are no bedbugs and mosquitos. They are very dangerous and may spoil our health. Whether you find any bed bug or not when we have gone on tour and we are once back we should thoroughly wash all our clothes and see that they are cleaned properly. This practice is good for hygiene.

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