Contentment is the key to happiness

Contentment is a very important trait in our lives. Everyone wants peace of mind and happiness. It will come with satisfaction. A person who is satisfied with what he has is the happiest man. Running for more and more will make the individual stressed and he will never be satisfied in the life. So contentment is the key to happiness in the life. The article gives, in brief, the relation between these two.


Our life is full of desires. We always look around for happiness. But happiness is not available outside. It is to be obtained from our inner self. There is no limit to our pleasures. After traveling on a flight we think that we are not able to travel in business class. On the other hand if you travel in business class, sometimes you feel why we don't have a charter flight. This is where we are losing our happiness in the pursuits of the desires. These all are happening in everyone's life. Some other examples are given below.

A beggar sitting before a temple feels very happy by seeing a Rs.10/- note thinking that he earned for his breakfast. A rich man having crores of rupees thinks of multiplying it while eating his breakfast without enjoying the food he is having.

A person who struggled from the morning to evening for his livelihood will have dinner while enjoying the food with his wife and children. But a businessman whose profit that year goes to multiples of millions will be worrying while having a glass of beer alone in his room thinking why the tender that day is not in his favor? What makes the difference?

Where is the secret lying?

Here comes the Contentment. It is nothing but being satisfied with what we have. Generally, it is the tendency of human beings to compare them with others and getting worried about what they are not having. But try to recognize what we have and appreciate what we have. This gives a satisfaction and we feel contended. Generally, we all think that we will get influenced by outside factors but it is our inner thinking which gives us the contentment and happiness.

How to get Contentment

  1. Try and discover the deep hidden wealth of love and affection inside us. These traits will be inside everybody. But one has to know it and feel it.
  2. Do the work without expecting anything in return. Try to love the work what we are doing. Don't compare the work we are doing and the money we are getting. Whatever is ours that will come to us? Once we are through, we feel happy with the end result and feel that we have done a great job.
  3. Be happy and be friendly with our family. As a human being, we have a tendency to compare ourselves with the surrounding people and neighbors. We generally see what they have and what we don't have.Be happy with what we have and be thankful. Be thankful for the food we are eating as it is ours. There are many people who are not even blessed with this food .
  4. Look at our families and the love and affection they are showing at us. Make all family members happy by treating them as friends.Don't underestimate them by comparing them with others. Forgive their weakness and recognize them for their strong points.


Please feel that our life is the biggest boon to us. We should plan our lives with the available resources and make a path and travel. We shouldn't get diverted by comparing with others. That contentment will give us the ultimate, happiness.


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