Top 5 things to consider while choosing your initial jobs

Getting the first job is an important milestone in the life of any youngster who is starting his or her professional career. But if given a choice what are the factors to keep in mind while deciding on your first job? How your first job affects your career later? Let us try to find answers to all these questions in this article.


After a student completes his graduation or post graduation getting the first job is always a matter of importance. At this stage many students feel tense, nervous and parents also have a concern as to when will their son/daughter get their first job. Ultimately getting their first job after studies is a dream come true for the students as it marks their transition from being dependent on their parents to being independent financially. For parents also it is the matter of pride and relief to see their son or daughter starting to earn and gain financial independence. There are some students who get the job from campus placement in their colleges, while there are some students who have to struggle to get the jobs from outside after passing out from the college. Most of the times students do not get a choice in selecting their first job and whether it is campus interviews or applying from outside they just take up whatever comes to them first. The reason is that they are too eager to land their first job and start their career. But it is seen that if one gets a choice to select a job than a careful thought should be given before deciding on it as your first job can impact way your career shapes up later. Also if one does not get a choice still a careful thought should be given regarding what kind of job you want to be in and switch the job accordingly.

Factors to consider while deciding on your starting jobs

  1. Your interests : Your personal interests in particular field or domain plays a vital role in selecting your first job. The reason is that if you are interested then you will definitely do the job well. Normally for the first job candidates take up whatever job that comes to them first without thinking much about their field of interest. This is quite understandable as people are eager to start their career and get professional experience at this time. But it is very important here that after getting the first job they work towards their area of interest while being in the job. They should then try to switch to the job in their area of interest maximum within two years. In case a candidate is lucky enough to get multiple offers for his first job then he should choose one which interests him or her the most. At this time there will be a lot of advice coming from your friends and relatives regarding the job selection but you should follow your own interest.
  2. Your Specialization : Specialization means the branch of field in which you have completed your graduation. For example, you may have done your B.E in Mechanical engineering. An attempt should be made that if you have specialized in the particular field in your graduation then you should choose your first job connected to the same field if you get a choice. In case you take up your first job out of compulsion then you should make attempt to switch job to the area of your specialization. This is because the area in which you have specialized in graduation is likely to be your strong point as you have studied that area for 3-4 years. For example, if you are a mechanical engineer and you take up job in a software company then you are not utilizing skills acquired during your engineering courses. But nowadays bulk of the openings are with software companies only so people from all the branches of engineering tend to go for software jobs and are even happy with it as salaries are good. But there are some interest oriented candidates who prefer to switch their jobs from software field to their own field of engineering soon after joining the software company.
  3. Future scope and companies : This is also very important factor as far as selection of jobs in initial years of the career is concerned. One should make sure that field in which he or she is starting the career has an ample scope in the future and there are many companies in which it is possible for you to get a job. Also, the salaries in the field you choose should be to the mark so that it does not cause hardship in future. Due to some compulsions like not getting admission in a better course, there are some students who are forced do graduation in the field which does not have much scope in future. Such candidates even if they get their first job in their field should try to change their field to other lucrative areas which have the scope and earning in future.
  4. Difficulty in changing domain : There are some candidates who take up their first job in any field they get and then relax thinking that they will switch their job to the domain of their choice 4 to 5 years later. This approach is not correct. If you are taking up your first job in any domain which you feel is not right for you in terms of your interest and future scope then you should make sure that you work hard to switch your job to new domain within 2 years of your first job. Reason for this is that if you delay switching and gather more and more experience in the field of your first job then later switching of the job to the domain of your choice will become very difficult. Since you would have gathered experience of about say 4-5 years in your first company you will likely to get the job again in the same domain. In this case, if you try to switch to the companies in a different field which is of your interest then first thing is that you may not be considered due to your irrelevant experience. Secondly, a company will expect that you again start with them as a fresher since your existing experience of 4-5 years would not be relevant to them. This will be a big loss to you in terms of salary and designation. If you do this change maximum within two years of the first job then in worst case you need to go two years back in experience and start fresh, which is not such a big loss and it can always be compensated
  5. Personal preferences & Comfort level : There might be some comfort factors and personal preferences related to type of job you want to do. This is not in terms of company and field of interest but more in terms of the type of work you prefer. There are some people who do not prefer office work of sitting in one place but prefer field job where they have to move about. While there are few people who may prefer indoor kind of work where they just need to sit in the front of the computer and work in an AC office and they do not prefer a field job. So to be more productive and maintain the interest you should switch to the type of job you prefer very soon so that you do not face inconvenience in future.


The first job for the candidate lays the foundation for building his career. Hence a candidate needs to exercise necessary caution while selecting his or her first job. Though candidate may take up any job that comes their way as a first job still they should make sure that they switch to the job in the area of their interest as soon as possible. Otherwise, if the experience keeps on adding in your first job and you do not change it then there are chances that you will not get the job in the domain of your choice. Or if you get also, you have to make huge compromises for it.


Author: Natarajan15 Mar 2018 Member Level: Diamond   Points : 3

Getting the first job is an important milestone in life that decides how many things in an individual's life happen.
We all want our dream job but the problem is many others also feel like us.

Due to intense competition often we may not get our dream job but waiting for it also doesn't make sense. A bird in hand is worth two in the bush, this applies aptly here, take the job, see how it goes and then re-assess if needed.

Once you in a job that pays you a salary, then you can start thinking and working towards your ambition, need to gain specific skills, having experience on the CV, an additional short-term course etc. Such decisions are wiser once you have a steady income coming and you can think rationally.

Gone are the days, wherein jobs were for life and people would be well settled. In today's world, the supply-demand keeps fluctuating, international relations decides the flow of trade and hence some jobs.Try to stay ahead of the game and if you do have to change sectors, please do early.

We may have many personal choices, dreams and lofty ideals but that doesn't put breakfast on the table for our families, a paying job does. So, our ideal choice and profession passions should be taken with a pinch of salt depending on our financial capabilities.

Many experts would say that being in one's comfort zone is good in the short term but can be counter-productive in the long run. I realised this a little later myself. Initially, being in the comfort zone, a car, all needs met sound good, as time passes by boredom and a lazy attitude creeps in making the work experience mundane. This makes us lose interest and enthusiasm in the job forcing us to look for a new one.

The first job need not be the only job in one's life, instead, it should be a good launching platform for a good career that pays decently.

Author: Umesh18 Mar 2018 Member Level: Diamond   Points : 3

Getting the first job as per one's aptitude, interest and specialization is a thing of past. Today the job situation is so difficult and tight that even getting a satisfactory job is a distant dream.

Under such circumstances, people are forced to join small and low paying jobs and have to struggle a lot for getting or switching to a good job as per the individual qualifications and expectations.

The only way ahead in such a competitive atmosphere is to work hard and try to do the things in best possible ways and employ advanced techniques in problem-solving to gain experience and excel in performance. There is no parallel to hard work and no substitute for determination if one has to progress in this era of cutthroat competition.

Author: DR.N.V. Srinivasa Rao29 Mar 2018 Member Level: Platinum   Points : 2

These days getting a job itself is becoming very difficult as such getting a selected job may be a dream only for the majority of the people. Of course, there are students who are studying in very high profile institutes like IITs and IIMs may have a chance to select and dictate their terms and conditions. A student will select a course while joining the college based on his interest in the job and job prospectus. Once a person finishes his studies and starts trying for a job he should see that the job is matching with his profile and once it is suitable he has to go ahead. Once you got selected for a post it is not advisable to say No to that. Get the job and try to do a good show there and with the experience, you can try for another job. Otherwise, you will lose time and you have to face questions like what are you doing this period after you finished your studies.

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