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What to do when you are robbed during your Travel Journey?

There are times when you get robbed during your travel, especially if you are traveling with your family. Most of the people panic and they won't be able to know what to do in such circumstances. This article will help you stay safe during your travel.


We often travel throughout the world with our families and when we get time from our work, we tend to go on for a journey. Different things can happen in different situations and take care while traveling. This article will be an insight into safety tips to be taken while going on a journey.

Steps to stay safe while travelling:

  1. Make sure that you keep your personal information left at home: We often travel with credit cards and wallets. It is better to keep one ATM card at home, so if anything happens you will not lose all your hard earned money. Even if you lose money, you can do all your transactions online.

  2. Keep expired card details on your wallet: When we are at dangerous places, there is a chance of getting robbed. When you are at gunpoint, it is better to pull your wallet and throw it to the side of the thief. When we keep an expired card's details, the thief will be fooled and we can save our life without getting injured.

  3. Separate your source of money from one bag:When you are travelling, putting all your money in one place will make you exposed and you will lose your money. It is better to separate your source of money in different bags.

  4. Keep your travel documents and make a photocopy of it:Keep the travel documents in your bag and make a photocopy of it. If anything goes wrong in any way, you can refer to the details in the copy for the journey.

  5. Keep Away Strangers:Don't entertain strangers while travelling to a location of which you don't have information. If anyone attacks you, you can resist by making a loud cry or shout.

  6. Don't act as Tourist:We often tend to travel with cameras and smartphones or expensive watches which attracts other people. When we are travelling to a place or city which we don't know, it is better to wear less expensive clothing and don't take along too many things which gets the attention of the people.

  7. Don't Drink Alcohol:When you are travelling to a place which you do not know, it is better to stay away from using alcohol. It may make you weak and the thief will be able to snatch your belongings very easily and you may get injured. It is better to avoid having alcohol while you are travelling with your loved ones.


When you are travelling with your loved ones, it is better to take only a few pieces of luggage with you and only take things which are necessary for your travel. Don't panic if you are attacked during your journey. Ask for local help and take a shelter somewhere in a safe place.

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Author: Umesh05 Apr 2018 Member Level: Diamond   Points : 1

A nice article warning us to observe safe practices while travelling to avoid getting robbed.

I will add that we should try to travel light and as far possible stay in group say at least of two people so that we are able to help each other when one of us gets his valuables lost or stolen.

We must divide our cash in different places and keep little in the wallet. Keep the call center or customer center phone numbers handy and in case cards ate stolen you can inform them to block these cards.

If proper care and alertness is observed we can avoid some of such incidents.

Author: Partha K.05 Apr 2018 Member Level: Diamond   Points : 3

A good article. Getting robbed in an unknown place is a terrible experience. But to minimize the damage what should we do? In my opinion, before the journey, we must take some precautionary measures. We must get photocopies of passport (in case of visiting any foreign country), credit cards, debit cards and other important documents. Keep one copy of the documents at your residence and another copy in your luggage in the hotel room. Keep the money in three different purses/bags. Report the theft/robbery to the nearest police station. Inform your home or office in case of major loss. Seek monetary help from your home, friends or local branches of your office (if you are on official tour). In foreign countries, seek the help of Embassy/High Commission/Consulate. Most importantly, never lose your composure in case of such emergency situations.

Refer also: What to do when your wallet or passport is lost on travel.

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