How much to charge a brand for Instagram Promotion

Social media is not only about what it initially started off as – socializing virtually. In fact, the social media has become a part and parcel of one's life. Advertising and brand building has become one of the prominent aspects of Social Media platform of late. Having understood that, how would you charge your brand for an Instagram promotion? Well, it is something that would depend upon the kind of engagement you would be bringing in for the brand. We will explain the intricate details of how you would c

How would you charge for that Instagram promotion post? Well, that would depend upon a number of factors. The industry that you are going to work with, the location, niche – there are several factors you would need to give a thought to. However, the purpose of this post is to give you an idea to make a beginning in the direction. Once you understand the concept and underlying guidelines, you can take it from there and decide on a better option going forward.

How would you make A Beginning?

Getting sponsored posts on Instagram, there are different ways you would begin with it. Either you approach a brand or the brand itself comes to you. Which of these methods works for you would depend on the actual occasions and there are no rules to dictate something for sure.
The strategy may work sometimes, while it may not. You may receive a response right away at times and sometimes the brand you have approached may not respond at all. The beginning is what would depend upon your negotiation skills and how prompt you are in your actions.

How much should you charge for Instagram promotions?

Well, this is the hardest part of being successful in the Instagram promotion. The basic point here is CPC or CPM. CPC stands for Cost Per Click, while CPM stands for Cost Per 1000 people. Instagram does not come with any clickable links, so the question of CPC does not arise here. So, the point under consideration is CPM.

What is your CPM then? The CPM depends upon the engagement. How much engagement does your Instagram post come with? Before understanding that, let us get to know what exactly an engagement means. Engagement refers to the likes and comments that your Instagram post receives. In fact, the engagement is what would be beneficial for the advertisers. The engagement in the form of likes and comments would be the base on which you should build your pricing strategy.
If you are able to get more engagement, it would make you better placed to offer a better pricing. Check out the level of growth that the number of followers you are getting. An increasing number of real followers added naturally should be the best criteria for charging a higher price. The calculations may somewhere on the lines we would be explaining in the next section.

Calculate your CPM

A good CPM for the sponsored post should lie anywhere between $5 to $10. You should ideally choose between a CPM of $% or $7. In case the brand you are trying to reach has no better budget, you can settle down for $5 as CPM.
Engagement is calculated by the following formula –
Engagement = likes and comments/ Number of followers.
The CPM can be calculated as here below –
If your engagement is between 2 to 3 percent – CPM would be $5.
If your engagement is between 3 to 5 percent – CPM would be $7
If your engagement is between 5 to 8 percent – CPM would be $10
If your engagement is more than 8 percent – CPM would be $15

Calculate your final price based on engagement and CPM

Get the CPM for your niche from the brand you are getting sponsorship with. In case you have 20000 followers, the standard price you can charge for the Instagram post would be calculated as here below –
For $5 CPM - $5 x 20 = $ 100
For $7 CPM - $7 x 20 = $140
For $10 CPM - $10 x 20 = $200
For $15 CPM - $15 x 20 = $300

Please note that the above calculations are based on the standard CPM calculations based on a generalized format. The exact CPM for your niche may differ from what we have calculated here. However, from the above calculations, you should have clearly understood that you can reach your prices by multiplying the CPM with the thousandth part of your total number of followers.

A few Afterthoughts

The above calculations have taken the standard conditions for the generalized costing of your Instagram post. The actual rates may differ from brand to brand and also on the value provided by your post. From that perspective, it would be important to check if you have real followers on your profile. There are a few ways that you can use to get free Instagram followers in 2018 as suggested by folks at NoHumanVerification but you should make sure that you get real followers who interact with your content and no dud followers following you just in the hope of you following you back.

People normally involve in practices like buying Instagram followers to hype up their profile. Do note that forced likes or buying fake followers will not add any value to the brand. They are likely to know the fake follower status and thus your reputation would be at stake. If you do not have real followers or the fake followers on your profile, they would not bring your brand any sales.

The Parting Thoughts

If the brands are reaching out to you on their own, the best strategy we would suggest you is never to be afraid of charging a better price. They have approached you because they are in need of you and have realized the engagement that you would bring them.

Try to bring in more for them and you will definitely come across more such offers. If your brand gets more sales, leads or awareness about the brand – they would definitely want to work with you more. If they do not get enough leads that they deem fit for the price you are charging, they may back out. In fact, if you have any experience with the previous engagements of the similar nature, you can point them out to your brand so that you can showcase your abilities in converting the posts into sales or activities with ease. This can go a long way in asking for a better price for the Instagram post.


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