What to do for the safety of your luggage while traveling

Do you worry about the safety of your luggage while traveling? This article provides information about the protection of the luggage while traveling. You will find some important tips for the protection of your luggage. You will also find the step to take if your luggage is lost.


Vacation is a peak time and traveling during this period is very difficult. When we travel we need the safety of our luggage. There are many things in our luggage like money, jewellery, gift items for relatives, medicines, etc and all these things need protection against stealing. Many people or group always take opportunities for this type of peak time to steal the luggage of the passengers.

Some precaution for the safety of luggage

We can protect our luggage by adopting some simple tips. It is not very difficult to protect luggage during traveling. Some tips for the safety of luggage are:
  1. Always travel by taking confirmed ticket: : Whenever you plan to travel during vacation, always travel by taking confirmed rail ticket . There is a good chance of safety of your luggage in reservation compartment instead of a general compartment.
  2. Never take anything from stranger: : it is important not to take any edible items from strangers while traveling. As most the people use poisonous items and make passenger unconscious. They take advantage of this unconsciousness of passengers and steal their luggage.
  3. Use the chain to tie your luggage: : it is a good option to tie your luggage with the seat of your compartment with chain and lock. It will certainly protect your luggage while traveling.
  4. Distribute the responsibilities: : If you are traveling with family members than it is a good option to distribute responsibilities of different luggage to every person. By doing this every luggage will be safe and protected in the whole journey
  5. Never keep important items in only one luggage: : it is advised not keep important items like money, jewellery, medicines, etc in only one luggage. Always try to keep them in different luggage in different proportion. If one luggage is stolen by mistake you will not lose all the important items.
  6. Put a label on every luggage: : Put a label on every luggage and clearly mentioned your name, surname, city, mobile number and address. If your luggage is exchanged by mistake then a person can contact you.

What to do if luggage is lost?

After many precautions and safety, it is possible that you lose your luggage during traveling. If your luggage is lost, try the following steps:
  • Try to find your luggage in your compartment. Ask the passenger of the compartment about your luggage and try to find out.
  • Be cool and think where last time you have seen your luggage and try to find out between which stations your luggage is lost.
  • Try to identify any suspicious person in the compartment. These types of a person may be responsible for the stolen of your luggage.
  • Make a note of items which are lost in luggage and try to find out the estimated cost of the items.
  • Submit an FRI in railway police so that they can find your luggage. You can also fill claim form. You have to mention all the items which are lost and an estimated cost of the items.

At last but not least

These are some important tips and certainly, help you to protect your luggage while traveling. Never discuss of luggage in the compartment in front of the strangers. Also never open your luggage without the unnecessary requirement. Medicines, edible items, the small amount of money, etc should be kept in handbags for convenience.

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Author: Umesh04 Apr 2018 Member Level: Platinum   Points : 3

During the journey, luggage care and protection is one of the prime concern of the passengers. Due to the crowd, indiscipline and other reasons many times the thieves take advantage and disappear from the scene in no time with the stolen goods.

I have one observation in this regard that if passengers are alert and cautious the thieves cannot take advantage of the situation. Many times it is basically our carelessness that results in these incidents.

As said, prevention is better than cure and if we are attentive and keep our eyes open then these incidents can be minimized. Any new person or new situation is to be seen with doubt and curiosity to find out the real scene behind. There is no question of believing the strangers or getting into their trap.

Author: Reena Upadhya14 Apr 2018 Member Level: Gold   Points : 4

A nice article describing the ways to keep luggage safe. As soon as I read the heading of this article, I knew that this article will give me lots of valuable information which will be very useful, especially to me. While traveling by Indian railways, I usually spend sleepless nights. During high season, the train gets so crowded that things become worse.

It is very important to stay safe and prevent any misplacement of luggage or from thefts taking place. If unfortunately, it takes place then the whole of the journey will seem horrible. It is very important that we do not carry lots of cash or valuables during the journey and if we have to then it will be best to separate sources of cash. Also, try to be skeptical of strangers and do not act like too touristy.

Author: Sanjeev Gupta20 Jan 2019 Member Level: Gold   Points : 2

Good article describing how to save our luggage while traveling. It's very common that our luggage while traveling by public transport is not safe and we have to make it safe ourselves.

When I used to travel by train, I used to keep all my important things in one bag and used to keep it under my head like a pillow while sleeping at night. It's always safe to tie up all the luggage with a chain and put a lock on them.

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