Best tips to deliver a great presentation

The article is all about making presentation best one. The tips shared in this article are advisable to implement to deliver an effective communication to the audience. Read the complete article to note down all the great tips.

Why should a presentation be great?

There are many ways to communicate information to people. Presenting an idea or product requires a great presentation to have a lasting impact on the audience. A presentation which does not highlight the important aspects of the product or services does not catch the eye of the audience and hence the idea or service or product cannot survive the competition.

How to deliver a great presentation
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Tips to deliver a great presentation

Here are the few tips that need to be followed while making and preparing a presentation -
  • Present or create a story: People are always interested in a story that makes them very attentive to a point. Have a story to tell before any presentation. Use presentation media like sketch papers or the whiteboard to make the story more gripping.

  • Create great headings: Apple introduced iPod with a headline, "One thousand songs in your pocket". Before Apple Inc., many people tried to introduce the portable music player but they did not succeed. The second time, once again, Apple created a great heading like, "The world's thinnest notebook" to introduce the Macintosh notebook. Great heading catches the eyes of the customers and creates eagerness in them. This ultimately responds with action.

  • Use animations: Animations in the presentation creates a lasting impact. People understand more by giving them a picture in motion. Often people misunderstood or visualize the words presented by the presenter. For example, working of the domestic refrigerator in a power point presentation with diagrams seems difficult to understand by the layman audience but animation does that task very easily.

  • Follow 7/7 rule: Do not crowd the slide with many words into it. Put only a few words to explain the matter. Words in the slide just get you a topic to discuss. Follows 7/7 rules means at maximum, a given slide should contain only 7 words and that slide should contain such 7 lines. Not more than that!

  • Have eye contact with the audience: Do not just read the slide or discuss with the back to the audience. You need to discuss with eye contact. That creates a trust in the audience.

  • Give a real-life experience: "The brain does not pay attention to the boring things", as said by John Medina. That means, if you share a real-life experience, people get to engage with the topic.

  • Present more by visual aids: A human only remembers 10 % of what is said by words but that % is increased to 65 % when the same thing can be said with the help of a suitable diagram.

  • Refine and rehearse: One should practice the presentation before delivering it to the real audience to make sure it is not exceeding the time limit. Limit the total number of slides in a presentation based on the time limit. It should be very concise and effective. Your body language should be good to have the lasting impact. Master the hand posture while presenting the idea.

  • Make the audience laugh: Nothing is better than when humour is added in to the presentation. People often find it engaging. Thus, try to incorporate a joke or some experience into the slide or during the explanation to make people laugh

  • Slide Layout: The text and background color of the slide should not create a visual problem for an audience. There should be a contrast between them. The light color text is easy to read on a dark color background and vice versa. Have slide layout, color, font, and theme should be consistent throughout the presentation.
  • Portability: Make sure your presentation file should run on every PC. You can create a multiple file of the presentation by Save As to different version of MS Office. Always have a pdf of the presentation in case of file corruption.

  • Hope these tips are helpful for your next presentation!


    Author: DR.N.V. Srinivasa Rao15 Apr 2018 Member Level: Platinum   Points : 8

    These days for getting recognition for an individual and his efforts, it is more important to showcase your achievements in a very attractive manner. It is more important how you market your achievements rather than the achievements itself. So here, the communication plays a very important role. Powerpoint presentation is a very effective way of communication.
    When you make a presentation please be as brief as possible on the screen. But elaborate more while you present. Don't read what you have written in the presentation. Use it as a guide only. Go on explaining in detail and try to catch the attention of the audience. In between add some interesting incidents which you have encountered during the progress of the work in an interesting way so that they will be more attentive.
    Another important point you should note is the time management. You should programme your presentation by being clear as to where more elaboration is required and where you can skip. If you spend more time on some unnecessary issues, the time may lapse and finally, you may not be able to explain the main points due to the paucity of time. Your entire effort will become futile if such mismanagement happens.

    Author: Natarajan18 Apr 2018 Member Level: Diamond   Points : 8

    A great presentation is one that relies more on content and simplicity. We often lose the attention of the audience because it's boring with too much of details and technical jargon.

    Fancy headings, sarcastic or funny headings cannot be used on all occasions. Depending on the audience and the nature of the event, one can frame a proper title. Great headings work for print media and advertisements but not that well for presentations. One should be cautious when using animations because these are a source of distraction and so should not be overdone.

    I like the 7/7 rule, choose a neutral color background and do not make all the letters in bold or capitals. It hurts to constantly read these. Engaging the audience rather than a monotonous recital.

    Practicing the presentation in front of people or even the mirror helps us to overcome the initial hesitation and stammering. It is better not to memorize the material because I've seen people go blank when they forget and then take time and a couple of slides to get back to the rhythm.

    Adding on, while selecting a color, we make the mistake of checking it against bright light. Most presentations will be in a very dim light. Here the colors are stark and vivid. Using vivid colors and graphics are distracting. Setting the presentation on an autoplay mode also should be avoided because if you miss or are interrupted by a question, then you are in a quandary, whether to answer, skip etc because the slides keep changing.

    Learn to modulate the tone so that you sound comfortable. Adjust the coat lapel mike or a collar mike as a trail first because a few speakers struggle to get the sound correct. Always load the presentation well in advance, if they have a professional audio-visual team, open and then play it once to see that everything is fine. Often the videos don't play for incompatibility etc.

    I always mail a presentation to myself (with figures in a compressed format) especially if I'm traveling, because in the worst case scenario of losing the pen drive or forgetting the laptop, at least I have a backup option.

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