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Checklist for things to do before a train travel

If you are planning for a train journey, then you need to make several preparations like packing your luggage and remembering the things to take. But there are some very essential things which you should not forget before the train journey and hence it makes sense to have a checklist in place for the same. Intent behind this article is to highlight important things to do and essential things to take before leaving for a train journey.


Making the preparations for the train journey like packing the luggage and remembering to do important things can sometimes be very hectic if the preparations are done at the last moment. There are ample chances that you will forget one thing or the other and hence it is best to have a checklist in place to help you out. There are some very urgent things which if you forget to do or take it can cause inconvenience to you during a train journey. Below is the checklist of some important things to take and important things to do before leaving for a train journey.

Checklist to follow before a train journey

  • Railway Ticket - The railway ticket is the most important thing for a train journey without which you cannot board the train. So make sure that you remember and keep the railway tickets well beforehand and do not leave it for the last moment as you can easily forget in the hustle and bustle of preparations. If it is a counter reservation ticket then you need to essentially carry the hard copy ticket given to you at the counter in the original. No Xerox copy will work here. If its an e-ticket which is the common case these days then either you can carry its print out or a soft copy on your smartphone or a laptop. SMS sent by IRCTC while booking the ticket can also be shown as a railway e-ticket. But you need to make sure that you search that SMS from the huge list of your other SMS's and keep it handy. It should not happen that when the train TTE comes to check the tickets you start searching for the SMS at that time. It is a good practice to have SMS or soft copy of the e-ticket handy even if you have a print out of an e-ticket with you as it can be of help in case you loose or misplace your ticket printout.

  • ID proof - These days Id proofs are mandatory during a train travel and the train TTE can ask for them while checking the ticket. Hence at least one passenger in the family should carry government id proofs such as PAN card, Driving license, Aadhaar card etc. But it is a good practice that each adult member of the family carries their own id proof while traveling.

  • Mobiles - You cannot imagine nowadays to travel without your mobile, so make sure you take it without fail. Otherwise, you may be out of contact with your near and dear ones. Mobiles have nowadays become a necessity during a travel.

  • Chargers - Nowadays all the people have smartphones and mobile phones so remembering to take the charger with you is another important thing. Nowadays people use their mobiles for voice call and data actively during travel and forgetting to carry a mobile charger can cause them a lot of inconveniences. Your phone may get discharged and you may be out of contact. Also in the train, as the signal strength keeps on fluctuating mobiles get drained even faster. So even if you think that you are not going to use mobile much on the train please do carry its charger. Some people also carry laptops on the train and hence these people should remember to carry their laptop chargers.

  • Train inquiry - This is one of the most important thing to do before you leave your home for the railway station. You should check the latest status of your train as to whether it is running on time or late. If you forget to do this then sometimes you may face inconvenience as if the train is late by a few hours then you will unnecessarily have to wait at the railway station. If it is late by half an hour or one hour it does not matter but say if it is late by 3-4 hours or more then definitely you do not want to wait at the railway station for such a long time. Other than being late, trains sometimes also get canceled or rescheduled due to various reasons and hence you should know the status before you leave your home.

  • Important medicines - You might be taking some regular medicines like those for thyroid, BP, Blood sugar, Asthma etc so it is very important to remember and take them. In the train, it is very difficult to get the medicines. Though some railway stations do have pharmacies but it is not guaranteed and you cannot rely on it. Also, it is advisable to carry a medicine kit containing some common medicines for a headache, fever, vomiting, loose motions, stomach ache, gas and acidity, constipation etc. It can really prove handy sometimes when you require it during a train journey.

  • Rough cloth and Newspaper - Always keep some old newspapers and rough cloth during the train journey. Newspapers can be useful as you can spread it on your seat when you have breakfast, lunch or dinner on the train. This prevents the seat from getting dirty. Newspapers also come handy when the water gets spilled on the seat or in the compartment floor. You can easily place the newspapers on it to soak the water. Newspapers can also be used to wipe out the spilled food on the seat as we can throw them after wiping. A rough cloth is also useful to wipe the dirty seats of the train, to wipe water and also to wipe other dirty things.

  • Spare plastic bags - Carrying spare plastic bags during a train journey can also prove useful sometimes if you want to keep some food items inside it which you buy from the stations and from the vendors in the train. They can also be used to carry mineral water bottles and other things you purchase while you are on the train.

  • Battery bank - Nowadays due to overuse of phones and laptops on the train people need to frequently charge their devices. Due to this reason they may find that charging points available in the coaches are most of the time occupied. This is the time when having a battery bank can prove to be useful. You can independently charge your device whenever you want without waiting for the charging points in the train to get free. Of course, you need to charge the battery bank fully before you leave for the journey. So if you are already having a battery bank at home then do not forget to take it. If you don't have then it is OK, no need to buy it specially.

  • Mobile recharge - Before leaving for the journey make sure to check for your mobile talk time balance, data pack and make sure it is available to fulfill your needs during the journey. Check the expiry date of the data pack and available talk time and if a recharge is required make sure that you do it before the journey itself. Nowadays it is also possible to do it while traveling but since the signal strength will keep on fluctuating during traveling, it may create a problem in getting the recharge done. If your roaming is not free and you want to activate free roaming, you need to do a roaming recharge as well.

  • Spectacles - - The people who wear spectacles whether it is for the near vision or far vision should remember to take it without fail as they may face problem without it.


So before undertaking train journey we should keep a cool head and take all the necessary things without fail. We should also remember to do important things which are required to be done. Better to write down the things on a piece of paper and keep on referring it till the last moment. It is still OK if you happen to forget less important things but if you forget to take important things or miss crucial things to do before a train journey then you may face problems.

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Author: Umesh17 May 2018 Member Level: Diamond   Points : 4

Train journey in India is the common mode for many people. It is undertaken by poor and middle class as well as the rich people. For most of the people who are able to get reservation in time, the journey is pleasurable.

As the train journey is a long one, we have to prepare and gear ourselves to make best out of it. The author has given many tips and suggestions for the same.

I will like to add that to avoid any inconveniences in case of some eventuality, one should keep alternative financial sources like a debit card, credit card and a cheque book so that in case of force halting in a place in between the journey should not be difficult. So according to that perception, one has to keep the basic material like toiletries, towel, extra clothes etc so that one need not to unnecessary purchase these items from the local market there.

Of course, these may appear as extra precautions but they help in times of emergency.

Author: DR.N.V. Srinivasa Rao19 May 2018 Member Level: Platinum   Points : 2

The train is the most commonly used mode of transport for medium to long distance travels for all classes of citizen. Some people travel by sleeper class, some by AC and some by general class. As we go the long distance by train sometimes it may take overnight or two-night journeys. We all should get equipped with the required items with us. We should not forget to keep a towel handy so that we can take it as and when we require. Another point to be noted is not to keep the total cash and all cards at one place. Another point one should follow is not to take out purse always from the pocket. Keep your laptop, charger and data card readily available in case if you want to do some work during the journey. Otherwise, try to take two or three light reading books so that you need not get bored during the travel. Don't forget to carry slippers to use in the rail if you use shoe regularly. Try to keep some eatables with you as on some routes you will not find any vendors and foods good for you to eat. Don't go on opening and closing the luggage unnecessarily during the journey. Keep the items required on journey separately and open only that bag only.

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