Cricket match watching experience - TV versus Stadium

In India cricket is considered as God and people watch cricket matches with great interest either on TV or in the Stadium. But a question sometimes might arise as to which viewing experience is better, on TV or in the stadium? Let us analyze pros and cons for both of them in this article.


India is full of cricket fans. Whenever Indian team is playing cricket in any part of the world people in all the households get glued to their TV sets to watch the live telecast of the match. If the match is played in Indian cities then many people throng to the cricket stadium to have a real feel of watching the cricket match and enjoy the lively atmosphere in the cricket stadium. But watching a cricket match at the stadium can be costly and time-consuming, so most of the people prefer watching the live telecast of the cricket match on the TV from the comfort of their home. But who enjoys the cricket match more, the spectators cheering at the stadium or people watching the match on TV. I know this is a tough question. Well, I would say both have their plus and minus points. So let's have a look at them below.

Pros and Cons of watching the cricket match on TV and Stadium

  • Real atmosphere - People watching a cricket match in the stadium get the real experience of watching the match and the players rather than artificially watching it on the TV. They can hoot, cheer their teams, players, display the banners and enjoy the vibrant and energetic atmosphere prevailing in the cricket stadium. Since there are a huge number of spectators watching the match together in the cricket stadium it is very exciting for the people to shout slogans and cheer their team together. They also get the satisfaction that they are seeing the actual cricket players rather than watching them on the TV. All these factors are missing for the people watching the cricket match on the TV. Since they are at home they cannot feel the lively atmosphere of the cricket stadium and they cannot enjoy themselves that much. Watching a cricket match on the TV is good if you just want to watch the match carefully and not concerned so much about the other factors like stadium atmosphere cheering etc.

  • Time factor - Though you can enjoy a lot watching a cricket match at the stadium alone or with your family or friends it is really very time-consuming. If its a 50 over match then you need to invest almost a complete day into it as you need to reach the cricket stadium which may be sometimes far away from your home in the city. Additionally, you need to make arrangement for parking etc. If it is a 20-20 match still you will end up investing half of the day. This is fine if your schedule is relaxed and you have time but for those who are busy it becomes difficult to take out the time.

  • Cost Factor - Normally the cost of cricket match tickets are generally high and everybody cannot afford to go and see the match at the stadium. Apart from that, you need to book the tickets well in advance. This is true especially for the very high profile and much-hyped cricket matches like India vs Pakistan or India vs Australia. If you delay then the tickets will be sold out. You can always buy the minimum priced ticket which is affordable but the sitting position for this ticket will be very far and away from the ground and you will hardly enjoy seeing the cricket match from there. So sometimes people think that instead of buying lowest category ticket it is better to watch the cricket match on TV at home. And also the cost of the tickets also varies with the importance of the match and whether it is on weekdays or weekends. So I feel that cost is one of the deterrent factors in deciding to watch the match at the cricket stadium. In contrast, watching the cricket match on the TV at home is always free if you have required sports channel in your pack.

  • Close up view - As far as close up view of the match is concerned watching the match on TV is definitely a winner. In the cricket stadium even if you buy a very premium ticket you cannot watch the match, the players, and ball as closely as in a TV. Though nowadays TV sets are kept in the stadiums also among the spectators still everyone cannot have a close view of it. In the cricket stadium while watching the match you can hardly see the player's face and the ball clearly. In this respect, we can enjoy a match with a high degree of close up on TV. You can clearly see the players, their names, their faces, the ball and many other things in great detail.

  • Action replay - Action Replay is one of the great things in the live telecast of a cricket match on the TV. You get to see the great moments of the match like sixes, fours, dismissals, bowling actions, good fielding, catches etc in the action replay mode several times in slow motion. Also, the action replay is shown from different camera angles. So if you are a real cricket enthusiast the action replay allows you to closely view the different elements in the game of cricket. If by chance you missed some action, the Action Replay is always there to replay it for you. This advantage is missing while watching the match in the cricket stadium. Here if you missed an action it's gone and there's no action replay available for you to see the repeat of the action.

  • Ball by ball analysis - Nowadays with the advance in the live telecast technologies, you can see a ball by ball analysis of the game on TV. Earlier this was not the case. Now through different graphics and diagrams, you get to see on your TV screen the different areas where the bowler is pitching the ball and the different areas in the field where the batsman is hitting the ball. Though this might not matter for the casual cricket watchers but for the people who are really interested in the game and love to watch it in detail this ball by ball analysis can add an element of interest in watching the cricket match on the TV. It goes without saying that these things are not available in the cricket stadium as you are watching the real match directly. Though for the cricket commentators sitting in the commentary box, the ball by ball analysis is available on the TV screen because they need it to enhance their cricket commentary. But for the normal viewers in the stadium, it's not possible to see it.

  • Cricket Commentary - If you are really interested in watching the cricket match and following it closely then the cricket commentary can be very important for you. This is because the cricket commentary gives you a good analysis of the game and gives you a fair idea of what are the possibilities in the match and in whose favor the match is going. Nowadays there are experienced cricket commentators who know the game very well and listening to their commentary can give us a good idea of the game. But it is only possible to hear the cricket commentary while watching the match on the TV. In the stadium, it is not possible to hear the cricket commentary. The continuous cricket commentary is meant for the live TV telecast. In the stadium sometimes you can just here the score announcement. So if you are the one who loves to hear the cricket commentary then better watch the match on the TV. Even if by chance the commentary is meant for the stadium, it will be very difficult to hear it due to the spectator's noise.

  • The score update - Apart from the commentary, on TV it is more easy to track the cricket score as on every ball they show the score, number of wickets fallen and also number of overs completed. For each over they also show how many balls are completed. You get to see the names of the batsmen who are batting, bowlers who are bowling, number of runs made by the batsmen and wickets taken by the bowler. You can also see a complete scorecard of the team in between. Things like how many runs to get and how many balls remaining are also shown frequently. In the stadium, it is not possible to see regularly the score updates with so many minute details. But nowadays big screens are erected in some stadiums which gives the spectators the update on the scores in between. Hence the situation has improved somewhat nowadays.

  • Tracking the match - Due to the reasons like cricket commentary, continuous score update, action replay and close view it is possible to track the match in a much better way on the TV than in the cricket stadium


So which is a more enjoyable experience? Well, both have their pros and cons as narrated above. If you are more interested in watching the cricket match and following it closely rather than any other thing then I would say the home TV is the best medium to watch it. But if you want to enjoy, have fun and get the real-time experience of sitting in the stadium and watching the cricket match then, of course, you should give it a try. Here you will get to see the players in reality, face to face and can even try to get their autograph. You will also be able to cheer for your team and enjoy the energetic atmosphere in the stadium. As per me if you have never watched the cricket match in the stadium then you should get this experience at least once or twice. But it goes without saying that people cannot go to watch the match in the stadium every time, so the TV continues to be the most popular medium for watching the cricket match.


Author: DR.N.V. Srinivasa Rao24 May 2018 Member Level: Platinum   Points : 2

Watching a match on TV will give you more details about the ball, how it is bowled and how the batsman faced it. If you want to watch the game and get some tips to know the best way of facing the ball or bowling the ball, watching on TV will be more beneficial to you. So these days even stadiums also there are big screens where they will be showing the action replays and other important features. The Expert comments make the live telecast very attractive with their analysis which will give really good tips to the upcoming players. That is why many players watch the videotapes of the playing of various players to know how the individuals play, what are their weaknesses and how to face him or bowl to him. So for someone who really wants to understand the cricket and learn to play, it is advantageous to watch the same on TV. But for a normal spectator, he may feel happy to see the players and he may like going to the stadium once or twice. Later on for him also TV is the best media to watch the game.

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