What to do if you have a kid or a baby with you during your journey

When you carry your kids or toddlers during your travel out of town, you know that they will not be able to bear the hassles of a journey. Yet, you might not be in a position to leave them home. Find out the methods of keeping yourself tension free and your baby happy all along the journey over here.


People travel for necessity, for emergencies, for holidaying purpose and for numerous other reasons. So, if a person who has to travel out of station has a little baby at home, then he will be in deep thoughts about his journey. He will reconsider and try to cancel the journey if possible. This is because little babies or kids are very vulnerable to tough situations. They can't adjust to the continuously changing environment around them. They fall prey to the most basic needs of our life, that is eat, drink and discharge. So, sometimes you know that your newborn baby or your 1-2-year-old baby can't bear the trouble of that journey. Nonetheless, you become helpless and take them with you. It is a necessity for people who don't have somebody to take care of their little children at home. This article will help you understand the vulnerabilities of your child, the problems they might face while travelling out of town and the effective solutions for them. The problems here I mention are some problems that I have seen in my life happen to other children or to me in my childhood. The solutions that I mention here are tried and tested by people.

Chronicles of the problems faced by a baby or kid and their solutions

  1. The problem of feeding a baby-If the journey is of more than two hours, then this becomes the first and biggest problem for people who carrying babies of age range 0-2 years. These babies are highly dependent on breastfeeding. Sometimes some babies don't like to have baby food while traveling. They yell and scream and demand breast milk from their mothers. Now if the family is traveling in bus or train, then the mother might face problem in feeding their babies. Here's what I suggest.
  2. Keep a thermos bag with you-These days something known as a thermos bag have gained popularity. These bags have little bottle like structures within them. These bags are small and just can carry the feeding bottles of your baby and few more baby items in them. You can keep some other accessories also in that bag. So mothers can keep their breast milk in those inbuilt bottles and quench the thirst of their babies at least twice while travelling. You can also keep distilled water in such bottles. The thermos will keep it warm for a long time. You can feed your baby either water itself, or prepare baby food with that water while being in a bus or train. But, for this do keep the bowl, spoon and other required items in that bag. If your kid is above 3 years, then keep fruits, biscuits, sandwiches and other such dry food to help your kid munch something. Never keep your child hungry for more than 4 hours.
  3. Proper urination of babies-If your baby is within 0-2 years then this is not that big problem. Although such babies will urinate more than 10-12 times a day, baby diapers can sort this problem. The only thing I would advise here is that keep the used diapers with you in a disposable plastic bag. Please maintain sanitation and don't throw the used diaper under your seat. It is very unhygienic. When you get out of the bus or a boat or a ship, throw that plastic bag in the nearest dustbin. Now, what about little older kids, say between the age group 5-10? Here's my solution.
  4. What to do if you are in a bus-If your kid is above the age of using a diaper and you are traveling in a bus, then you have to take care that your kid urinates within a proper time and in a proper place. Now, if you are traveling in a ship or plane or train, then you don't face a problem. All of these have toilet facilities. This facility is mostly absent in tourist buses. So, always ask your child to use the nearest public toilet before boarding the bus. After you board the bus, the bus will give you at least 3-4 stops. This is in case the journey is for 6-8 hours or overnight. Then always take your child to the pay and use public toilets in those stops. Always remember your child will not able to sit and avoid going to toilets during the entire journey. Your kid may shy away from telling you. But always at every point where the bus gives you a halt, ask your child and escort him or her to the nearest toilet. Finally, if your child suddenly wants to urinate without any proper bus halt, ask the conductor to guide you to the nearest public toilet as quick as possible.
  5. Tired babies-Finally, the third and important problem is the tiredness of your baby. After a long journey, if you are still outside the hotel or sightseeing in a bus, your baby or kid might not want to be up that long. Here's my solution to this.
  6. Always listen to your baby and do as he wants-Always remember while you are having fun in your trip, your baby or kid might be very tired. They might just want a good night sleep. So never force them to be with you in the trip, when they can't. Their bodies are much more vulnerable to diseases and sickness than the adults. So if you see that your baby is crying too much and has already been fed or urinated, then it means that your baby has called it a day and will go to sleep. So stop your sightseeing immediately and ask your tour guide to escort you back to the hotel. If your kid is of 5-10 years, then he or she will be able to tell you explicitly that they are tired. So do the same and take them back to the hotel. Wash your babies and kids properly. During the journey for the entire day, they have been covered by dust, mud and other dirt. Clean it off their bodies properly and gently. Feed them and put them off to sleep. This way, they will be in fresh mind and mood and will be happy during the entire trip.


I hit upon some points which I felt genuinely comes up if you are carrying a baby with you during your travel. I hope the problems match the problems that you have faced during your journey and the solutions are helpful for you.


Author: Umesh15 May 2018 Member Level: Diamond   Points : 5

Undertaking a journey with small kids or babies is very challenging. There are so many hassles in this that the parents can not take the full-fledged care of babies. The author has suggested good measures to tackle this situation.

I will like to mention that there are certain things which if the patents consider, the journey with babies can be made comfortable.

One thing is disposable wipers, napkins, bags etc are very handy and one must keep them in good quantities. Another thing is that some tasty drinks with soft flavours of orange or vanilla may also prove handy in such times as babies may get attracted to them and suck them.

Small plastic musical chimes and toys also serve well to attract the attention of babies during such difficult situation.

Author: DR.N.V. Srinivasa Rao20 May 2018 Member Level: Diamond   Points : 2

It is true the journey will become hard if you have to carry a kid with you. Some kids will sleep while travelling. With such type of Kids, we will not have many problems. But some Kids will not go for a sleep in the journey and with them, we will get all sorts of problem and we should take care that we are also on with other people. Mothers should carry the sufficient items with her to take care of the child during the journey. It is better to have an additional person with you when you are travelling with a kid so that you will get the required help from him in case of any problem. You should see that the kid is comfortable and will not create any problem.

Author: Sharada16 Mar 2020 Member Level: Gold   Points : 2

Give frequent breaks to the child. Move him around in the available space if he or she is between 3 to 5 years old, as long hours of the journey makes them tired and they feel to move about for relaxation.

Keeping kids free from diapers is also important as they tend to get rashes with continuous usage.

The child should be given plenty of healthy fluids like juice, milk and water during the journey to maintain balanced body temperature.

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