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The Importance of Punctuality

Punctuality is an important aspect for the people to come up in the life. Punctuality is nothing but doing the works at the correct preplanned time. The person who never follows timing can't use his time properly. The punctuality will give you good benefits in the education, career and life also. The same is brought out in the following few lines.


Punctuality is nothing but doing a thing at previously agreed time. Punctuality is an art and it speaks about the ability of the individual in planning his actions. This will enable the people to perform a great deal of work within the minimum period of time.

All successful people are having the trait of being punctual. Everyone irrespective of his profession or way of life should follow this concept. A student should go to school in time. A teacher should go to the class for teaching as per the time slot. An official should attend the meeting at the designated place as per the time pre-decided. Then only they can be successful.

Punctuality helps the people to build their career. Generally, a person who is punctual for all his activities will be respected by everyone all great men had got a time schedule for every day. George Washington was a very good example of Punctuality. He was never late to any business or meeting. He used to take dinner at 4 PM. He never used to miss this time. If he called anyone for dinner with him by any chance if the guests are late by 15 minutes also, he used to complete his dinner and used to say my cook will never look who arrived but he will see at the watch.

Punctuality as a Habit

This habit should be developed from the school days itself. A student who comes in time to the class will never miss the lesson and he need not depend on somebody else to know what happened in the class. This habit is to be inculcated in the child by the parents from the beginning itself. This habit will continue throughout his life if he got accustomed to this in his school days itself. In many schools, the students who are late will not be allowed to join the class. No school, college or institution can function if punctuality is not observed there.

Punctuality at work place

Punctuality is very much needed at workplaces also. An employer may get a good impression on the employee who attends office regularly in time. The punctuality of an employee shows his commitment towards the work. The boss will always encourage him as he is punctual and efficient. He will have a special identity in the office among other employees. We can work efficiently if we are punctual. If we arrive at the meeting place 5 minutes before the meeting we will have some time to settle down and to brush up our part of the presentation in the meeting. We will have the fresh mind and concentrate more on the topic. Instead, if we are late we will be worrying about reaching there in time and we don't get any time to refresh ourselves.

Once the Secretary of George Washington was late for a meeting and the meeting started before his arrival. Soon after coming the secretary was slowly murmuring that my watch is not working properly. Washington replied it is time either you have to change your wrist watch or I have to change my Secretary. This is the value being given to time by successful people in the life.

Punctual in life

Being punctual is good for our health also. We will not have any stress of running out of time. Even if we are punctual in getting up and do our exercise as per the timing we can keep ourselves fresh for the whole day and gives us good health. We should have punctuality in our eating habits also so that we will have good health and maintain good mental happiness. If we say a time to our wife if we are not able to come back at that time we will displease her and she will be unhappy. So keeping up our time sense for domestic works also will help us in having peace of mind.


Punctuality is an important quality and it is very much needed for all successful people. . Punctuality gives us success in all our works and life. It is the first step for anyone who wants to be successful.


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