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Know the best summer foods which help to lose weight

Summer has arrived in India. In summer, the body wants more water. In this article, the author discusses some fruits and vegetables which are high in water-content but checks weight gain. These foods are very suitable during summer. Read to know more.

Slowly but surely, summer has arrived in every part of India. The temperature has been increasing in the vast Gangetic plain, in the Southern plateau, in the north-eastern states and in the western desert and marshy land. Naturally, the food-items partaken by people during other seasons have been changing. People are consuming more water. They want food-items and fruits which keep them cool and can meet the increasing requirement of water. In this article, we are going to discuss some summer foods (fruits and vegetables) which are easily available in summer and also help us to lose weight as these foods contain fewer calories.

Papaya is useful in summer

Papaya is a natural diuretic. It contains a large amount of fibre and water, antioxidants etc. At the same time, papaya contains very fewer calories. It also contains a natural enzyme called papain which helps in weight loss. So papaya must be taken in summer in large quantities. However, pregnant ladies should avoid this fruit.

Pineapple: Another delicious fruit in summer

Pineapple is another delicious fruit which also helps in weight loss. This tropical fruit is very sweet but it contains fewer calories. It is also very high in fibre. As a result, pineapple helps us to remain satiated for a longer period and does not increase weight. It is also anti-inflammatory and helps us to maintain a flatter belly. Pregnant ladies must avoid this delicious fruit.

Can we forget water-melon in summer?

Water-melon is very sweet and juicy. It is the most popular fruit during the summer. This tasty and popular fruit also helps us in losing weight because it contains lesser calories and more water (92% water content). So, consume more water-melons in this summer and lose weight.

Berries: Another useful fruit in summer

Different types of berries are available in summer. In our country, blackberry is most widely available in summer. Blackberry and other berries (strawberry, raspberry, blueberry, cherry) are very helpful in containing increasing weight. Moreover, the berries have a low glycemic index making them very suitable for the patients with blood sugar.

Cucumber: This great vegetable is very necessary

Cucumber is available almost everywhere in India. This cheap vegetable is very popular during the summer. Because of its high water content, it is very helpful in containing bodyweight. At the same time, cucumber can be consumed by patients with high blood sugar.

Tomato: another easily available vegetable in summer

Tomato is nowadays available everywhere in India. It is comparatively cheaper also. Indians consume tomato in various ways including consuming it as a salad. Tomato is very necessary to contain bodyweight because it contains lycopene, an antioxidant which is known for anti-inflammatory properties. Tomato also contains other antioxidants which help in burning body fats without work-out.

Spinach: This rich source of Vitamin-A also causes weight loss

One cup of spinach juice contains only 7 calories. Spinach is rich in Vitamin-A, Vitamin-C and Iron. It can easily contain the cravings for more food. It is cheap and available in all parts of India in almost all seasons including summer. It greatly helps in weight loss.

Final few words

During the hot summer, our body needs more water. The above fruits and vegetables contain more water, fewer calories, fibres and anti-oxidants. So, these foods help in containing weight gain during the summer months.

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Author: Natarajan09 Jun 2018 Member Level: Gold   Points : 3

Papaya is good for weight loss especially it not eaten after a meal. One of the few fruits to have in the night instead of calorie rich rice etc for dinner is papaya, it is filling and with natural sugars it satisfies hunger and does not give too much of calories. Similarly, berries, watermelon are also good for night time meal substitute.

What I've seen in people consume lot of juice in summer, it is better to avoid the pre-packed ones because of the preservatives, added sugar and the attrition of good anti-oxidants. Even while consume fresh juice, one should remember not to add full strength milk or extra sugar. The same goes for vegetable juices.

Author: Juana21 Jul 2019 Member Level: Diamond   Points : 5

'So, these foods help in containing weight loss during summer months.'

Your closing sentence contradicts everything that is mentioned in the article. Containing means curbing or suppressing, so do the foods mentioned in the article curb weight loss?

Most fruits and vegetables have high water content and a low-calorie count. Eating fruits and vegetables may lead to weight loss, but will be detrimental to health. The body needs a balanced diet, comprising of various nutrients which intake of fruits and vegetables cannot meet.

A weight-loss diet plan should cater to the body's requirements of nutrients. The author hasn't mentioned whether these foods are meant to replace a meal or the quantities in which they should be consumed.

One of the responses states that watermelon is good for night time meal substitute. Watermelon must never be eaten at night, as it does not digest easily and can cause IBS.

Author: Saji Ganesh25 Jul 2019 Member Level: Diamond   Points : 0

Juana, the error stands rectified.

Author: Varghese25 Jul 2019 Member Level: Gold   Points : 2

A good article for the summer but I have read that one need to consume everything that is within his reach or vicinity. Our body is capable of gaining from the fruits, vegetables, spices etc which are easily available and that too seasonal.

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