How to become a better human being

We are all human beings and to err is human. Doing mistakes and not learning from our past mistakes is not wise. We may not become a better person in this world by having this attitude. Everyone wants to grow better in their lives and get a good name to the maximum possible extent. In this article how we can grow as a better person is suggested.


When we were studying in school or a college we will be meeting many students there. We couldn't be friends with all. We can't remember them all for lifelong. But even after growing old we remember some students. Why and what makes the difference. Similarly, we meet many people during our various stages of career and we remember a few only from these colleagues. The people whom we remember may be very good in their education or they made good in some sports or a female student may be very beautiful or some may be very rich. Because of these special qualities, some people will become very popular. But some people even though don't have any speciality like mentioned above may be remembered. These people will be remembered for their good habits and behaviour. They will grow as a better person in their life.

We all want to be famous by behaving properly and by becoming a better person. We all want to be as popular as possible but never wanted to be notorious. How an individual can be a popular and famous person

We may be doing some mistakes in our work and we may feel a little guilty for the mistakes we committed. Irrespective of our weaknesses and short falling we all want to be good human beings.

Qualities required being a better person

The qualities of a person which makes him a better person are given in brief below.
  • Always be complimenting yourselves on the little good works you have done. Every day before you start, review the previous day's actions and remember the good things you have performed the previous day. This review will keep you in high spirits and prompt you to do better works again.

  • Don't blame somebody else for your own mistakes. Don't try for excuses and don't point out at others for your mistakes. Own the mistakes and understand the reasons for mistakes. Learn from your mistake and try to correct yourself. This will make you be a better human being and you can perform well in your professional as well as in family life.

  • You should be helpful to others who need your support. While walking you may find an old person who is not able to cross the road. Try to help him and see that he will cross the road safely. The quality of helping others will always make you feel satisfied and make you a better person.

  • Always try to be as honest as possible with others. Be clear in telling your honest feelings and thoughts to the other people. Generally, people try to tell lies and propagate lies more. This will spoil the image. It always gives a great feeling if we are honest and conveys directly what you want to tell without any deviation.

  • God has given us two ears and one mouth. By doing that he clearly conveyed a message to us to speak less and hear more. Many people hear to argue or differ. But one should hear to understand. Try to hear more and convey less. Giving a listening to another person will make you improve knowledge. Hearing properly to others and understanding their point of view will make an individual a better person.

  • We should always be polite with others. As a human being how you want to be get treated, you should treat the other people in the same way. This will make you a great personality. A good person will make his things look better and he will be a gainer in many aspects.

  • We should act politely saying Thank You for somebody and showing your gratitude to people who helped in a small way also will make you be a good person. Let us not try to reciprocate if somebody is not behaving well with you. Don't leave your polite way and other's behaviour should not affect your personality.

  • Always welcome changes and be ready for a change. Try to see this as a chance to show your personality and be always open to the new aspects of the life. They will make you a more learned man and definitely, you will become a better personality


The points described some of the qualities one should practice so that they grow as a better human being. Respecting others, encouraging the local people and being yourself will definitely make you a better human being.


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